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Mackie ProFX22 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • from Tennessee March 26, 2015Music Background:
    41 yrs and counting

    Easy to use

    The Mackie ProFX22 is a great board at an economic price!!!!! Very user friendly, and I love the Built in effects. It really took our band to the next level without spending big money. My experience with Sweetwater was one of pleasure. Dave was very easy to work with, and I left the experience with every question answered. I really liked the 2 yr "in House" warranty! They kept me in the loop as to when the equipment would deliver. I will definitely will purchase from here again!!!!!!!!!!!

  • from NEW MILFORD, NJ March 5, 2015Music Background:
    Performing live since 1975, work for a Broadway pro sound shop,

    New Workhorse On Duty

    My church was experiencing many intermittent sound issues and after due diligence tracked down many of the issues to dead channels on our old Mackie board which served 'religiously" for possibly over 10 years. No-one can remember when it was first installed!

    The old console was a 16 and didn't have the nice practical effects or compressor channels with a USB out. Being able to sit back and enjoy the sermon and worship music without cringing when a sound issue popped up was awesome and the clarity of the signal was amazing.

    Word up-Buy the matching cover and keep the board covered at all times as dirt and moisture are the primary causes of fader failure!

    Everyone heard the sermon and God was pleased!

    PS The free shipping made the deal as even though I work for a Mackie Dealer I bought it here at Sweetwater and didn't have to call in any favors and feel confident purchasing any audio gear from these guys. Shout out to Mick Picotte!!

  • from Wilm, NC December 28, 2013Music Background:

    Great mixer and for the $$$its a steal

    Its a solid board with enough channels to run my synths and record without unplugging and running seperate channels for a current project. Its clear, very low noise and a great build.

  • from Michigan, USA January 28, 2013Music Background:
    (Learing) Live Sound Engineer

    Yes, WOW!

    I am so excited, I feel I got every thing I will ever need as far as the Mixer now.

  • from United States January 6, 2013Music Background:
    professional soundman and musician.

    Gotta Have One of These!

    I'm completely blown away by this mixer.
    I've seen and have handled many mixers in my day of being a soundman and this just makes me feel so damn good!

    Then when I saw the price... I couldn't be any more happy.
    When I found out it ships for free, OMG!
    I was in ecstacy!

    This offer is too much for me to handle!
    I've just got to tell the band members about it!
    They will be thrilled!

  • from USA, key west fl October 9, 2012Music Background:
    dj and live sound recording

    absolutely great

    Mackie profx22 wow! I recommend this mixer to anyone and SWEETWATER is one of the best website that I would recommend to all my friends. let me explain why, when I purchase something from them they contact me as soon as I place my oder to make sure I have what I was looking for. then the shipping is fast I really don't know how to explain how satisfy I am with sweetwater. I hope you guys gonna try and you will tell your own experience with them. Finally I want to say this Karl you know how to do business

  • from Pa. May 27, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Muscian

    Mackie ProFX22

    Excellent mixer, does the job, quiet. Not much more to ask for except sub outs and a light connection. FX and compressor are also very nice.

  • from Brooksville, FL April 3, 2014Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Sound Engineer

    Solid Mixer

    We used this mixer for main mix at a small church. This is a solid mixer that is really clean, and has lot's of versatility even for it's size. I like the four compression channels. They do the job on vocals, to limit the peeks, and pull up the singer that won't stand close enough to the mic. For instruments like drums and bass, I think you would be better suited for a more comprehensive rack unit. The stereo eq is pretty good, although it does seem to color some of the audio a bit. The fx on the board is actually better than I was expecting. Not all fx settings are great, but I found a few I really like. All in all, if you are looking for a clean, versatile, medium sized mixer, you cannot go wrong with this.

  • from Saint Amant, Louisiana October 18, 2013Music Background:
    Sound Tech

    Quality sound, affordable...

    There's really no need for anything else. This unit does just about everything you need to run gigs.

    Only reason I'm rating this a 4.5 is because Mackie decides to put RCA inputs for things like an ipod, which I use to play some music for band brakes. Problem is I have no means of adjusting any treble, mids, bass or any levels I want that will make it sound good. I had to order an "Isopod" and a stereo to stereo cable and used a channel to produce the sound I wanted.

    The isopod can be ordered from Sweetwater and is reasonably priced. Fixed my problems!

  • from Newbury Park, CA September 29, 2012Music Background:
    Live sound engineer; recording engineer, amateur guitar player

    Excellent Value

    I previously used a 1604-VLZ Pro to run sound for my cover band. It was in an SKB Pop-up case which was handy but still bulky and somewhat heavy to transport. After studying the manual for the ProFX22 I sold the 1604 and bought this. I'm very happy with the upgrades.

    First, the layout is simpler with the AUX's now placed after the EQ section, AUX 1&2 marked as "Monitor" sends, and a separately colored control for the FX. (The 1604 obviously didn't have built-in FX so AUX 3/4 was typically used for that.)

    There are fewer routing switches which reduces the learning curve.

    I was also looking to cut back on the additional racks that I would have to use for compressors and was intrigued by the "one-knob" compressors built into 4 of the channels. They have a fixed ratio of 6:1 and seem to be okay, but I still bring out a 4 channel compressor as a back-up.

    I really like the USB connector which I use to record our performances (I have Pro Tools on a Mac Book) and to play back iTunes during breaks.XLR and 1/4" outs on the mains is an upgrade from the 1604 which only had 1/4" outs.

    Some of the disappointments which prevent a 5-star rating include:

    1. The EQ's remain identical to the previous mixers (12k, 80Hz, and a sweepable mid) which still invite the use of an outboard graphic EQ on the monitor chain because I find SM58's feedback at 2Khz and 8KHz. On this mixer you have to choose one or the other of those frequencies to cut. (Incidentally, I traded in my Crown Poweramps for the Behringer DSP models that are less than 8lbs and have fully parametric EQ's that are programmable with a lap top. I've saved various settings for each of the microphone setups we use.)

    2. No BNC connector for a goose neck lamp. Since it's designed to sit on a table I suppose there's an assumption that you're not mixing outdoors at night. Probably a wrong assumption. Bring a flashlight.

    3. While it's lighter (I'm always looking to lighten my work) it's still 28" across and therefore won't fit in any rack-size cases. Cases that will hold it are heavy and comparably expensive ($250 minimum) for a $650 mixer. I ended up just buying the soft case sold by Mackie. So I carry it on a shoulder strap and I"m real careful with it.

    4.The compressor channels are 11-14. I thought that was a little weird but maybe not everyone puts drums and bass on the first channels like I do. If you want to have the snare, kick or bass on a compressor, you'll need to move them to the middle channels. Also, the compressors are rudimentary. I suppose they can squash a signal but their attack times don't seem all that fast and I can't find any specs to know what the settings are. I think I'll keep bringing outboard compressors.

    On the whole, don't expect $2000 worth of quality for $650.00. It's a Mackie and that means it's built better than something like a Behringer. For the price, it does what I need and I like it a lot better than the 1604VLZ Pro that it replaced.

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