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Traveler Guitar Pro-Series - Natural Satin Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the Traveler Guitar Pro-Series - Natural Satin?

Questions about the Traveler Guitar Pro-Series - Natural Satin?

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  • from eastcoast July 21, 2015Music Background:
    for fun

    traveler guitar pro-series

    I have it hanging on the wall in my office so all I have to is grab it in the morning and play when I have time. it sounds great and does everything it is suppose too. I put lighter gauge strings on it justlike my other guitars I play.

  • from May 26, 2015Music Background:
    Play for fun

    Great portable guitar

    This guitar delivers as advertised. The design is really great; it is very compact and portable, yet has much better sound than you might think. The full-sized neck allows for playing in a normal fashion. The stethophones provide a rich sound without the need for electricity (they are not a perfect fit, but not as bad as some others might say). It is also nice to be able to plug into an amp.

    I've had this a few weeks and it has already been half way around the globe (no issue with planes) and backpacking. It is pretty easy to travel with. For something to play while traveling and have fun, this is hard to beat. Sweetwater service was great.

  • from Noblesville, IN May 12, 2015

    Traveler Guitar

    Excellent travel guitar. Ingenious design. Overall smallest of it's kind but with actual size fret board. Great sound. Well built. Holds tune. Sounds even better with electric stings (comes with acoustic). Pairs well with Fender Mini Twin-Amp. Comes with extra knob for strap. Plus the great staff at Sweetwater will treat you right. Zero regrets and I highly recommend buying one.

  • from April 19, 2015

    great guitar

    bought this to travel with. it is a great little guitar. not a strat but very nice.

  • from Ohio, USA February 19, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Traveler Guitar Pro series

    I was really surprised how well this guitar felt and sounded. I did change strings to suit my taste in tone, and I had to carefully hone a couple rough ends on the frets. The overall size and sound is perfect for my needs since I sing and play pedal steel guitar too, and sometimes like switch off during the break in a song. When not using my strat or tele, they tend to tilt forward (due to strap peg location) where I risk scratching them on the steel. My new Pro Series guitar helped solve that problem for me. It's a fun instrument to play. Thanks

  • from Richmond, Va February 13, 2015Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    Fits the bill!

    I need to keep rehearsing daily even though I am now going to be out of town frequently and didn't want the hassle or risk of taking a full size guitar. This is a small, very compact guitar in a padded case that fits in a large bag of luggage or can pass as a carry-on. I took it through four airports with no issues. The big plus is it has a very comfortable standard sized neck and it sounds surprisingly good when you plug it into an amp. The stethoscope thing works OK if you wish to do that. It's a little awkward to tune, but that's not a big issue. I replaced the strings with 9-42's. I'm very happy with it.

  • from February 27, 2013Music Background:
    Father of a talented musician who keeps me keen

    Little genie

    With three months travel coming up and having had to lug my beloved gibson SG on two previous overseas trips it is going to be so easy to tote this little beauty as cabin luggage instead of sweating over treatment by those oh so gentle baggage handlers!.........NOT! Tone from choice of two pickups is superb Run thru my Boss EBand travel amp I have all the sounds I need from classic acoustic to mildly metal Clean functional design .Serious little travel buddy ...Cuba here we come

  • from Known center of the Universe - Brooklyn NYC May 3, 2016Music Background:
    Musician, recording engineer, sound chaser

    Traveler Guitar Pro - Series - Natural Satin

    It is simply the best Travel Guitar out there. When it is in its gig bag it is just so easy to take anywhere.
    I had the Ultra Lite and that I would give high points as well.
    But since I'm a mobile recording guy these days and use the iPad as my DAW I needed to be able to plug this baby into some pedals and have a volume control at least.
    The Ultra is lighter and my first love but doesn't have the added control that this the Pro Series offers.
    It sounds wonderful and plays wonderful.

  • from Hawaii October 19, 2015Music Background:
    Novice 50+ empty nester

    Perfect for what it is

    I'm just starting out (again) learning, and travel a lot for my job. This works great, and I can plug it in via Jam to my macbook and garage band, then connect to the hotel room TV for speakers. Playability isn't the same as my PRS SE, but that's not why I got it. I like the stethoscope headphones. It stays in tune over travel, and the neck stays straight despite vast temperature, humidity, and altitude changes. I've even taken to keeping it next to me when I'm watching TV and practicing during commercials. Perfect for the purpose.

  • from Ohio February 3, 2014Music Background:
    guitar/drums since late 60's

    My first experiences with the new Travel Guitar

    I've taken it on two out of town trips so far. Airport security is not a problem. It went right thru security and the x-ray equipment like other carry on baggage without even stirring up any attention. I did get a comment from one lady that asked me if it was a mandolin?? HA!

    I removed the strings and went to a lighter gage, I play with .009 light gauge strings... and although it was a real experience the first time around, I changed them successfully and now enjoy playing it even more.

