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Fulltone PlimSoul Overdrive Pedal Reviews

5.0 stars based on 18 customer reviews
Questions about the Fulltone PlimSoul Overdrive Pedal?

Questions about the Fulltone PlimSoul Overdrive Pedal?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Sweetwater Advice

  • Greg Baum

    Mike Fuller has done it again: A handwired pedal that features Stage 1 and Stage 2 Overdrive with Sustain. With a turn of the pedal knob, your guitar's volume knob, or a flick of your pick hand, it can go from Santana to Michael Bloomfield to Cream to SoloClapton to While My Guitar Gently Weeps. When that Stage 2 light glows, you get really musical sounding compression of your overdrive. This pedal added to your rig is like turning an ant farm into a condominium!

  • from nh February 17, 2017Music Background:
    35 yrs of making noise!

    Sweet, sweet sustain!

    The Plimsoul...What can I say? I absolutely love this pedal. But it has to be used correctly. I have a Les that sounds great straight into my heavily modified Hot Rod DeVille. But the addition of the Plimsoul with the drive on the amp set for slight breakup and I have found an amazingly huge sweet spot. Plus, with a master volume amp, I can dial levels down and still have the tone and sustain I want. It makes me want to play, and that's what it's all about. So if your rig sounds good, but not great, give this a shot. It's TASTY.

  • from NJ October 25, 2016Music Background:
    Non Professional - Gigging Musician

    Solid Overdrive

    This is a great pedal to beef up your lead tones. If you're a a fan of the transparency of the OCD this is probably not your pedal. It is totally different. If you blend the two clipping stages together you can get a an OK rhythm tone. Using the soft clipping alone changes your tone completely. Smooths out high end and overall fattens sound. This makes it an excellent pedal for leads and solos, however not the greatest rhythm sound. Just not tight enough on the low end and a bit compressed. So my review assumes the pedal is being used for lead work, It can also be used to beef up single coils.

  • from Southern Illinois October 3, 2016


    Have you ever wanted something and had to wait for it? That was me with the Plimsoul! I played a gig here in town and used the money I made to purchase it from Sweetwater. I'm very happy with it! There is the Claptonesque womanish lead tones to all out mayhem. I love the small knob that turns up the gain, it really is like two overdrive pedals in one. I do think there are pedals out there that sound better for chord playing, but this isn't a knock. I use a pedal for awhile then try something else. I guess I like the diversity, but I'll still use the others in my collection. I got the chrome faced one with dark purple. My dream came true, but once I set my mind to something I usually find a way to make it happen! Lol..!

  • from Yakima March 16, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar player for 50 years and proud of it! Played professionally for 2 1/2 years until the road burned me out. Still play locally as much as possible.

    Versatile pedal

    From smooth overdrive to "toothier" crunch I consider this to be a very useful pedal on my board. Dial in what you need for the gig or recording. Sturdy and quiet.

  • from Springfield, Mo March 8, 2016

    Best Distortion Ever!!!

    Every distortion/high gain drive pedal I buy gets used once or twice, then I sell it. They all sound overcompressed or synthetic to my ears. This includes modded DS1's, several TC drives and more. I could never find one that sounded good. So, for years I've had a gap in my board between overdrive and fuzz, only to get filled up for a week and then be empty again. Well, this pedal is staying. It could easily replace around 4 of my pedals (in keeping them anyway though, lol), I have a totally clean boost, a colored boost and 2 Overdriver. This pedal can replicate the sounds of all of these high end pedals. Not only can it go from subtle boost to roaring stack territory, but it sounds absolutely killer doing it. I've often found that if a pedal has a wide range of tones then usually few are usable. This pedal sounds good in literally every position, it truly exceeds at all It does. I would recommend this pedal highly for anyone looking for the perfect one stop shop drive pedal. It can do anything except for modern extreme metal basically. From a slight grit to 70s metal tones achieved originally with Marshall stacks. It would make a perfect first overdrive or one for the budget conscious. You will never find a pedal capable of this wide a range of drive tones that sounds this good for under 200 bucks. Heck, you would have to buy two high quality overdrices to match this one pedal. Its a no brainer. Its simple, small, sounds great, and it is two pedals in one, all at an unbeatable price. I've owned distortions quite a bit more expensice that weren't half as good. Go, go right now and buy one before all the smart boys and girls beat you to it. You will NOT regret it at all.

  • from Ohio February 11, 2016

    perfect overdrive!

    I can't believe how responsive this pedal is, and how natural it sounds! It blows away overdrives that are 2 or 3 times the price...seriously. My only regret is that I didn't buy one sooner. This is going to be a permanent fixture in my rig. Buy it - you will NOT regret it!

  • from Virginia February 2, 2016Music Background:

    Soooo good!

