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Fishman Presys+ Preamp and Pickup System Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Fishman Presys+ Preamp and Pickup System?

Questions about the Fishman Presys+ Preamp and Pickup System?

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  • from TN May 26, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Sound Tech for 30 + years and playing music for fun.

    Fishman Preamp

    Very satisfied, sounds great and easy installation, Would highly recommend this product. The folks at Sweetwater were helpful.

  • from May 24, 2016

    Sounds like a piezo

    I like the looks of the unit, and it feels solidly built, but I really wish Fishman would just release an after-market retail version of their Presys Blend pickup. This unit is just an under-saddle piezo, whereas their Blend has the piezo plus a mic to give it more ambience and life. Sadly the Blend is only available to OEMs. There are Chinese sellers online that claim to be selling the Blend, but I got two units from one such seller and both were defective (had a buzz that wouldn't go away). YMMV. On the plus side they were only about $30!

    The tuner works pretty well, but the "sharp" indicator is really small and easy to miss. And it doesn't do a very good job of differentiating between just slightly flat and way the hell flat. It could use blinking speed or something to give a hint of that. As a consequence it's really easy to overshoot the note.

  • from California May 12, 2015

    Good item

    Amazing, is the better preamp acoustic

  • from Houston TX January 8, 2015Music Background:
    40 + years in performance & studio work

    Fishman upgrade

    Now my Martin sounds fantastic amplified.Easy to operate,doesn't sound brittle or honky.Played thru a PA,Fender Acoustitronc amp,Roland Mini Acoustic amp & my home studio system.I'm very satisfied with the Presys+ Preamp.

  • from Virginia, USA December 3, 2012Music Background:
    Over 20 years guitar playing, worship leading

    Phenomenal difference!

    Seriously happy - so far - with the Presys+. I replaced the aging electronics in my 1994 Yamaha APX7, used a dremel, other tools to make the cuts. Despite thin body of the APX7, the preamp fit in nicely after sanding down the braces on top/bottom (very slightly) in order to make it fit.

    Don't be afraid to do the install yourself if you are confident using a Dremel and making good cuts. I began by cutting out the dimension PDF (which did NOT come in the box, BTW, had to get it from the Fishman site (which is easily navigable)). Taped the cutout to the guitar and proceed to carefully drill holes just inside the lines around the perimeter. Here one can use a narrow cutting tool to cut out the roughly drilled section.

    Here's where the Dremel came in, once the section was removed. I used the dremel sanding head to smooth things out until the Presys+ fit. Hardest part was the jack. Removed the original, and installed the new one. Had to have one of my kids reach in and start threading the washer and nut on to the point where I could do a pull/pressure tighten. I'm sure there's a tool for that, but I don't have one.

    Worked perfectly once installed. Tuned up the guitar with the built-in tuner. Not sure the penny-accuracy of this thing, but it removes the need to have a foot-pedal tuner for this guitar. Perfectly happy with the tuning. Very accurate to my ear.

    Plugged in to my Fender Acoustasonic Junior and began dialing in proper settings. At first it was VERY bright sounding, almost too bright. But playing around got it dialed in beautifully.

    GOOD GRIEF what a difference this Fishman makes compared to the original electronics. Difference is night and day, can't wait to play plugged in to church sound system.

    I have to admit, I LOVE the new sound of my Yamaha. I have had this guitar since '94 and don't think it has ever sounded so good.

    Disclaimer, sort of: I also own a Taylor 412CE L7 which has been my main guitar for about 6 years now.

    Plugged the APX7 into my amp and couldn't believe it. I unplugged it and got the Taylor, plugged it in to compare. Are you KIDDING me? The Yamaha sounds much better - with an older set of Elixer nano PB 12s. Seriously. But realize I said PLUGGED-IN. The Taylor sounds much better NOT plugged-in. The Taylor is made of higher-quality woods, etc. But the Expression System, despite having several sound pick-ups, does not produce as good a sound - plugged in. Based on my ear test.

    Never thought that'd ever be the case. Main reason I bought this is that my Yamaha has been my on-stage backup, but has been having electronics difficulty thus unreliable as a backup. So I just wanted reliability in my backup, that's all.

    But now that I've made the change to the Presys+, I like the sound plugged-in SO much that I'm probably going to use the Taylor as a backup, at least at first. I have always liked how Yamaha APX guitars play, the body thinness, neck, etc. The 412CE is a shorter neck, and plays incredibly well, too. But.....

    Who knows? With the Presys+ added, things may change and put the Taylor in the passenger seat for plugged-in situations on a more permanent basis. I can't believe I said that.

Questions about the Fishman Presys+ Preamp and Pickup System?

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