Radial PhazeQ

Phase Alignment Tool for 500 Series
Radial PhazeQ image 1
Radial PhazeQ image 1
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Radial PhazeQ
In Stock!

500 Series Modules, Radial Style!

Radial's Phazer module aligns two source signals and restores that big, full sound you've been lacking because of phase issues. Combine a direct signal from a bass with the sound of its miked amp cabinet, or align two mic signals. This unit works wonders for your studio sound. The Phazer also includes a direct unprocessed output. The Phazer behaves like a very powerful EQ that lets you create exciting new tones that will set your recordings apart.

Radial Phazer Phase-Alignment Module Features:
  • Phase align any two signals for natural tone.
  • Create exciting radical EQ curves
  • 100% discreet analogue with Class A circuitry
  • Variable lowpass filter to focus fundamentals
Powerful phase correction tool for the 500 Series with Radial's Phazer!

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Tech Specs

Processor Type Phase Alignment
Manufacturer Part Number R700 0140

Customer Reviews

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My secret weapon for multimic'd instruments...Especially Guitar!

I ended up buying 3 more of these to lend themselves to pesky phasing issues that wouldn't resolve easily. Ever since I bought my first one, it's been the busiest module in my 500 series lunchbox. My standard/go-to electric guitar setup is (like many other people) a ribbon mic (SM57, SM77, MD421, PR30, M201, ect) and a dynamic mic. Traditionally, you have to pay careful attention to phasing issues so distances from the amp and each other can be severly limited to a small list of options (If you move one, youll have to move the other). Not so anymore with the Radial Phaze-Q. So many more options are opened as far as source/mic distances, and the relationship between the two mic's phase accordingly. Put each one where it sounds best, then twist the Phase Q's knob until they sound "solid" or the "comb filtering" artifacts disappear. Unlike flipping the phase to polar opposite degree reversal, you can adjust anywhere within the entire spectrum. My bread an butter for highgain rock guitar amp micing now is something like this: Mic 1: Royer 101 or 121, AEA R90 or similar Mic 2: SM77 or PR30 with Phaze Q inline. I typically throw in 1176 or EL8 w brit mod somewhere in there and a little pultec or induction eq flavored to taste. Left unsummed. The phase Q works wonders on drums as well, it can REALLY solidify issues with combing overheads, and anything else that might have been affected by error in placement techniques. That's why I now have 4 total. I typically use them on the room and overhead mics to find the best blend, as the individual mic'd kit pieces tend to adhere to the good ol 3:1 ratio . Although there are plug in's that can do the same task, I like to get it right on the way in, as do many other people like me who came up in the world of analog recording. But herein lies another perk or the PhazeQ, You can run It outboard and send tracks you've already recorded prior to owning the PhazeQ into it and back into the DAW with the phase corrections made. I was able to clean up some fledgling mistakes I made on old recordings of my band. That made me smile 10 miles wide. When the phase q is in the chain vs out of the chain I can't hear any artifacts that tell me it is or isn't inline (aside from the intended phase corrections/alignments that are audible only by the blended result. In short, It stays out of the way and doesn't hurt your tone. The blend knob is a cool feature as well, because sometimes people want to keep a bit of that phasing for character, but not all of it. This can be done thanks to the blend knob. With three knobs and 4 switches, it IS simple to use, but do yourself a favor, if you're not an old salt with 30 years experience (or even if you are): read the manual to grasp all of the Phaze Q's functions and controls. Also try to read as much GOOD info online about phase relationships as you can manage, and as always ask some pros or people whom you respect for advice. It'll go a long way in helping you UNDERSTAND how and WHY to use a phase tool like this. Don't forget not only can you fix phase correlation issues, a smart engineer can use comb filtering to his advantage, so this box can create phase incoherent relationships as well. Cool! Anything goes in the recording world these days. Component wise, the Phaze Q, like all radial offerings is built like a tank, sounds great (or aptly transparent in this case), and has a solid feel to all the pots, switches and mechanisms. No pops when switching in/out, no noise, etc. The price tag is very reasonable when I take into account the usage I get out of it, other similar products (most are more expensive yet no better or even inferior) I am fully satisfied. It wouldn't surprise me if there were a price increase in the near future, but I'm glad I snagged my first just under $250 as a floor unit, and the other 3 just under $300 unopened in box, shipping included. In summary, This product does what it's supposed to and does it well. It's opened doors and brought down barriers that previously were tough or impossible to overcome. It add infinite options to multimic'd instruments and has bookooz of other uses for the more creative amongst us.. I suggest this product to anyone who multimic's anything, and suggest this unit over the similar products made by different brands. I also prefer this to the plug in versions, due to it's versatility.
Music background: Audio Engineer, Musician, Father, All Around Dork
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