Avid VENUE D-Show Profile System No Longer Available

D-Show Profile System with Stage Rack, FOH Rack, and ECx Ethernet Option Card
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Avid VENUE D-Show Profile System image 1
Avid VENUE D-Show Profile System image 1

Sorry, the Avid VENUE D-Show Profile System is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Avid VENUE D-Show Profile System
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D-Show's little brother!

Want the sound and functionality of your VENUE system but can't justify bringing it to smaller venues? Digidesign's compact D-Show Profile is the answer. This compact mixing console is fully compatible with all existing VENUE hardware components, delivering power in a compact form for small- to mid-size environments and applications (such as houses of worship, corporate events, theaters, mid-size concert venues, and remote broadcasts) with the exact same sound quality, reliability, and flexibility for which VENUE has come to be known. Owners of Digidesigns VENUE system can purchase just the D-Show Profile console for use with existing FOH and Stage Racks.

Digidesign D-Show Profile at a Glance:
  • Compact footprint allows D-Show Profile to fit in small venues
  • Fully compatible with D-Show software and VENUE hardware
  • D-Show Profile can send or respond to external equipment
  • Newly designed software enhancements improve workflow
Compact Form Factor

The console's compact footprint allows D-Show Profile to fit into venues where space is a challenge without compromising the power, sound quality, and flexibility for which VENUE has become known. And if you're a current VENUE user, D-Show Profile provides a smaller mixing alternative that works with your existing system, allowing you to expand your business into new applications.

Fully Compatible with D-Show

D-Show and D-Show Profile operate on the same D-Show control software and operating system. Engineers can create and load show files for use on either console without experiencing compatibility issues when moving files from one mixing console to another. Best of all, you won't need to learn new software if you're already familiar with D-Show, or build new show files when you switch consoles.

D-Show Profile takes full advantage of existing Stage and FOH racks, and allows you to connect your VENUE system to Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools LE systems via an additional hardware option for recording and playback. Rental companies needn't fear product obsolescence as needs grow, but can simply add another mixing console to their current arsenal. No need to change existing workflows and system designs.

Expanded Show Control Options

D-Show Profile offers expanded show control options with the new General Purpose Interface (GPI). Through eight GPI inputs and eight outputs, D-Show Profile can send or respond to external equipment via simple switch closures. Used in conjunction with the new Event List feature in D-Show 2.5, you can build and customize extensive macros that enable the console to perform multiple functions with a single button push, footswitch press or fader movement.

D-Show 2.6 Software

The latest D-Show software provides support for the Digidesign ANO A-Net Output Card, and offers many new features and enhancements for all VENUE users. A unique system information export tool dramatically simplifies the system configuration and specification process for engineers and system providers, while faster plug-in load times, improved workflows, and expanded signal routing possibilities benefit all users. And the software continues to offer forwards and backwards compatibility, meaning you can load a D-Show 2.6 show file on any VENUE system running D-Show 2.0 or later software - no need to rebuild entire shows.

Digidesign D-Show Profile System Features:
  • Small footprint: 45.3" x 31.1" x 6.65" (1150 x 790 x 169 mm)
  • D-Show Profile Console
  • Stage Rack w/48 Mic/lin inputs and 8 outputs
  • FOH Rack w/3 DSP Mix Engine Cards
  • ECx Ethernet Option Card
  • Trackball
  • Video Monitor Mounting brackets (monitor sold separately)
  • Necessary Cables and Accessories
  • 24 input faders, 8 output faders, one Mains fader
  • Single row of assignable encoders
  • Provides up to 128 inputs when integrated with FOH Rack and two Stage Racks
  • Eight GPI inputs and eight GPI outputs allow Profile to send or respond to simple switch closures
  • Eight assignable function buttons
  • The input channel section provides immediate visual and tactile
  • control in a familiar channel strip layout. Each channel features an
  • independent, assignable encoder for quick adjustment of key parameters-such as gain, pan, compression, gate threshold, and aux send levels-without having to assign each channel to the console's central control section.
  • Four fader banks allow easy access to the full 96-input capacity of the 24-fader D-Show Profile console.
  • Multi-Function input faders offer access to all four banks of input faders as well as the dedicated effects returns. They can also be used as encoders for 1/3-octave graphic equalizers.
  • View and adjust all parameters for a selected channel within the Assignable Channel Section (ACS). The ACS features dedicated controls for assigning and adjusting buses, auxiliary sends, onboard and plug-in EQs and dynamics processors, and more.
  • View Mode controls provide immediate access to every D-Show software page-such as the inputs, outputs, fi ling, snapshots, patch bay, plug-ins, and options pages-at the push of a button. Preview and recall all snapshots with the rotary control.
  • The D-Show Profile master section features assignable encoders to control numerous operations, including output pans and mono and stereo (PQ) matrix mixes. The encoders are also mapped for plug-in control-all parameters appear below each encoder in the six-character LCD display.
  • The console features high-quality, touch-sensitive, 100-mm faders that can be selectively assigned as master controls for auxes, stereo (PQ) matrixes, mono matrices, subgroups, and VCA masters.
  • The Master/Global section houses controls for the main left, right,
  • and center/mono buses. All headphone and near-fi eld monitor controls are located near all solo status selections. Dedicated two-track, talkback, and noise sources-plus eight programmable mute
  • groups-are also available.
  • The meter bridge offers a high-resolution display of the left, right, and center mono output levels, plus eight assignable output meters to display aux, stereo (PQ) matrix, mono matrix, and subgroup output levels. Additionally, the bridge provides high-resolution meters for ACS targeted inputs, which include independent meters for compressor and gate gain reduction displays.
Digidesign's D-Show Profile delivers acclaimed VENUE D-Show sound quality, performance, and reliability to even the smallest venues!

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Manufacturer Part Number 9935-55498-02

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