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True Systems Precision 8 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews

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  • Jon Gillespie

    Simplicity and absolutely world-class quality! That's what you get with the Precision 8 from True. The mark of a GREAT mulitichannel mic pre is that it doesn't leave a mark! It's like there is absolute silence between your mic and your DAW. The proverbial "wire with gain" is attained in the Precision 8. The improvement in my system was so dramatic the moment I plugged these into my studio, I will never record without them!

  • Carson McClain

    Do you record orchestras, jazz or any other stringed instrument that begs for a transparency? True systems have hit the nail on the head with the Precision 8. Combine this with a Rosetta 800 convertor and your recordings will be the best they have ever been.

  • from Los Angeles, CA September 8, 2014Music Background:
    Audio Engineer

    Top of the game

    This machine has tons of gain (no really, tons), super low noise floor, and actually sounds like the mic you plug into it. It has no color really, but it's not at all "sterile" or "lifeless"; try tracking an orchestra through this vs some Neve, and the True will win. Try tracking that orchestra through this vs some lower quality "clean" preamps, and you will REALLY see the difference between the True's robust and detailed clean vs something that actually does sound sterile and lifeless.

    This preamp has become my go-to for mojo-less recording and for tracking raw guitar for reamping. I've got other top-shelf preamps more expensive than this, but the non-coloryness and super low noise floor allow me to track raw guitar and play it back through high gain heavy-metal amps and have no real increase in hiss than if I the guitar was plugged straight into the amp.

  • from Falls Church, VA February 25, 2011Music Background:
    Songwriter, Teacher, Upright Bassist

    This is how it should all be.

    This machine makes me happy.

    My girlfriend is jealous of it. Understandably.

    At first I used to just plug one or two mics into it, and that was terrific.

    Then I started setting up seven or eight mics on every track.

    My RAM crashed before I started to hear distortion or operating noise. And it doesn't EQ anything. So if your mics have a flat response curve, you can record exactly the sound you play.

    When I first got this machine I'd like to say I started using it right away, but the truth is I just stared at it, every day, for a couple weeks, wondering if it was real, wondering if I was worthy. When I finally couldn't take wondering any longer and plugged it in to see if it worked, I couldn't stop recording.

    In sixty-four days I recorded sixty-four original songs.

    While most audio engineers will tell you that to make a great album you need at least a clean preamp and a dirty preamp, if you have some clean mics and some dirty mics plugged into a Precision 8, you can get pretty darn close.

    After I had played with this machine for a few months on my own, I felt comfortable recording some tracks for my band, which had previously been recording at a pretty well-renowned all-analog studio.

    There's something really satisfying about setting up to record a vocalist with eight mics and when they ask, "which mic is going to get the take," just saying, "All of them. Sing to me."

  • from MI USA March 27, 2007Music Background:
    college recording teacher, studio owner, malcontent,rabblerouser

    Smooth transitors

    This baby is tight! It is very quiet with gobs of headroom. it is not quite as round as say my trident S20, or as big as my avalons or UA pres...but on instruments with shart transients (drums, acoustic guitar, percussion) it is my best sounding pre. I'm using Apogee PSX 100 SE converters. This pre makes drums seem fast (punchy) the other pres sound kind vieled or too round at times...With a U87a vocals sit in the mix will with little comp. or EQ needed. Location recording it rocks!!!you may need to get the plugin the back pad adapter if you are using condensers on drums...(close miked) but with dynamics like sm57's and 421's it sits just right. The unit does run hot...give it a blank space in the rack above it. The the dual TRS and Db 25 outputs work great for zero latency monitoring....hook one set up to the converters....(Zaolla makes a great silver 8 ch snake) and hook the TRS outputs to the mixer for monitoring.....sweet!!! I like it alot (say with a Jim Carrey english accent) happy recording!!! Mike$

  • from Columbus, OH USA July 18, 2013Music Background:
    Recording and Mix Engineer and Live Sound Engineer,

    Very Neutral

    I would NOT recommend this to anyone unless they want their tracks to sound "Stale and Stagnant". This is the last preamp I reach for in my rack unless I absolutely need more channels and have to use it, Not musical at all just sounds like your trimming the signal instead of breathing life to what is sent thru it. What I recommend instead are: JDK Audio 8MX2 for a Punchy sound with built in limiters and mixer, GREAT on Drums. and Focusrite ISA828 which is just smooth and full, GREAT on Vocals, Bass, anything you want to breath life into, VERY musical Pre for the price!

  • from Saint Paul Mn. January 1, 2005

    Way Cool!

    I have been using a precision 8 with a MOTU 2408 mkII for about three years. I picked this up to complement my existing mic pres, including an Avalon, a custon Neve 33421, and a highly underrated AMR VMP-2. The precision 8 is definitely by far the most transparent of them all. If you want EXACTLY what the mic hears, get this piece. I've had no problems, the knobs have no scratchy sound after 4 years, and it pairs up perfectly with any DAW. One word of caution: this baby puts out a lot of heat, do not park this directly under anything with a CPU or you might run into problems. I give it a definite 10. Buy one now!

  • from Athens, GA January 1, 2005


    Clean, clean, clean. Got it about 6 months ago, still reach for it over my UA's and Focusrites all the time. Highly under priced....Shhhh

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