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Line 6 POD HD Pro X Guitar Effects Rack Processor Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Line 6 POD HD Pro X Guitar Effects Rack Processor?

Questions about the Line 6 POD HD Pro X Guitar Effects Rack Processor?

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  • from Boiling Springs SC February 12, 2016

    Pretty Epic

    I want to start off this review with the fact that this product swept me off my feet..I have owned a Line 6 POD product previously and I sold it because it just didn't do it for me. After much thought and looking up reviews and everything else on the Line 6 POD HD Pro X I decided to go ahead and purchase it. I get the package, set it up and turn it ON.... I cant keep my hands off of it. This one unit does it pretty much all..if you can't find or create the tones you desire on this, pack you gear up and put it in your closet lol. I also want to add to this review that the customer service at Sweetwater is by far the BEST and Easiest I have ever used...They help you find the product that suits your needs and budget and they follow up with you on your purchase to see if you need any help with it. I even got some candy with my purchase lol

  • from Hickory NC September 17, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Bass Player and Recording Studio Owner.

    Great addition to the Studio.

    Love this unit. Great addition to my home studio. I use it for Bass and my guitarist loves it and is
    using it for recording. I use the HD500X for live shows so my bass sound is close to the sound on our
    original material. Added all the available packs to it and increased my guitar and bass options. Great

  • from CT USA February 25, 2015Music Background:
    Engineer, Guitarist, Pro-Musician

    Nothing Compares

    I purchased the POD HD PRO when it came out a couple of years ago and was blown away by how much you get for the price. I just upgraded to this Pro X model and again line 6 just kills it. I have recorded with the Fractal Axe FX and this POD HD Pro is better for a third of the price. Super clean and powerful. Great unit for live and recording situations

  • from Indiana August 29, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician and vocalist. Guitar session studio recording.

    POD HD Pro X -- The first, second and third greatest piece of equipment you'll ever own

    I've used Line 6 equipment for many (15+) years: POD XT Pro, JTV-89... Thus, I had huge expectations for the HD Pro X. Every expectation I had was simply destroyed with not more than a whimper! This POD is just simply the greatest, funnest piece of equipment I have purchased in a long time, perhaps ever.

    Not only can you have "fun" with ridiculously versatile presets that make sounds I've never heard come from a guitar (getting realistic sounding organs, synthesizers, etc.), but most importantly: The serious effects and models are SERIOUSLY amazing, versatile and these Line 6 tones sound better than they ever have.

    All too often I have heard the naysayers rant about the "Tones of Tubes." Granted, it just doesn't get any better when you break out your favorite tube amp (being generic on purpose), adding the kind of warmth to your guitar tone rivaled only by the best electric blanket worn in sub-zero temperatures. But in every sincerity possible, when you dial in your tone in a POD HD Pro X, you'll forget about that tube amp like you'd lose the electric blanket in the wake of a roaring bonfire. Use that with a JTV Variax and you're going nuclear!

    The possibilities are endless, the sounds are amazing, the ease of use is amazing and that just scratches the surface.

  • from May 5, 2015Music Background:
    Metal, Rock, Hard Rock, Recording, Producing


    Let me start off by saying it sounds great. The only reason I wouldn't give it a 5 star rating is due to if your new to pedals and setting up tones it will take you some time. Other then that it's well worth the money. I've owned previous line 6 products such as the pod 2.0, pod x3, the bognar tubed amp, and now this. Line 6 always has great products but this is perfect for touring and studio. If your into metal I'd suggest getting this over the Axe fx mainly because of the price difference. Quality of sound is very similar once you tweak the tone to your liking.

    If your new to developing tones. Go on to line 6's website and download some tones that people uploaded. Get those and tweak those around for a faster setup on what your trying to accomplish.

    Alao, if you want excellent service. Call Sweetwater up and use extension 1390 for Ryan Wiltermood. He's been helping me for years and has delivered exceptional customer service. This is the first time I've reviewed a product on Sweetwater but thought it was time to praise not only this product but the customer care that came with it.