    I have owned TONS of overdrive pedals: Tubescreamers, Sparkle Drive, DS-1 and 2, Blues Driver, Crunchbox, Jekyll and Hyde...just to name a few. I have never had an overdrive that comes CLOSE to the Plimsoul! It's the perfect blend of crunch and sweet sustain and it's super versatile. That said, you can use it lots of different ways, but it won't take you much tweaking to find that sweet spot, and once you do, you'll find it hard to want to change it. The sound is quite addictive! The Plimsoul is also immaculately built with the quality one would expect from Fulltone. BUY IT, you won't regret it! I will never play without my Plimsoul again.

  • from CA December 15, 2015

    The Plimsoul's a sweet pedal

    The best thing about this pedal is the tone, lots of dial-in, but easy. The versatility is great, too. And a nice sharp look. Good package.

  • from United States February 28, 2015Music Background:
    Professional guitarist, arranger, songwriter

    This pedal kills it!

    One of the most bitchin'-sounding dirt pedals I've heard. All of the great overdrive sounds are there, and the stage-2 hard clipping is killer, adding highly musical, old-school rock attitude with no thin and fizzys. The controls are intuitive, the perfect blend of flexibility and simplicity. You can get smooth, polite overdrive for days, but in truth the PlimSoul will unleash your hard-rock self — I dare you to resist cranking this thing! The tones are very immediate and with no hi-cut rolloff you're right out front in the mix, but if you want to sit back more just roll off the hi-cut a bit. The Plimsoul is a brilliantly engineered pedal that's simply a blast to play!

  • from Pittsburgh February 18, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Artist/Guitarist


    Found the PlimSoul to be the perfect solution to my search for the best of both worlds between crisp distortion and creamy overdrive. I haven't personally tried out the Fulltone OCD but it seems like the OCD's OD tone plus a blend knob of higher gain distortion to take it even heavier. It can take a little tweaking to get your perfect tone but you can't really go wrong with such a wide range of clean OD boost way up to gain heavy distortion that is available from this little beast.

  • from Denver, CO January 15, 2015Music Background:
    35+ Years And Still Getting Paid to PLAY!

    Distortion Factory At You Fingertips

    Several others below have already extensively stated how good this pedal is. Count me in! Simple, extremely well built - like ALL Fulltone Products! THIS IS A DISTORTION FACTORY!!!

    Bought this pedal a few weeks ago to replace a well known “modded” Boss SD1 overdrive pedal. For pedal board space sake, I was looking for 1 distortion O/D pedal - that would be easy to use live, sound great with both single coils and humbuckers - with a little more grit. The PlimSoul delivers!

    Of course distortion & O/D pedals are subjective. But, this is the best sounding pedal - I have ever used. You need to take your time to dial it in; all of the 3 dials are extremely dynamic. With the 2 gain stages - it is easy to get lost in all of the possibilities…

  • from N. Ill USA July 17, 2014

    THis WILL find a place on your board

    Bottom line is this is one bad*** fun Distortion pedal and it has a place on my board.

    Easiest the heaviest pedal on my board. Built solid like all Fulltone gear. Built with all top grade parts. Quality. This pedal will last. Nice touch is the battery door is a flip door on the back, and uses a thumbscrew like the 4 on the OCD. But, it's just one thumbscrew.

    Knob for tone, volume and Sustain, aka gain. There is also a min-knob for the Stage 2, Hard clipping.

    So how does it sound? I have only ran it on 9v power. Haven't tried it on 18v, like I run my OCD. Even at the 9v this pedal sounds damn good. This is definitely the least transparent of my dirt pedals. I used to think that mattered a lot. It does, and it doesn't. I know this pedal is coloring the amp's tone. But you really don't care. It just sounds good. Yes there is a Mid and lower mid bump/boost. But, who cares if it sounds good. This is definitely a Distortion pedal, not an OD pedal. Though it can do some OD work.

    This pedal can definitely deliver a Marshall in a box tone. I could hear it on the DSL15H. Dialed in the red channel to match the Plimsoul on the Green channel, and was able to swap back and forth, sounding pretty darn close to identical. Also the other, more transparent pedals could be made to sound close to the Plimsoul on the Marshall. But, you really heard it on the Rivera. Gave that Marshall tone to that definite Fender sounding green channel, where the other pedals didn't.

    it can go from light crunch to metal. But frankly, imho, this is not a pedal you want for light or bluesy crunch. It can it, but that isn't really it's wheelhouse. NO, this is for classic rock up to much more and metal territory. I have not been a fan, to date, of higher gain pedals. They all get way to buzz saw sounding, or muddled and overly compressed at high gain. Plimsoul did not. From 9 o'clock you move past that crunch into driven tones. At 12 you start getting into distortion territory.

