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Line 6 POD HD Pro Reviews

4.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • Customer
    from July 15, 2012

    Perfect for Recording

    I exclusively use this to record guitar tracks via the S/PDIF out to my interface. I'm not an expert sound engineer or producer by any means, but the sounds that I get out of this are amazing. Forget having a wall of amps, cabinets, and instrument mics, this is what you need. The computer-based patch editor is indispensable and makes finding your own desired sound a breeze. I honestly cannot think of a feature that this needs that is not included.

  • Customer
    from New York, NY April 2, 2012

    Great Effects Processor / All-Around DI Guitar Unit

    I've been playing guitar for well over ten years, and I've used a number of different digital effects processors in the past. Recently I've gotten more into home recording and for any electric guitar work, it has to be DI (currently living in an apartment) - and I must say, for clean or distorted tones, this unit does not disappoint for the money. I wanted it primarily for clean sounds, and I honestly could not hear much of a different between any of my guitars running direct in through a Fender Bassman amp modeler as compared to playing through my actual Fender Bassman. As for distorted tones, some are better than others, but the system is very versatile and many dirty tones sound great. The workflow of the device is also very intuitive if you understand the signal chain for combining separate pedal effects.

  • Customer
    from December 6, 2011Music Background:
    Musician, Student Engineer

    The way to go!!

    This thing has quickly become the essential 'brain' of my home recording studio. With it acting as the sound card/interface, it does all the pre-processing to keep the tax off my computer rig's CPU. So for someone like me that has just a normal setup--not a $30k setup--I just went from being limited to unlimited for under a thousand dollars. Works great with any guitar or microphone I plug into it. The signal chains are simple to edit. This thing has loads of features. I'm just sad that I didn't have this thing 5 years ago.

  • Scott
    from Charlotte N.C. October 21, 2011Music Background:
    semi pro musician.

    Simply Awesome!!

    WOW! just WOW!! I was going to buy the AXE-FX when I thought "hey i can get the HD PRO and a Mesa mark V and run a stereo rig with 2 MKV's and the pod for Effects" kinda like a mini JP rig. I am NOT sorry i did either the effects are perfect! add the Amp gizmo and i can fully control the system from the line 6 pedal. Sure the AXE-FX has more in it but hell for that price it better. The direct sound of this box is awesome too, i was able to match the tone of my MKv and go direct for a perfect studio sound mirror the patches from live rig to studio rig so live and practice/studio sound exactly the same. LOVE IT!!!!

  • Bob Samarich
    from South Bend, IN February 6, 2013Music Background:

    I Love This Thing

    The Pod HD Pro can make just about any sound you can dream up! I love all the capabilities this thing has to offer. I use it strictly in the studio and love the software that comes with it. For me it's a lot easier to navigate using the software. One thing that you still need an amp for, however, is when you're recording that smokin' lead passage and you want to hold a note and get some feedback. Other than that, this box does it all and I would buy it again no question!

  • Rick
    from Cedar Rapids, IA March 2, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Guitar

    POD HD PRO is all you need

    I play guitar in a local bar band. The POD HD Pro was a great upgrade to my POD 2.0 I was previously using. I run the POD straight in the PA/Board with XLR outputs and also use the 1/4" outputs to run into a poweramp and into my 4x12 Marshall cab which basically acts as my own monitor.

    This has everything I need sound-wise. Actually has more than what I will ever use. I love the Mesa Boogie sound. I try to keep it simple and make it sound like I'm NOT using a POD with a bunch of crazy sounds.

    My only complaint is that the Master volume knob controls both the XLR and 1/4" outputs at the same time. On my previous POD when using the master volume knob, it only changed the volume for my 1/4" outputs which is ran to my 4x12 cabinet. Was perfect because I don't want to change the volume going to the PA and mixing board....that's the soundman's job. With the POD HD the Master volume is tied to both the 1/4" outputs and the XLR mic outputs that go to the PA. I'm hoping that this can be changed with a future software update. My fix for now is to set my poweramp on 3 or 4 and use it to adjust my stage volume if needed.

