Motion Sound PRO-145 - 200W Rotary Keyboard Amp

200-watt Dual Rotor Tube Keyboard Amplifier
Motion Sound PRO-145 - 200W Rotary Keyboard Amp image 1
Motion Sound PRO-145 - 200W Rotary Keyboard Amp image 1
Sweetwater Savings: $296.00 MSRP: $1,995.00
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Motion Sound PRO-145 - 200W Rotary Keyboard Amp
Special Order

Dual Rotor Mechanical Speaker System!

The Motion Sound PRO-145 is a complete rotary speaker system for classic organ and keyboard organ samples. The PRO-145 features a bi-amped 200 watt RMS amplifier, 70 watts rotary horn, and 130 watts for the rotary drum speaker. The preamp section of the PRO-145 features a 12AX7 tube with adjustable bias trim for tweaking overdrive sound. Front panel adjustable Fast/Slow/Acceleration/ Deceleration control of Horn and Low Rotor drum make the PRO-145 one of the most realistic rotary speakers available!

Motion Sound PRO-145 Features:
  • 200 watts RMS, 70 watts horn, 130 watts low rotor
  • 12AX7 TUBE preamp with 2 x 1/4" inputs, pre-gain, Contour, Post-Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, High Frequency. Cut, Horn Volume control
  • Subwoofer output < 100Hz
  • Built-in microphones, two on horn, one of low rotor
  • 1 x 12" 150 watt Eminence speaker
  • 80 watts RMS horn driver
  • Fast/Slow/Stop LED dual button footswitch
  • 3 x XLR microphone outputs
  • Caster sockets and casters

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Tech Specs

Speaker Size 1 x 12"
Total Power 130W LF, 70W HF horn
Inputs 2 x TRS
Outputs 2 x TS, 3 x XLR
Enclosure Material MDF
Mounting Options Floor
Height 24.5"
Width 20"
Depth 17"
Weight 65 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number PRO-145

Customer Reviews

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Comparing the PRO-145 with the Leslie 3300

The PRO-145 is the 21st century player's mate to Hammond B3-emulating keyboards that minimize hauling requirements and saves your back. I've owned my PRO-145 for 3 years, use it with my Nord Electro 2 keyboard, and am quite pleased. This thing oozes street credibility and I frequently catch other band member's smiles of approval when working the rotor speeds with the included Slow/Fast pedal. I bought a lightweight flight case and it serves a dual purpose of protecting the PRO-145 and also elevating it for close monitoring. The elevated scenario keeps volume at a reasonable level in a club setting, and I often take advantage of the internal mics / XLR connectors to give a feed to the mixer, eliminating the need to lug around additional mics, hardware, etc. The Electro2 keyboard output is weak so I used a small mixer for a little more loudness when outdoors. Use of the foot pedal Stop button eliminates the need for another amp when using piano and synth sounds.Comparing a Leslie 3300 and Motion Sound PRO-145, the PRO145 is 2/3rds the cost of the 3300, 1/2 the mass and weight, so it's easy on the pocketbook and your back. The PRO-145 has internal mic elements / XLR connectors; the 3300 does not have XLR connections. The PRO-145 does not have the Hammond/Leslie 8-pin or 11-pin connections available on the Leslie 3300, so if you are a pro jazz or gospel organist, you would need some kind of interface between you Hammond organ and the PRO-145. The Leslie 3300 is capable of more bass energy than the PRO-145, but I've never been dissatisfied for backing rock, blues, and country.

Loving My New Pro-145

Wow. Playing my Crumar Mojo through the Pro-145 is a revelation. I am very new to the organ thing. I had an SK1 for 6 months, playing thru a PA, studio monitors and headphones. I never could dial in the sound I desired. Bought a dual manual Crumar Mojo and loved it even more, but still the sound I loved and craved was not quite there. I was about to buy a Leslie Studio 12 from Sweetwater, but the size was kind of large for my studio, and the weight (85 lb.) was daunting. Learned about Motion Sound from Christopher Geissler at Sweetwater. I read some reviews and watched some You Tube videos on the Pro-145. Still was skeptical. After all, the Leslie and Hammond name were a known commodity. And Motion Sound seemed to have a bit of a sketchy history. I called and spoke to the national sales manager for Motion Sound. We talked for an hour. Great guy and a life-long organist and musician. I felt I could trust him. Had a lot more confidence in the long term solvency of Motion Sound after that. And when I learned that two of my hero's, Joey DeFrancesco and Rick Wakeman both endorsed it, I decided to spring for it. And of course, I knew Sweetwater would take the amp back if I wasn't happy, and would stand behind it, service wise. Well, I am gushingly happy. My Mojo sounds so sweet and mean (when I want it) thru the Pro-145. I really am blown away by how great this thing sounds. I haven't gigged with it, so I can't speak to that. Btw, at 65 lb. and a more manageable shape than the Studio 12, I can carry this pretty easily, even up stairs. This is one great rotary amp. I am pretty sure you'll be very happy with it. I sure am.
Music background: Hobbyist

Motion Sound Back in Business

When I saw that Motion Sound was back in business and the 145 was being produced again, I placed my order. I have the original pro 3 that served me well. I have a real 147 in the studio(too big to haul around) and a Neo Vent, which is nice but this is real air moving!! The bank of controls allow you to tailor your sound and dial in the characteristics of a real Leslie ©.I had a small problem with the panel LED and Sweetwater and Motion Sound stepped right up to take care of the issue.
Music background: pro musician

The Answer to my dilemma!!!

Being a keyboard player when I finally purchased a Hammond organ my next step would naturally be to find a nice "Leslie" cabinet right... WRONG, They were too high priced and too heavy to cart around unless you had a roadie,so I reached out to some friends that had some experience with Motion Sound products and they gave them a "thumbs up" so, I bought a Pro145 and I LOVE IT, at practice it was very nice, and out on a gig with plenty of room for the rotating drum and horns to do their thing it turned a lot of heads. It has more that enough power to keep up with and be clearly heard with rest of the band ( Classic Blues Based Rock ) it has plenty of controls for tweaking to zero in on your personal preferences of sound and it only weighs 65 Lbs. The Pro 145 is worth its weight in Gold You won't be disappointed. The Sweetwater people were excellent!!
Music background: Pro Musician

Worth Way More than I Paid!!!

I bought my 145 when it was a couple of months old. It wasn't working as the previous owner had forgotten that it comes on wheels and had let it roll right out the back of the truck when they were unloading for a gig. The cabinets are particle board and they do break when you drop them. They do glue up though. So I gave the guy $500 and spent one saturday with it bringing it back to new. The innards are pretty thin and not well anchored. My upper horn motor is leaning way over as it was mounted with hot glue. It needs more hot glue! If you don't look inside you see it as a different little beast. Once you do, you think about bringing along a 200 watt Roland KB amp as a backup. The sound is what it is all about though and that truly makes the Pro 145 worthwhile. The mics inside are truly crappy and pick up mostly mechanical noises and wind from the moving parts. Good news is that it really does not have to be mic'ed that often as it is LOUD. Get it... especially if you can find one that got dropped off the truck!
Music background: Heinz 57 musician
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