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Auralex ProPAD Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Auralex ProPAD?

Questions about the Auralex ProPAD?

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  • Simon Picazo

    I listen to my music through a Dangerous Dbox for D/A and a Dangerous BaxEQ and then into Adam A7 monitors. Simply putting these under my monitors tightened up the bass response and made the high frequency response clearer.

  • from April 22, 2015

    What a difference

    I knew there would be a difference, but never knew how much. My lows are way more present. Very clean sound your looking for.

  • from Indianapolis,Indiana September 26, 2012Music Background:

    Auralex does it again!

    Great monitor pads! I like them better the the mopeds. Better construction, and very solid. A secure place for my monitors. Look great too! Going to buy my second set this week!

  • from Texas February 27, 2015Music Background:
    inspiring Recording Engineer

    Love The ProPad

    The auralex propad was a great buy for my studio. Mid range is more focus and on the top end I can make better decision on boosting or cuting the high frequency. The moniters that set on top of these pads are JBL LSR 5'' and now they translate even better. If you have moniters in this price range or any higher or lower price range they will sound that much better with the propad under them. The sound is a night and day difference.

  • from October 22, 2013

    great pads

    Wish the dimensions were better considering even the XLs are just longer but not wider. Even though there is some overhang they get the job done and definitely improve sound quality.

  • from Memphis, TN July 31, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Semi-Pro Musician


    WELL, after years of "getting by" and learning how to compensate for what I thought were flaws in my studio monitors, I finally got around to decoupling my monitors from my desk.

    I have a pair of M-Audio BX8a monitors. While they may not be the best studio monitors out there, I've learned them and know how to get a decent mix from them. BUT....I also know that I've been working around some crazy bass and mud and I finally decided it was time to get some isolation. I was originally just going to get some MoPADs. Why not? They're a relatively cheap way to refresh what you're hearing in your mix position and give you a better sense of detail. But I, like many, succumb to marketing and purchased the ProPADS instead thinking "Hey! They're TWICE as expensive....they MUST be even better, right!?"

    I have to say that they did exactly what I was looking for....they gave me a better sense of detail in my mixes and (although I may be imagining it) even made my sweet spot sound a little wider. It even made my mixes sound as good as Tony Maserati's! (OK....just kidding about that last part!)

    There is ONE complaint, though. Unlike MoPADS, which come is SETS of two so that they can be spaced farther apart to accommodate larger monitors, the ProPADS are one size....which happens to be too small for my monitors! I was really surprised by this! I suppose it's no big deal, but the outer half inch or so of my monitors overhang the ProPADS on both sides. (BTW - My monitors are standing up straight.....not laying on their sides.....which would have been even worse!!)

    I didn't notice the size on the description, which is my own fault. I guess I should've read a little more closely and measured my monitors (which would have saved me $50). I guess I also should have borrowed some MoPADS from one of my friends to try out first because, to my ears, my mixes sound almost identical while my monitors are sitting on either sets of pads.

    Marketing is an evil monster sometimes and I was wooed by the beast!

    A pro mix engineer with GOLDEN ears the likes of Maserati, Lord-Alge, Swedien, Miller or Kramer may be able to hear a major difference between the two different types of isolation pads, but to my BRONZE ears, there's just no difference that warrants twice the price!

    I'm just sayin'.........

Questions about the Auralex ProPAD?

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