    Keep it simple, don't run these into a guitar amp that changes the sound of the POD....or the POD changing the sound of the guitar amp. Works great when you run these into a regular poweramp then into a 4x12.....that's all you need!

  • Jon
    from NY, NY October 7, 2011Music Background:
    17 years playing. Metal, prog., rock.

    POD HD Pro

    Just got mine yesterday and spent a couple hours setting it up in my rig. I gotta say I'm really looking forward to using this live. I'll probably only use a fraction of it's capabilities for my purposes but this thing is very flexible. I have always used tube amps in the past but I'm tired of paying lots of money and having to compensate for what an amp may lack in a certain aspect of tone. After using this (I also have the HD 300 floor unit) I feel that Line6 has really nailed the aspects of what people want from tube amps while providing the flexibility to get specifically what you want for much less money.
    Right now I've got it running through one of those 100 watt tube power amps by Carvin into my 4x12. I only really need 2 presets: 1 clean and 1 with powerful distortion. The great thing about this pod is that the high gain amps really do clean up nicely with the guitar volume control rolled back. I have the clean preset just for those times when I have time/coordination to readjust the guitar volume knob. These are controlled with a 4 button FVB switch.
    This set up gives me basically every tone I need. For effects I still use my external analog pedals for delay and chorus which can be run conveniently through the POD's effect loop (one the main reason's i bought it). The manual that comes with the unit was not all that helpful but I was able to figure everything out without much trouble.
    I also feel like the character of the guitar comes through more clearly than with my other amps. POD's have a transparency that lets you hear the strings, wood and pickup characteristics fairly well, even through a lot of distortion. If you have a really nice guitar with good pickups you'll really be able to hear it. The POD HD does significantly improve on the X3 series in many ways(which I also have).
    Only improvement I'd make is allowing the clean amp models to achieve more channel volume...some of them don't get that loud and it's hard to balance with the higher gain presets.
    I think that most players who can break free of the tube amp marketing draw will like this Line6 Unit. I've been using tube amps for years and I've never been closer to my ideal sound than I am now.

  • Randy Lu
    from Taiwan January 24, 2013Music Background:
    producer , music arrangment , guitar player

    NIce Tone

    great sound , easy way to control
    but seems like there are still some bug from the software
    hope they will fix it soon !!

  • Mike Riley
    from Central Florida February 18, 2012Music Background:
    Guitarist - worship

    Where's the MIDI (Pod HD Pro)?

    Of course it sounds great. This is the general expectation of a Line6 Pod. But, the MIDI implementation for controlling the unit is weak. I'm very surprised at this given that of my older Pod XT. Problems include:
    * Effects can't be turned ON or OFF assertively via CC - only toggled. This will be a big problem for most MIDI foot controllers if you desire "stompbox" behavoir.
    * Only two continuous controllers (e.g., pedals/wheels) are supported per preset.
    * Its tempo mechanism is affected by MIDI clocks. So, if your use a sequencer, you'll need to exclude/filter MIDI clock.
    It seems more thought was put into using the HD (Pro and 500) as a controller than allowing it to be controlled. Seems they really want me to buy a Line6 fott controller.
    I hope the story is not over - CC's only just became available via firmware upgrade in January 2012. Perhaps

  • Bob
    from sacramento, CA August 27, 2013Music Background:
    studio owner/engineer

    horrible investment.

    purchased it and figured it would sound better than the free homemade guitar amp vsts you can easily google and download. but no, it sounds like trash. spent about 3 days tweaking it and experimenting with different amp models and fx and couldn't get it to sound any thing near the quality of free vsts online. the only thing i can say good about it is that it's easy to re-amp guitar tracks with. now, getting a good tone when you reamp is a different story. do not buy this product for studio use unless you fully research free alternatives because every single thing i've found for free has sounded better than this

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