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Line 6 POD Studio UX2 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the Line 6 POD Studio UX2?

Questions about the Line 6 POD Studio UX2?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Closed Casket Studio's February 27, 2016

    THE UX2!!!

    If you need that home studio going and going quick!...the UX2 is the way to go!!!...fast/reliable/great quality/and oh so quick to set up!!!...just give it a go!...you won't be disappointed...

  • from Ridgeland. Sc January 31, 2014Music Background:
    Im a player a recorder a I like it all

    Line 6 pod ux2

    I have been Jammnin with line 6 four over twenty years and they have yet to let me down in any way at all , the ux2 was yet the best in programs that I have to make sounds of any typ out there or that I can think up .to me they are the best in there field in what they do they can't be beat ,to me if you don't have you are lost some were and need to be found fast. And remember always take time to lern your tools ,the more you know the you can be. Keep rocking line 6 you the best thanks

  • from Kurtistown, HI November 7, 2013Music Background:
    Aspiring musician

    Amazing, simply amazing!

    I've been a Line 6 fan for as long as they've been around. I always like that their products were cheap, reliable, and high quality. This product once again reminds me why I like Line 6 so much. It's not just a USB interface. It also has phantom power to run studio grade condenser mics, it come with POD farm 2.5 (which is a VST program that includes bass, guitar, and vocal amps and preamps), it supports MIDI, it takes active or passive, and lastly it comes with Reason. Now Reason is (IMHO) an underrated DAW. I love it! And the UX2 comes with a limited version of it! You can do an entire album with the plug ins that Reason comes with. You can program drums, have up to 8 tracks running, and once you record it even comes with mastering software. It's great!

  • from Oklahoma City, OK USA September 30, 2013Music Background:
    Home Studio

    A must have!

    Any singer/songwriter should have something like this.

    Reason Limited is great and more than enough for tracking out demos.

    Pod Farm is the most helpful guitar software I've ever used.

    I've put hundreds of hours on it and still finding new uses for it!

    My only advice is that you have plenty of RAM on your computer.

    I usually keep Pod Farm, Reason Limited, and Guitar Pro open while using this and it's pushing my computer pretty hard with 4 gigs of RAM.

    All of the people saying it clicks or lags just need to adjust the settings. It's an easy fix.

  • from TX August 18, 2012Music Background:
    HR, EE degree, Hobbyist

    UX2 is HIgh Quality Audio.....Fun

    I can say I have tried an absurd amount of various recording units and interfcaes over the years, decades....this is not only my favorite layout of all, its user freiendly and offers the Guitar, Bass, and Vocal preamps, effects all inside the box. It works flawlessly with Reaper DAW.

    Only complaint is they stopped making the UX8, but for me , I only record two at a time max anyway.

    The software layout for me is what gives Line 6 the 5 stars...one extra star for the great layout.

  • from Little Rock,AR July 5, 2012Music Background:
    recording engineer/ sesssion musician, professional, over 5,000 hours exp.

    Don't Record without it.

    I have three of these. put one in every studio. easy to use. sometimes a pain to set up due to constantly changing drivers and software versions, but once its going its worth it. record everything from demo's to commercial releases. one album I recorded is a Universal release. All vox, bass, and guitar was tracked through a tube pre into this into protools. the ux2 has made me thousands over the past 6 years.

  • from Sweden May 11, 2011Music Background:

    Simply awesome!

    Ive heard great things of the Lne 6 POD UX2, but since i got some bad experiences from other Line 6 Devices, i was a little sceptic.

    I eventually bought the UX 2 anyway,....wanted to give it a chance. And oh my god what a product it is. Its the best audio interface ive had so far whit its extremely high quality sounds. Ofcourse, the quality of the sounds is based on what guitar you have. If you have a cheap half-decent budget guitar like i have you will get a less good sound. But if you you have a good, high quality guitar, the Line6 POD UX2 is absolutly the way to go.

  • from Maui, Hawaii, USA November 14, 2016Music Background:
    Musician for over 45 years (guitar player)

    you've got have it!

    The Studio UX2 is a little powerhorse, great sound quality, fast rersponce, easy to use, compact.
    The Pod Farm 2.5 is a bonus that makes this purchase "A Deal!".