    It does compress your signal. In fact, it is by far the most compressed of my dirt pedals (OCD, Euphoria, Sweet Honey OD). But not like most of the other distortion pedals out there.

    Yes, the pedal is 'amp-like', i.e. responds to your pick attack like an amp, dynamic etc. But, it is less so than the other pedals. That is unless you have the hard clipping up high. But, that is not it's forte. More than any dirt pedal I have tried to date, this sucker on a clean channel gives you the tone, sound and feel of a cranked, driven, saturated, albeit Marshall, amp. That, imho is where it excels. This pedal was made for lead, rock or metal guitar. Sustain up the wazoo, responsiveness, easy, useable/musical feedback. All there. Also responds very well to rolling the volume off the guitar. In this, it excels more than the other pedals, at least as far as maintaining volume level. Also cleans up in the process. Mind you, your starting dirtier, so it doesn't completely clean up, unless set very low gain.

    Really liked other pedals driving it, other than a little more hiss. One thing that was nice, was setting it for a nice

    The Soft clipping (controlled by the Sustain knob) and the separate hard clipping, give it versatility. The soft clipping is basically the same as tube screamers, FD2s etc. The Hard is like you will fine in an OCD, RAT etc. Plimsoul has both. Personally, I didn't like it with just the soft clipping, unless you had that cranked a tad (i.e. past noon). I thought it could sound a little muddled when not on the Bridge pup. I liked at least a little hard clipping on. It's because of this, it will sit next to the OCD. Without the soft clipping, it would just be a different EQed OCD, more or less. Without the Hard clipping, I don't think it sounds as good with all guitars or amps. With both, none of that is an issue.

  • from Pasadena, CA April 15, 2014Music Background:
    recording engineer, musician


    Creamy, warm, fat, gooey, responsive, and dynamic. This thing blows every OD pedal out of the water. Adds a special kind of mojo to your signal. Makes notes glue together beautifully. I love how well it responds to volume and tone controls on the guitar.

    This thing is perfect. 5/5, Fulltone nailed it.

  • from Carlisle, PA March 24, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist and ocassional gigging

    Lots of tonal options here

    I bought this pedal from Sweetwater based solely on the recommendations of trusted sites and people. At first, I thought it was noisy and it can be for sure. But then I began dialing in different settings, finally settling on the Level and Sustain knobs both sitting at 9 O'clock position, and the Hi-Cut set to between 11 and 1 O'clock. Then dial in the Stage2 knob to taste. Running a Stratocaster (with Fender CS69 pickups in it) into my Xotic SP Compressor and on into this pedal and out to my Prince Reverb is absolutely awesome sound. Throw in a Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe and wow. But the truth is that is only MY favorite setting....there are so many more in there that with some patience, you're bound to find one of your own.

  • from May 6, 2013Music Background:
    hobbyist for over 50 years

    PlimSoul music

    Best overdrive and distortion pedal I have ever used. It sounds amazing through a Vox AC15 and a Fender Deluxe Reverb. Sounds great with PRS and Gibson guitars with humbuckers, which is what the pedal is designed for, but still is excellent with strats and teles. No more need for boost pedals. This gives your lead tones anything from mild tp heavy distortion, so you can find your own sweet spots. The separate channels for type of clipping give you more flexibility. This pedal can generate some really great screaming notes for blues and rock.

  • from Waterloo, IA April 9, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, drummer turned guitarist

    New go-to pedal

    I was looking for a great OD pedal with true bypass and lots of flexibility. This thing is even better than I had hoped. Most pedals I take a week to find a sound I love. With this one, I can't find a bad sounding setting. Even with both stages cranked the distortion is high quality and totally usable. Harmonic content is complex and rich, while allowing your guitar to still sound like your guitar. I highly recommend this pedal!

  • from Warner Robins, GA June 15, 2012Music Background:
    weekend warrior

    The Cat's Meow

    I heard this unit on a video and immediately decided I "needed" it. I played a gig with it a few days later and it made a tremendous difference. It it almost like inspiration in a box with long smoky sustain that can really make your guitar talk. My advice is to get his unit and sell or throw away any modeling nonsense you may own. My only slight criticism is that the stage 2 knob is small and it is kind of hard to see but basically I set it and forget about it so it is not a problem. True bypass makes this a professional quality unit that you will want to keep forever. I don't know why they gave it such a weird name because is really the CAT'S MEOW.

  • from NH, USA November 19, 2011Music Background:
    Pro musician


    I have a LOT of overdrive pedals and wasn't going to try any more as none of them really did what I was looking for. I saw some great YouTube clips and then heard David Grissom was using a Plimsoul so I thought "OK. Last one."
    Fantastic pedal. It can take a bone clean amp amd turn it into a very gainy monster. A very believable pedal. Most sound fake and buzzy or grainy to my ears but this one is what I was looking for.

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