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Pigtronix Philosopher's Twin Germanium Reviews

4.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Robert Williams

    This makes an already cool pedal that much cooler and more versatile. I have the original version and like adding a bit of "hair" to the signal. This new version allows you to have two for one on the same pedal.

  • Howard Perry
    from Kennett, MO August 2, 2013

    Sweet little compressor

    I've never really been a fan of guitar compressors, I always felt that they detracted from the sound more than they helped it but this compressor is a different story. I've been looking at pigtronix's compressor line for a while now but couldn't decide which philosopher type compressor I liked best but finally decided on this one because the Grit on this one has it's own footswitch so you can turn it on or off without having to turn the knob. It would have been cooler if you could run the grit without the compression circuit being on as that would open up even more tones but it's still a very nice feature to be able to access either just the compressor by itself or the compressor with the grit and not have to change any settings. This thing really sustains, it's just amazing how much it can do. It allows you to play a little differently and get a little more feeling into passages without them just falling flat if you want to hold a note a little longer. The Grit on this one is a nice full germanium overdrive that really adds some nice bite without being too overbearing. The compression sounds great on a clean guitar or with overdrive (sounds killer with the FAT drive or Disnortion with or without the added grit from the Philosopher's Twin). This is a pedal you can't go wrong with, lots of possibilities here.

  • Mike Bills
    from Wenatchee, WA USA May 27, 2013Music Background:
    Semi Pro Musician

    Philosopher's Twin: Best Compressor Ever

    I play a lot of slide guitar, but usually can't play at volumes that allow the natural amp compression needed to really let those notes sing. This pedal does all the great sounds of the other Pigtronix compressors, plus it allows you to toggle Grit on and off w/ a separate button, which gives me a lot more sonic and dynamic choices. I've also discovered that this pedal in front of my favorite wah pedal makes the wah pedal really come alive in ways it never did before. If this pedal were lost, damaged, or stolen, I would replace it immediately. Big thanks to Greg S, my sales rep, he's great.

  • Anton Shakhov
    from November 28, 2012

    Very silky distortion

    I own original Philosopher's Tone, as well as Philosopher King, but always wanted to have this exclusive pedal. And it didn't disappoint me. Germanium distortion is smoother, darker and thicker than the original, and coupled with extremely versatile compressor it is a tone bender. If I was limited to a single pedal in my pedalboard, chances are than I would choose this pedal over any other.

  • Tony Cole
    from Ohio March 2, 2012Music Background:
    Gigging guitarist

    Killer product and company

    I own the original and the FAT drive and they are killer pedals. Pigtronix is on my short list of pedals to grab for a gig.

  • Daniel
    from Muscle Shoals, AL USA March 22, 2014Music Background:
    Musician and live sound.

    Great sustain.

    If you're looking for unadulterated sustain in a pedal, then look no further. It's very quiet when activated, it actually adds dynamics to your tone instead of squishing it to death, and it sustains better than any other compressor/sustainer that I've tried. If you like a vintage type distortion, the the germanium drive will give you some cool grit to play around with too.

  • Pyramid Hill
    from Hamilton, OH USA October 6, 2013Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior, Recording Hobbyist


    The Pigtronix Philosopher's Twin Germanium performs as advertised. Watch the product video if you are in the market for a compressor. Kudos to Sweetwater for making this exclusive product available. The product housing feels like it is made of lightweight aluminum. I prefer a more sturdy build for live dates where pedals typically get thrown around during late night teardown. However, this is a great addition to my studio rig. (Equipment doesn't get thrown around there). Sweetwater's sales staff is the best.

  • randy hoskins
    from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico April 13, 2012Music Background:
    former pro & now for fun

    philosophers's twin germanium

    works well

  • Ted Killian
    from United States April 4, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, composer, and sound designer.


    I owned the little brother to this pedal, the Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone, and regretfully had to sell it off at a financial low-point. I decided that whenever I had the chance to buy another (and I had already made up my mind to do so) I would buy this version instead. Happily, the Philosopher's Twin's sonics are exactly the same - and all that I had hoped for - a great-sounding and very useful compressor coupled with a flexible, warm, and gritty distortion unit. The only caveat (as far as I am concerned) is the overly noisy clicking of the foot switches. It may seem like a small thing to whine about, but I tell you, the switches on this box click LOUD. Playing live, everyone on stage (and in the first few rows) is going to know whenever you click one of these babies. They make a big SNAP whenever you step on one.

    I really wanted this unit so I could have the option of having compression on most of the time and just switch the distortion on and off (something the original PS would not allow for). Rather than give up, I am going to try and have some knowledgable tech replace the switches for me with quieter ones. The original Philosopher's Tone switches were "clicky" but not this loud. So some workable solution has got to be out there somewhere. Details like this are musically important. Not everybody plays their music with amps dialed to eleven all the time. Some of us play more quietly from time to time. It'd be nice if engineers would think about this sometimes. This is a great unit (I am surprised someone didn't think of it earlier) with a serious flaw at the heart of it. I hope future versions will be better.

  • John Webber
    from OKC, OK January 26, 2014Music Background:

    One sweet pedal

    Great sustain. Good distortion. The added switch makes it a much more useful pedal.

  • David Grilliot
    from United States January 8, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great compressor, grit is useless

    The compressor is smooth, transparent, and wonderful. What a compliment to my tone. However, having a switch to activate the "grit" is not worth the extra $65. In fact, the grit option is completely useless, with or without a switch. Great compressor, but disappointed with the overall price, and wish I had gotten the Philosopher's Tone instead.

  • Bryan
    from San Francisco, CA October 16, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Pro Mixing / Mastering Engineer


    I'm really surprised at all the great reviews, I thought this thing sucked. I had it for about 2 weeks before selling it. The compression sounds cheap and the user has very little control over it, the distortion ("grit") is average at best and I don't know where they get off saying it's almost silent. I found you could get a lot of noise out of this thing.

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