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Hohner Piedmont Blues Set Reviews

2.0 stars based on 18 customer reviews
Questions about the Hohner Piedmont Blues Set?

Questions about the Hohner Piedmont Blues Set?

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  • Mark
    from Jackson Hole Wyoming January 12, 2016

    Too Much Fun for 20 Bucks!

    What can I say! Haven't had this much fun for $20 since gas was under a buck and I was sixteen! A great deal!

  • Jamal A.Siddiqui
    from April 15, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Music Composer, Arranger & Studio Owner.

    Marvelous sound with unbelievable price!

    Honher instruments are not new for me, to be very honest, Honher accordion and melodicas were my first instruments when I was only four years old. I was astonished with its tone quality, as well as its pitch accuracy right after playing some music pieces. Best delivery service I have ever seen for my gears.

  • John Fussell
    from Snellville, Georgia July 11, 2013Music Background:
    Wannabe Eric Johnson (i wish)

    For the Price GREAT!

    "Bang for the buck" comes to mind when reviewing this set. I use these as practice harmonica's to determine which key a particular song sounds best in. With the case they are great for road trips. They are not robust note makers though and bending notes with them is difficult. For beginners and pro's alike they are terrific for practice but when you perform break out the Marine Band.

  • Customer
    from Dayton, OH May 22, 2013Music Background:

    Good learner kit

    For the price it's a really good set to learn on. I wouldn't recommend it for actual performance though.

  • Customer
    from Columbus, Ohio September 10, 2012Music Background:

    OK for beginners, but...

    I am a guitar player that has always loved blues, and I've always wanted to learn the harmonica, so I bought this set. As a beginner, I am satisfied overall with the set, but there are some problems with the quality of the harmonicas. Almost all of the harmonicas have some out of tune notes, which doesn't bother me that much, but a couple of the harmonicas have real bad tuning problems. It makes them almost unusable. On a positive note, the case that the harmonicas come in is very cool and seems to be worth almost as much as the total price for everything. It's the only reason why I've rated this product as high as I have. Still, for beginners like me, I recommend buying a single harmonica of nicer quality to learn on, because there's no use in having a bunch of different harmonicas that aren't in tune.

  • SteveO
    from CA February 28, 2017Music Background:
    Singer/Songwriter/Performing musician

    Good for what they are intended to be.

    I had a set of these until they got stolen last year. Gonna get another set. Are they great harps? No, but they are okay. My set was not out of tune, like others have said, but the sound was not nearly as full as my other, more expensive harmonicas. I used mine when I was writing or learning a song and thought it might need a harp part. Kept these handy so I could see what it would sound like. Recording or performing live, I'd use my better harps. No one should expect to get a full set of concert-quality harmonicas for under $. Good "campfire" harps,too, since if you lose or break one, you're not out a bundle of cash. As for learning to play on these, I agree that a person would be better off buying one or two good harps and go from there, just as you should buy the best guitar you can afford, to keep from becoming frustrated with an instrument that is difficult to play.

  • Customer
    from December 22, 2015

    Hohner piedmont blues set

    Not bad for the money but lacks in sound and playability

  • Bill Gellhaus
    from Cheltenham PA December 22, 2014Music Background:
    Recording and Reinforcement Engineering


    Not bad for an inexpensive set

  • Customer
    from December 27, 2015

    Hohner Piedmont blues Set

    It's O.K for the price !

  • Eric
    from February 4, 2017

    Good case

    I received this set as a gift. These are the worst harps I've ever tried to blow. Now for the good part. The case is worth the price of the set. I dumped the harps in the trash but filled the case with real harmonicas.

  • Christian Nielsen
    from Maple Grove, MN November 24, 2015

    You Get What You Pay For, Maybe.

    I love the case. I am looking forward to when some of these break or stop working so I can remove them and replace them with my old Blues Harp and Marine Band harps that are dented and old. The price suckered me in and I thought "How could I go wrong?". But it anyone asked me I would ask them if they need a nice case to put good harps in. Otherwise, spend the money to get a better harp that will perform better. They may be ok for kids, but it may frustrate them and have them think any bad sounds are their fault. Some notes produce weak sound and some notes are out of tune. Rather than have Honer-sponsored videos I with Sweetwater would have some of their staff review products like this. Honer is better than this in my experience. They should put one or two good harps in this nice case and sell it like that.

