Grover Perfect Guitar Nut - Height Extender

Die Cast Zinc 3/8" Guitar Nut Height Extender with 11/32" String Spacing - Fits 1 7/8" Nut Widths
Grover Perfect Guitar Nut - Height Extender image 1
Grover Perfect Guitar Nut - Height Extender image 1
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Grover Perfect Guitar Nut - Height Extender
In Stock!

Affordable Way to Add to Your Sound

Grover's Perfect Guitar Nut Height Extender takes your existing guitar and adds slide steel sound and playability by raising string action by 3/8". Just install the Perfect extender over your existing nut, replace the strings, grab a slide, and go! You'll have so much fun discovering the new sounds you get out of your favorite guitars, you'll love them even more. And since it's a temporary installation, you can move it back and forth between your electric solidbody guitars and your acoustic guitars for even more tonal variety. Sweetwater loves things that keep your playing fresh and fun, and the Grover Perfect Guitar Nut Height Extender does just that.

Grover Perfect Guitar Nut Height Extender Features:
  • Sturdy die-cast zinc construction
  • Raises string action by 3/8"
  • Fits guitars with 1 7/8" nut width
  • 11/32" string spacing
Get a new guitar sound without buying a new guitar with Grover's Perfect Guitar Nut Height Extender!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number GP1103

Customer Reviews

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gives new life

I got 2 of these. One is on a cheap 3/4 Washburn acoustic, which I use to write songs and work out slide parts. The other one is on my Wechter 000 12 fret, which is a very nice guitar ... which I always loved as a standard acoustic gigging guitar. Now with the new Grover Extended Nut, I'm taking my slide playing to a whole new level in the studio and at shows. It's a perfect fit for a wider neck, but it still will work for a narrow neck. The frets can't be used except for visual markers... so it will work on ANY guitar. I was having problems before with contact from the slide to the frets. Now with the new piece, there is no contact, just pure tone with no buzz or clack. I plan to use the wechter without it sometimes. It's a quick change. Good buy.
Music background: weekly gigs / studio work

Pretty cool

Pretty obvious what this does, it's nicely made, but pay careful attention to the specs, it was both taller and wider than I expected. Nonetheless I slipped it over the nut of a Epiphone PR150 that by all rights should have hit the dumpster over the fret buzz due to the neck angle. With the strings now near a half inch higher all fret buzz is totally gone, that's for sure! The frets are now nothing more than guideposts in fact, there is no way I'll be fretting notes, but for a few bucks I've got a pretty cool slide guitar. It would be fun to mess around with on any guitar, but to me the real blessing is you can easily make a slide guitar out of cheap old crooked necked, bent necked, broken nutted guitars that you either can't, don't want to, or aren't worth fixing. I went with dropped D tuning DADF#AD (low to high), sounded great, lots of fun

Cool mod.

Bought two after seeing a youtube video. Put one on an older Alvarez acoustic, and the other on my latest purchase, an Eastwood Delta 6 resonator electric. Bought that one exclusively for slide. These nuts raise the strings quite a bit, but they eliminate the fret buzz you get when you press too hard on regular-height strings. The higher strings also make it easier to pick with your fingers, as most slide players do. It's a very cool mod, and, if you get tired of playing slide, you simply loosen the strings, pull the nut off, re-tighten and tune, and you're ready to go for normal playing again. Nice.
Music background: Been playing a long time.

Square Nut Practice Guitar

I put this on a cheap 8 year-old Yamaha SCF08 so I could learn to play the (Dobro) Square-Nut Resonator guitar before buying one. I think it would be too high to make a Round-Neck slide guitar. Pay attention to the width of the guitar on which you want to install this Height Extender. My neck is 1.74" Nut Extender is 1.88", wider than the nut on my guitar, and strings are 1.66" total low to high. Some other brands of nuts are wider or narrower than this one. It works on my Yamaha acoustic guitar and should work on guitars with a neck between 1 3/4 and 2" wide. My teacher converted a Classical guitar with a wide neck. He added a tailpiece to the bridge to support the added tension of metal strings.
Music background: Amatuer
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