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Pro Co Power Mute Reviews

3.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Pro Co Power Mute?

Questions about the Pro Co Power Mute?

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  • Scott Powers
    from Delta, PA March 7, 2012Music Background:
    pro musician

    Just what I wanted . . .

    I am a part-time singing drummer that needed a way to shut off my headset mic when not singing. I've placed this ProCo Power Mute to the left of my hi-hat pedal, within easy reach. The indicator light is really nice - one glance and I know if I'm live or not. I did have a little issue with setting the dip switches for the ay I wanted it . . . the diagram that came with the switch didn't quite match what I found inside. With a couple minutes of trying different settings - it works just fine.

  • Jay Lapp
    from Ann Arbor, MI April 4, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Works really well

    I needed a mute for my DPA 4099 condenser microphone that clips onto my mandolin. So I bought this and it works really well. I originally tested it by running the microphone into the Power Mute and then into Pro Tools via Digi002 to see if there was a 'pop' due too passing phantom power. I did notice a 'pop' so I decided not to chance it live so I run the DPA 4099 into a UA Solo/610 pre (using the phantom on the mic pre before the switch) and into the Power Mute. There is no 'pop' with this configuration. When I have more time at a sound check I will see if I can run it without the preamp and pass phantom through the switch from the house board to see if there is a 'pop'. This is a well built piece of equipment other than the placement of the external power supply input. It's located right above the direct out so it's not convenient when trying to plug or unplug an XLR cable....but really it's no that big of a deal.

  • Ben
    from Michigan July 16, 2015

    Very Loud Click when Phantom Power in on!!!!

    The pedal mutes your line but if it's running to a board that has phantom power on, it will create a very loud click every time you switch it on and off. I've tried this powered version and the passive version. They both create a very loud pop. Made for some terrible sound checks. Glad sweetwater has such good customer service and let me return for full refund with no hassle.

Questions about the Pro Co Power Mute?

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