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Mackie ProFX16 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 13 customer reviews
  • Alex Brown
    from RI April 7, 2015Music Background:
    DJ, Sound and Lighting Engineer/Designer, Install tech, announcer

    Great Board

    I am extremely pleased with my board after having to use the Yamaha equivalent to it and realizing things that were only possible on my board. Of corse its no DL32R but they both have different purposes

  • Gary Greenfelder
    from Detroit, MI January 16, 2015Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Great upgrade

    Upgraded from 12 to 16 channels. This mixer is definitely worth the additional cost! Listener feedback was all very positive.

  • Dave wolf
    from st Louis metro east,il September 5, 2013Music Background:
    37 yrs playing clubs in il and mo 3 to 5 nights per week

    great board "period"

    This board is built like a tank,its ultra quiet as I use it with multiple keyboards.faders and knobs smooth as silk and FX do what they say.

  • Greg
    from NY May 22, 2013Music Background:
    Teacher, Recording engineer, Pro Musician

    great affordable mixer

    You just can't get a better mixer for the price! More features than my church will ever use, but still nice to have. Great service, great advice. Thanks Sweetwater!

  • Frank Francois
    from Fenton, MI March 8, 2015Music Background:
    45 year hobbiest

    Mackie Knows Sound

    A while back , I heard some Mackie speakers at a out door event and was really impressed with the clarity of the speaker. That is why I picked this board over another one I was considering. This board delivers the same crisp clarity. I bought it for recording and just finished my first song and the results were everything I hoped for.
    You get a lot for your money, but there are two issues I have with it.
    First, the effects section has a loud hiss if you use it, I don't know if in
    a live situation it would be the same. Second is the power cord, is way to short. But over all it's a great board.

  • Francisco Diaz
    from Chicago IL July 27, 2014Music Background:
    Musician and DJ

    Great mixer for gigs!

    Its a great mixer. Very easy to use and operate. Gives you a crisp clean sound with no noise. I use this unit for my gigs. Great size for portability. I keep it all together in my rack with all my gear. I do both dj and a duet with accordion and guitar. The built in fx give my mics an extra kick for the vocals. I replaced my old behringer mixer which also had built in fx and us connection with this unit and I can honestly say, it was an upgrade! Definately a better mixer

  • Joaquino
    from Sacramento, CA USA February 25, 2014

    An excellent, great-sounding, easy-to-use mixer for live sound applications

    I use this mixer for solo and small group acoustic live sound applications, including both multiple-act open mic nights and single act gigs. I love how simple it is to use, especially when mixing bands on the fly, and how great it sounds with acoustic acts. Out of all the units that fit my budget and criteria - at least 6 mono inputs with some stereo inputs thrown in for good measure, basic effects, compression, sweepable mids, and at least one monitor output - the Mackie sounded and performed the best when I tried them out. Plus, the Mackie is built like a tank. For comparison, I checked out Behringer, Allen & Heath, and Yamaha mixers all in this sameish price range - $250 to $500. The extra features on the Mackie have also been nice to use- 'rude solo' reminder light, input meter, and the monitor-or-main equalizer. However, I can see how the equalizer would be too limiting to be useful in a studio setting.
    So far, after about 12 hours of use on the board, I only have two complaints: 1) The headphone jack can only listen to main output or solo'd channels. I would love to be able to listen to the monitor mix as well and, ideally, monitors-plus-mains. And while I'm at it the different bus inputs as well. 2) The IEC plug port is pretty loose and doesn't plug in with confidence. I know that thing is gonna fall out one of these days when I can least afford for it to happen.
    Some other issues that don't really qualify as complaints: The one knob compression, while totally awesome to have for wildly expressive vocalists and guitar players, is also limited to the installed factory settings. There have been a few times when I've found myself wanting to tweak some of the parameters when doing a longer show with a single performer. Again, in a studio setting I imagine one would need more control. Likewise with the effects. You're limited to what Mackie gives you. I wish there were a setting, "The-reverb-I-get-from-my-Fishman-Loudbox-Mini-when-the-knob-is-pointing-to-about-10:30am."

