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Mesa/Boogie Bass Prodigy Four:88 250-watt Tube Bass Head Reviews

5.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Bass Prodigy Four:88 250-watt Tube Bass Head?

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Bass Prodigy Four:88 250-watt Tube Bass Head?

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  • from November 18, 2016


    I bought this head from Sweetwater about a month ago. I started playing bass in 1979. Over the years I have owned just about every brand you can think of "including Mesa". This thing is by far the most musical head I've ever had the privilege of playing through. It's fat, clear, and defined. I really like the weight "or should I say the lack of weight" for a tube head. I have pushed a couple of different cabs with this little monster, and have failed to get a bad tone. I know everyone always says "this will be the last piece of equipment that I will ever buy"... but, I truly believe that's the case with this thing. Don't worry about the power rating. This thing has headroom for days. I can not praise this this head enough. I know it's a little pricey, But knowing what I know now.... I would pay even more for it. A lot more!

  • from Ewing, NJ November 7, 2016

    The Real Deal

    After my Prodigy was delivered the D800 now sits in it's bag as a backup. This amp is by far the best sounding and most enjoyable amp I have ever played. I run it through many different cabs but the Subway 12's are my go to cabs for gigs. You just can't beat the all tube goodness of this amp. Not a class D amp out there that can match this bad boy. I just love the blue glow on a dark stage.

  • from florida September 19, 2016


    Sounds absolutely great. What tone, warmth, cuts thru the mix in style. lots of headroom. plenty loud!!!!

  • from maine September 17, 2016

    powerful and toneful

    i've been eyeing this head for about a year now, planning on upgrading from a markbass big bang that i've been gigging with for 3 or 4 years. the markbass has been a great amp. very reliable, lightweight and delivers a tight sound, but i've been looking for a little more heft in the low end, as well as the potential for a little more grit. well, i found it in spades in the mesa/boogie prodigy 4:88. my main bass is a G&L ASAT tele-style and i am currently pairing the head with the mesa powerhouse traditional 4x10 cab and have only played it out on one gig, but i was so pleasantly surprised at how well it did what i expected it to. there was plenty of low end, top end, mids and power. my bandmates were duly impressed and a few fans came up after to mention how much they liked the new sound. while this is a bit heavier than the markbass, it's lighter than an ampeg svt classic with the same power rating. for the gigs i'm currently playing and will potentially play for a bit, i think this head will be more than sufficient, but if i ever feel that it's not cutting it in the power department, i would not hesitate to upgrade to the 8:88. mesa/boogie has created a marvelous bass rig and as always, ted hunter takes care of me. thanks sweetwater!

  • from Boston, MA August 26, 2016

    Thunder in a lunchbox!

    I've been an Ampeg user for years. My SVT 6 Pro had seen it's day... bring on MESA! Out of the box this amp is simply crushing. Dialed in just two knobs less than 1/8 of turn each and my sound was there. Running at Half power and I think I may have broke some windows... I'm afraid of what full power will bring. Surprising lightweight, considering the boom coming from this beast. Thanks Tyler and the entire Sweetwater team!

  • from August 10, 2015Music Background:

    It's a Mesa!

    After trying several models Ampeg, MarkBass, Marshal l cannot think of an amp that brings the bass to the next level as Mesa does. I've been playing for 23 years and finally l got the tone l always wished. Solid construction, all tube, all tone, beautiful blue light to show off on stage and high quality on every single detail. Huge punch and tonal palette. You won't regret to have this beast on stage, really happy with it. I use an Alembic Essence V, Gibson Thunderbird and Fender Am Deluxe Jazz bass, all of them go clearly, punchy and with enormuos presence. Best purchase ever!

  • from Colorado October 29, 2013Music Background:
    Gigging for a few years, long time musician.. Funk, reggae, rock, blues, hip-hop

    The prodigy four:88 bass head

    The prodigy was my first big buy as far as bass rigs go and i couldnt be happier. I wanted something that i would never have to replace and i feel like i found it. People told me that there is no need for such a powerful head unless youre playing huge venues but ive had it set up (with two gk cabinets) anywhere from our 15 by 15 ft practice room to large outdoor venues and the prodigy has been a wonderful addition. The very versatile sound can help shape the bass for any mood--least from what ive experienced in the last month. Crisp, clear, BIG sound! Worth the money and sweet water helps make the payments quite easy.

  • from Colorado, USA January 21, 2014Music Background:
    Former pro, now just for fun.

    The little monster

    The Prodigy is a terrific bass amp, at any size & weight. Quick, responsive, and versatile. These 200+ watts are plenty loud for most any application, unless you need to be completely clean at very high volumes. I love it!

Questions about the Mesa/Boogie Bass Prodigy Four:88 250-watt Tube Bass Head?

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