  • from Salt Lake City November 9, 2014Music Background:
    Playing & recording hobbyist for 25 years


    I've been playing the POD XT for several years now and it's still a champ. I purchased the HD Pro X because I wanted a setup I could keep in my project studio and another for the road. At $699, Line 6 isn't exactly giving them away, but it's worth every penny.

    My first impression was disappointment. I had a difficult time dialing in my sound since the Pro HD doesn't have the Line 6 "Insane" amp. The Mesa sounds like a Mesa, but I'm not crazy about Mesa. The Bogner sounds like a Bogner, but it's a little polished sounding for my taste. The beauty of this modeler is the ability to blend amps. My Mesa/Bogner blend sounds amazing.

    The panel is intuitive, but no where as easy as the free software. From my computer, I can create the perfect signal chain with genuine sounding amps, cabs, mics, effects, etc... Again, they aren't giving these things away. I probably added/removed this thing from my shopping cart a dozen times. Now, my only regret is having waited to get this.

    Believe me, I'm a complete tone snob. No matter what sound you're looking for (Slayer, Chuck Berry, Red Hot Chile Peppers, Eagles, Iron Maiden, etc), it's in this box.

  • from Portland, Oregon October 19, 2014

    Work with it

    I wasn't impressed with the unit at first, but now after having used it for a year I LOVE IT!!! You DO need to put some time into it to learn how it functions and to find YOUR sound. Whatever sound I'm needing I can build with this device no matter if it's a Guitar patch or a Bass Patch. I did say "build" because you will building patches from scratch 99% of the time to get the sound you want. Most of the factory presets are unusable, building your own is more rewarding anyways.

  • from Long Island, NY USA November 24, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    Outstanding Effects Processor

    The POD HD Pro X is an outstanding effects processor that far exceeded my expectations. With over 100 Effects, 30 Amp Models, Dual Signal Paths and more this box can make a guitar sound like everything from a traditional guitar to things that are out of this world. It just sounds spectacular. Itís easy to program onboard and even easier using the PC editor.

    Itís loaded with features with a lot of attention paid to detail and has a solid build quality. It can even be used an audio interface to record directly into your DAW or connect it to another audio interface using analog or digital connections.

    Plus it doubles as an effects processor for my synths, has more I/O than you know what to do with and has great MIDI support. I can control patch changes from my synths. And with the addition of the Line 6 FBV Shortboard MkII foot controller I now have a powerful foot controller that I can use to control my synths and the POD HD.

    The power and flexibility of this box is simply awesome. Itís well worth the cost.

  • from Baltimore, MD March 13, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Recording engineer.

    Very usable studio tones at a fraction of the price in an Axe!

    I originally bought this unit because I couldn't afford an Axe Fx at the time. I run a studio out of my house and was looking for an alternative to mic'in cabs and having to constantly move around the mics to achieve a decent base tone. Also I didn't want to over run my CPU with an amp modeling program while I'm still trying to use plug ins to process the sound in mixing. Right out of the box it's nothing to brag about. The amps sound fuzzy and flat out horrible. Once you decide on an amp you want you start knob Turing. Throw your knowledge of eqing on a regular head out the window and go in fresh by adjusting the tones to ear. Pick a cab and mic that sounds best to you. The signal chain is your best friend, it changes everything! This is where you get most of your finished product. I'm very pleased in the quality of stomp boxes and effects. Now this is where the magic comes in. I've found that the pod by itself still lacks some luster so what i do is make the tone as best as I can. Still using the internal cabs I then run it through my DAW and into an impulse response generator and WOW now this thing sounds great!! I am very please with the tones that I am getting. They sound like real amps! The bands I've recorded have been very impressed. The other great thing about this I was able to sell my reamp box because this does it! The dry out on the back allowed me to record a wet and dry signal, edit the dry signal and then send it right back through! Overall I am very please for the price point and it's one of my favorite pieces I've bought for my studio. All this coming from a non line 6 fan. They have really upped their game with the HD modeling line.

Questions about the Line 6 POD HD Pro X Guitar Effects Rack Processor?

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