  • Chris Ziebold
    from Waterloo, IL July 28, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Mackie ProFX16 Board

    We decided to 'downsize' from a Mackie Onyx 16 ch 4 bus board mounted in a SKB gig rig; was great but could not carry this big unit in a car! We have to have a 4 bus board in our act so after doing research we kept coming back to this board. As in other reviews the FX bus is noisy but we don't use it much. We use midi-controlled TC Helicons on the insert channels for most of our FX/vocal processing. They had to cut somewhere to make this board physically small which we like but be aware only the first 4 channels have insert jacks and the onboard compression is on channels 5-8, which works for us. Channels are quiet and the graphic EQ is a nice addition. We use a combination of 5 Bose L1 stacks (backline) and JBL ION's (frontline) and the JBLS greatly need separate EQ'ing to match the Bose 'sound'. This works for us. All in all a nice board, lots of flexibility, and easy to use.

  • Customer
    from March 26, 2014

    Great Buy -- just one drawback

    This is a great buy... I wasn't able to find any other product that had this combination of features in this price range. Being able to assign to the 4 subs is very handy to control all guitars, or all vocals, or all whatever, together instead of trying to adjust each one individually.

    The FX are generally pretty good, although the 3 delays are all much too long from my perspective @ 300, 380, and 480ms. I'd rather those values be cut in half. Also, it would be good to hear the FX in the PFL/Solo, but there does not appear to be a way to isolate FX for a particular channel without routing to a separate sub or monitor, then listening on that sub-out/monitor... which would be pretty clunky.

    One baffling quibble: the low EQ @ 80Hz isn't very useful given that the low cut is at 100Hz anyway. It would have been nice to have the low EQ frequency set higher so that it is actually doing something when the low cut is engaged. The sweep on the mid-EQ is extremely useful, a little tweak there goes a long way.

    So, the one major drawback... the ProFX16 is dead silent, except for the FX bus. It's pretty noisy, with a pronounced hiss that is quite noticeable at unity gain, even when all channels are muted. It's bad enough that when there is any space between songs (the venue is a church), I mute the internal FX entirely to get rid of the hiss.

    On the plus side, Sweetwater's service on this was AWESOME. They immediately sent out a replacement board when we called about the hiss. Once we received that one, we realized that it was exactly the same as the 1st (the hiss is present even with absolutely nothing hooked up aside from the amp/speakers), so it appears to be a design flaw of the ProFX16.

    We decided that it was worth it on balance to just live with the hiss. We're not planning on going totally wild with jacking up the FX anyway, so it should be a minor issue -- a small price to pay for an otherwise very very good mixer.

  • David Marshall
    from Boston, MA February 13, 2014Music Background:
    Pseudo Guitar Player, Song Writer, Engineer

    Awsome Mixer

    The swiss army knife comparison is definitely accurate. This board is great. Currently i use it to record my band live at practice, and as an interface to write and record in on my iOS devices in garage band (through the camera connection kit.) You can do a lot with this board, The onboard compression is great for limiting vocals and getting them right up on top of the mix. The onboard effects are very usable as well. Recording a live band in a single GarageBand audio track yields surprisingly good results. I would recommend this board to anyone looking who already owns an iOS device who are looking for a flexible device to record on in different environments.

  • Greg McQuade
    from Dryden, NY USA March 21, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Perfect 16 Channel Mixer

    I have owned Mackie mixers for years, so this was an easy choice for my church. Solid construction and plenty of features.

  • Tony Lanni
    from Providence, RI February 20, 2015Music Background:
    Live & Studio sound, cover band

    Excellent board, but...

    This mid sized offering packs a big punch, has everything we could need for a 4-5 piece band. With great configuration options and the bonus on-board effects, it's perfect for us.

    The single major drawback is within 2 years of playing approximately 60-80 shows per year, the left main channel has failed TWICE.

  • RockBass
    from New York City February 12, 2015Music Background:

    Build quality does not hold up to live use

    Sorry to say that after 2 repairs within the first 18 months and sub par performance, I had to sell my Mackie PROFX16 on CL for a significant loss. On a spec sheet it definitely has all the speeds and feeds needed but in actuality, the build quality just isn't there for any price. I replaced with the A&H Z series.

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