  • Jim Ely
    from SLC, UT December 21, 2016

    Say NO to the Piedmont and YES to a Good Harp

    I bought a set for my brother to learn on. The quality was not indicative of Hohner: too much leakage a.k.a. - poor air-tightness & tolerance of the reeds w.r.t. reed plates was too high, robustness of materials - covers were plastic with little inherent tonal quality and reed & plates were too thin. The result was a nearly unplayable harmonica with weak, toy-like sound.

    I WANT you to learn so, if you care anything about playing it like a real instrument, first spend some money on ONE, SINGLE, GOOD HARMONICA in the key of C like the Lee Oskar, Hohner Special 20 or Rocket. I prefer these for instruction, back to back stage performance and "wood-shedding". The area where lips meet instrument is smooth and they won't tear your mouth up too badly. I prefer the German engineering and manufacturing of the Hohners. They last longer and sound better to me. Because I play a lot and am fairly tough on the reeds, Lee Oskars are my choice due to cost and convenience of purchasing replacement reed plates in USA stores.

    I hope this helps. Happy Harpin' !

  • Jon Bullard
    from May 29, 2016

    Just terrible.....

    I have upgraded all of my harps since buying these. Folks, these are just toys. If you are any level of a serious musician, please avoid these. Something that I have not noticed others commenting about.....the taste! These have a funky plastic
    asty cigarette flavor when you play them. Just terrible! C'mon Hohner!!!!

  • Customer
    from February 29, 2016

    Not a Good Harmonia

    These are not good harmonicas. I would not recommend them for musicians or for beginners. The quality of a beginning harmonica is very important, these are plastic, take a lot of air to get sound through, and are tougher to bend notes on than other harps. I recommend Special 20 Hohner.

    The case is pretty cool though.

  • Teresa
    from December 11, 2015Music Background:

    Child sized and plastic

    I believe that the Hohner special 20 Is still crafted in Germany, as are their other "real" harps. These are plastic and made in China. These were on super sale and since harp cases can be expensive I figured having the handy case would be worth the money if the harps weren't great. They are a bit smaller than the instrument quality harmonicas so I can't fit my regular Hohner marine bands or 20 in the case. They also just feel uncomfortably small in my hand. I am, however, partial to Lee Oskar harps - I wish SW carried them- and they are even a bit larger. Some folks argue that things like this are good for beginners but I think that beginners will have a hard time coaxing any depth of tone out of these and might just give up. I'd rather give a beginner one better quality harp to learn on.
    They are cheap, I'll give you that. So you don't have worry about playing them in the tub or taking them to the beach because they are plastic. You can't return harmonicas, so just know what you are getting before you order.

  • Customer
    from November 25, 2015

    Run Away

    If you don't play harmonica, have never played and have $20 this might be a cheap way to explore whether harp is for you. These are technically harmonicas but as you would expect, are very flimsy and will not last. If a bargain looks too good to be true... They might work for you given my warnings above as they are the harmonica counterpart of a $100 guitar. Just know that they'll make your playing much harder and you will likely quit in frustration. I'd recommend you save up and buy at least a Marine Band in G to start with to get a better feel for the instrument. These are functionally toys.

    from Torrance, CA USA December 25, 2014Music Background:
    Student Musician


    I bought this set of harmonicas since I trusted in Hohner quality, made in Germany, and the information and pictures looks as a very attractive set, basically you are paying for the case, since the harmónicas have poor quality, poor airflow, por bending and terrible sound, vibration and loudness balance. Many holes didn’t have clear sound so sincerely now it is a very expensive toy for my baby or for my dog.

  • Tony J
    from Raymond, Wa. July 22, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, Guitar, Home Studio,

    I got what I paid for

    This set is really poorly made. They have very little harmonic sound, I have a Hohner Blues Harp MS and there is no comparison. You do not get a full sound with this set. This set would deter anyone from trying to learn and anyone who does play would pitch these into the round file. I am not sure why Hohner would even market these. Save the money and buy one good harmonica at a time as you can afford them you will be happier.

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