  • from April 28, 2016

    Excellent quality and easy to use.

    Just plug in your guitar and go. Podfarm is also great. Love it.

  • from Midwest June 24, 2015Music Background:
    Longtime working bassist. Stage & Studio

    It's What I Needed

    The ux2 allows me to lay down quality bass tones and sound without a lot of bulk and daw tweaking Warmed up the quality of tone and thickened the sound of my bass right out the gate. The ux2 gives me more control going in. Amp modeling is good. That's bass! There's even more for guitar. I would say the ux2 is ideal for the guitarist/bassist studio and small home studio in general. It also works well with vocals and etc. Driver downloads can be a little tricky. Read your directions. Take your time and you'll be ok. It's definitely worth it for the price. I'm glad I made the investment. Great interface!

  • from Madison, AL February 17, 2015Music Background:
    Recording, Songwriting, Worship Leader

    Great for Budget Home Studio

    It's been about maybe 8 years since I first started recording music in high school with this UX2 and it still works like a charm. At the time I hardly knew what I was doing, so the simplicity of this device truly helped launch my path as a budding songwriter.

    * Since 2 years ago it started making these popping noises during recording my guitar or mic. I found out that the headphone adapter I was using was causing it.

    I've used it on a Windows 7 computer and a windows 8 computer. It works really well with Ableton Live (8 or 9). The Phantom Power is very handy when using condenser mics. I use the MXL 990 as a starter mic and the UX2 picks it up clearly.

    The presets make it really easy to create your very own sound. Be aware when using effects with EQ on Pod Farm, cause if you use them AND try to EQ with your DAW it'll muddy up the sound.

    Best Home Recording hardware for beginning - intermediate recorders.

  • from Southeastern US September 14, 2012Music Background:
    avid student

    Very nice

    I haven't used this unit extensively but, so far, I'm impressed with the sound quality and ease of use.
    I had no setup issues if I used default setup configuration; running monitors directly from the unit resulted in absolutely zero latency.
    If I tried to use my expensive Creative soundcard for playback, however, I had just enough to make that setup unusable.
    Honestly, though, playback through the unit's internal soundcard sounds great.
    I think it is a really good option for entry into the world of computer recording/editing. As mentioned, setup options are limited, but it is a high quality unit (had to get used to the plastic exterior, though) that should last a beginner quite a while before he/she feels compelled to upgrade.
    It's a very nice unit for the money.

  • from Grove City PA December 4, 2011Music Background:


    Awesome device. I've never had an issue with it. Works like a charm.

  • from Waco, Texas USA April 27, 2012Music Background:
    Recording/live sound engineer/pro musician

    Pod Studio and Pod Farm 2.51

    Plugging into hardware for guitar tones and achieving them is as simple as taking the product out of the box and getting the cables run. With Pod Studio - have patience - you'll have to install, download, update, install, update, authorize, download, install, update, and authorize before you'll hear tone 1. And don't expect any product documentation in the form of a manual, or even a pdf file either...it ain't there. You'll receive an outdated software disc, that once you install and the Line 6 Monkey, you will be prompted to update, then the drivers, then the authorization codes. Working with a fast laptop running Windows 7, this process took two days before I could use my purchase, and I wish I could tell you why. Now that I'm using the Pod Studio, I am happy to say that the sounds are very good - I really love using the pre-amps and eq's that are designed for vocal sounds for my full band mixes - which I run in through the line in inputs from my multitrack machine and record the mixes into a program called Reaper - but you could use anything from Sonar to Pro Tools. In the Pod Farm program, there is a drop down list of presets - my main caveat. The folks at Line 6 thought they'd give you lots of presets that you can't use unless you buy add on packs. So you see one that looks perfect for the song you are doing, call it up, and certain parts of you signal chain are "greyed out", meaning you don't have the ability to use it as intended. Wow, what an innovation. I bought my first Pod, the kidney shaped device 12 years ago and it didn't have settings that you couldn't use unless you upgraded....really moving up aren't we? The sounds you get are good though and for the money you'll find lots of uses for this product....but don't get ****** off and break the damn thing before you use it!

Questions about the Line 6 POD Studio UX2?

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