Gem Audio Labs Preceptor Model-T - Transparent No Longer Available

2-channel Discrete Class-A Compressor/Limiter with Two Independent Mono Blocks, Carnhill Transformers, and Stereo/Dual Mono Operation
Item ID: PreceptorT

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Gem Audio Labs Preceptor Model-T - Transparent image 1
Gem Audio Labs Preceptor Model-T - Transparent image 1

Sorry, the Gem Audio Labs Preceptor Model-T - Transparent is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Gem Audio Labs Preceptor Model-T - Transparent
Special Order

Strap This Across Your Bus - and Hold On!

The Generic Audio Preceptor Model-T compressor/limiter looks right out of the early '70s. Its stepped knobs dole out satisfying clickage and its dual VU meters bathe your console in a warm yellow glow. Hand-built using premium parts, the Preceptor juices whatever you send its way with warmth and sheer size. A neutral-sounding compressor and somewhat aggressive limiter, the Preceptor is at home on tracks or straddling your mix bus. It also performs brilliantly in the mastering suite. If you're looking for a versatile, great-sounding compressor/limiter, give Generic Audio's Preceptor Model-T a serious listen.

Generic Audio Preceptor Model-T compressor/limiter at a Glance:
  • Handmade using the Finest Parts
  • On its best behavior
  • Sidechain inputs
  • You'll never run out of uses for the Preceptor
  • Preceptor comes in two flavors
Handmade using the Finest Parts

The Generic Audio Preceptor Model-T compressor/limiter is hand-built by audio purists, from a drool-worthy parts list. This state-of-the-art unit gives you two independent mono blocks, an ultra stable power supply, classic Carnhill transformers, gold-contact stepped attenuators and toggle switches, matched Zener diodes, and more.

On its best behavior

The Generic Audio Preceptor Model-T serves up compression with a mild-mannered 2:1 ratio. In limit mode, its behavior is modeled on the holy grail Fairchild 660. If you've ever been inside a world-class recording studio, you'll understand why these characteristics make the Preceptor an indispensable studio tool.

Sidechain inputs

The Preceptor is fitted with sidechain inputs, allowing you to drive your dynamics with alternate program material. Often found on serious vintage gear, this is a great feature that gives you amazing dynamics-shaping flexibility. As a unique bonus, if you don't have a sidechain plugged in, you can drive the Preceptor into most-pleasant harmonic distortion.

You'll never run out of uses for the Preceptor

The Generic Audio Preceptor Model-T compressor/limiter strikes a fine balance between old and new school, imparting vintage-y warmth and ginormous size to whatever you put through it. Strapped across your mix buses, just think about what the Preceptor can do for your mixes! It's also great on individual tracks - taming an unruly piano or making a hyper-active bass sit in the track, for instance. You'll never run out of uses for a top-quality dynamics processor like the Generic Audio Preceptor Model-T.

Preceptor comes in two flavors
  • The Model-A has a "Speed" switch thataffects Attack and Release times. On the Model-T, the switch affects Attack only (and is labelled as such).
  • The Model-T sports an additional switch (not present on the Model-A): "Action," which lets you choose between two modes - each giving you a different combination of threshold and compression knee. "Soft" gives you less pump factor and is useful for for complex material - mastering, for instance. "Hard" allows for more agressive pumping and is great for tracking, when you occasionally want access to stronger compression.
  • The Model-T's "Soft" setting is optimized for complex material that requires a more finessed touch, such as film scoring or classical music recording and mastering. In case your were wondering, the "T," in Model-T designates "Transparent." The Model-A ("Agressive"), lacking this switch, exhibits the "Hard" compression characteristic, and is great for more agressive material such as rock and pop recording and mastering.
Generic Audio Preceptor Model-T compressor/limiter Features:
  • This amazing compressor/limiter gives you massive sound!
  • 2-channel (stereo/dual mono), pure analog (Class-A, discrete)
  • Excellent for film scoring and classical music recording and mastering
  • Handmade and hand-calibrated
  • Pure analog design
  • Two independent mono blocks: no crosstalk; clean, clean clean
  • Ultra-stable power supply
  • 16 matched Zener diodes in the signal path
  • Internal and external sidechain for amazing operational flexibility
  • Classic Carnhill transformers infuse your sound with vintage iron
  • Input Z switchable (2k5ohms or 10kohms)
  • Stereo or dual mono operation
  • Hard relay bypass
  • Sidechain highpass filter
  • Blend function (parallel compression) lets you mix compressed and uncompressed signal
  • Retro panel meters: highly functional and oh-so-cool
  • Only gold contact stepped attenuators and toggle switches (no potentiometers!)
  • Easy settings repeatability
  • Robust functionality
The Generic Audio Preceptor Model-T is a serious upgrade for your studio!

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