    So far so good, my hat's off to the designer.. it really works as advertized... although the "stetha-scope" attachment is a bit much to juggle with while holding on to it to play and trying to keep the rubber tube out of the way... using it just to keep my chops up, I can hear it just fine without the ear attachment. Thanks

  • from May 9, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    Traveler Guitar Pro-Series

    Generally, a solid travel, portable, practice guitar. What has surprised me is it's ability to stay in tune, and keep sustain.

    The drawback is it's light weight-at times it is difficult to control the fretboard when/or if you play more robustly. The stethoscope is awkward, but does function as advertised.

    I recommend this product with little reservations.

  • from New York, NY January 11, 2012Music Background:
    Singer-songwriter, producer, actor, voiceover artist

    Fun and well-designed

    I bought this guitar AFTER a month-long trip to southeast Asia. Going on that trip, I'd brought a larger travel guitar by another manufacturer. Even though that guitar was small enough to fit in the overhead bin on the plane, Cathay Pacific has, as it turned out, a strict "no instrument policy" (!!) and I was forced to gate-check it. When we landed in Hong Kong, my travel axe was destroyed. I decided then and there that I would do two things. First, if I ever got control of my OWN airline, I would enact a strict "No Briefcase Policy". Second, I would get a smaller, solid-bodied, more rugged travel guitar that would be small enough for me to pack IN MY SUITCASE, so I could get around the capricious rules of the accursed airlines.

    A month on the other side of the world was mind-blowing, but with no axe to play, write, and practice with, I was blue.

    So I have my Traveler now, and I have to say, it's pretty great. The scale is a good playable size -- not the perfect size for me but it DOESN'T feel like a toy. The overall design is efficient, bordering on genius -- the elimination of the headstock, with the strings curling back under the guitar past the saddle saves a lot of real-estate. I like the detachable leg-rest a lot, although I find myself just as often taking that off and just using a strap. I have yet to use it amplified, but I just get a huge kick out of the stethoscope vibration pickup!

    Really, the only peeves I have with it are the tuners and the cable that goes from the guitar to the leg-rest. The tuners, because of their location and layout, are awkward to use and take some getting used to. The cable that connects the electronics to the leg-rest goes in WAY TOO TIGHT. As I mentioned, I do like to detach the leg-rest often, and I hope that over time the amount of force required unplugging that cable doesn't damage it. Those two minor things aside, this is a great little axe that's very well-suited to air, car, boat and bus travel. It's been a pleasure having something to write with and practice on in hotel rooms, that's recordable thanks to its electronics and yet very acoustically quiet so it won't disturb anyone!! Too bad I got it after the big trip and not before. Oh well....next time, this baby's coming with me!!

    Do bear in mind that because this guitar is a solid-body, its actual un-amplified, un-stethoscoped sound is NOT LOUD. So don't be surprised if you take it to a beach party and you get drowned out around the campfire. If you want to be heard in those situations, you'll need a little amp. But for personal playing and practice, amplified playing, or recording, wherever you are in the WORLD, the Traveler is really the bomb.

  • from West Michigan, USA February 27, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Excellent Value

    At under $400, this is a great value! Why then only 3.5 stars? Because when you are accustomed to playing a full sized axe, the compact nature of this guitar requires some substantial changes in right hand technique. The range of sounds, while decent, also left something to be desired.. Re-tuning often is required, if you are an aggressive player. That being said, I needed something truly portable for an overseas trip, and the Traveler Pro accomplished what I was trying to do- keep my chops up, learn some new material, and take only an iPad as a rig. Bravo!

  • from New York January 31, 2015Music Background:

    It's good and bad

    The good. It's actually well built. The action is great. It plays very well. It feels solid. It works the way it's supposed to.

    Mine had some sub par electronics from the start, but it didn't bother me too much. The individual volume controls for each pickup didn't seem to be working properly. Turning the knobs made each pickup go on or off rather than having much of a volume sweep. Again, I didn't care much and I kept it.

    A year later, the jack in the lap rest stopped working. I was getting lots of buzz and the wood started to split on the lap rest.

    Sweetwater got in touch with Traveler and told me it was still under warranty. I really just wanted a new lap rest. They basically told me that the lap rest was unique to the instrument. They can't send me a new one. They sent me a new input jack that needs to be soldered into the lap rest (I haven't gotten around to it yet.) The volume knobs issue seems to be my own problem.

    This thing is made in China. Again, well made. The point is that they're all the same shape and size. My brother has one of these. The lap rests are exactly the same. I just felt a little insulted that someone from Traveler would tell me on the phone that each lap rest is unique. I'd have to send the guitar to them if I wanted the lap rest repaired or replace or some such nonsense. So, I got the new input jack and one day I'll solder it in and see if it works. As much as I like the guitar, I don't think I'd buy another one from them just because I think the "we can't send a new lap rest" policy is nonsense. As it turns out, I've found some sites that used to sell replacement lap rests for this guitar but they've been discontinued. So it certainly is possible. Because of this issue I haven't used it since. Too bad.

    The guitar part of it is nice. The electronics, not so much. Maybe I just got a faulty one. The remedy, very poor.

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