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AKG Perception 420 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
  • from Los angeles June 20, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar Teacher/Song Writer/Studio Owner

    just did a shoot out

    just tested it side by side with my aka 414 and my neumann tlm 103. i was seriously impressed and it costed less than 1/4th the price. this mic is a no brainer for the noob or even a professional.

  • from Anaheim, CA June 4, 2014Music Background:
    Songwriter, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist

    Unbeatable Value!!

    There is nothing I know of in this price range that can match this feature set:

    True Large Diaphragm, Multi-Pattern, Switchable - 20db Pad, Bass Roll-off, with Padded Case and Shock Mount. Of course, all these features would not mean all that much if the mic was not well constructed and did not sound good, but it is, and it does. There are several good Youtube videos that show the clean, transparent sound and versatility of this mic if you have any doubts.

    You just can't beat it for the money!

  • from new york August 29, 2013Music Background:
    actress, author, audio book narrator

    love love love!

    This is my first mic. I'm new to recording audio books in a home studio, but I'm learning fast and my business is booming! My voice sounds fantastic with this baby. I was sold absolutely the perfect suite of equipment by Sweetwater's staff.

  • from United States June 12, 2012Music Background:
    Devoted Hobbyist

    If you can, Buy this Mic!

    This microphone is simply amazing. I have used it for recording vocals and guitar for sweet love songs and for hard vocals in hiphop songs. It has great versatility and just sounds soo good. I love the clean vocals it produces and how Pro Tools just makes it sound even better. I started using this mic with GarageBand over a year ago and it changed my little hobby rap group into legitimate sounding professionals. Within my rap group there are 4 very different sounding voices, and this mic makes us all sound amazing. If you can, BUY THIS MIC!

  • from Meridian,Mississippi "Land 'O Peavey" May 20, 2009Music Background:
    48 years old and been in love with making music for 38years.........


    After Consulting with my Sweetwater Sales Engineer "Joel Gragg". I realized I needed a Jam Up Vocal mic for my Recording Studio that didn't compromise Sound Quality and would not Break the Bank either. If you are into Recording in home or in your own private studio. You can't beat this Mic for the Price. I've used it religiously for Vocal tracking and it is multi-directional with an awesome pattern.Comes with a Great "shockmount" and hardshell carrying case...........Thank's Guy's Ya'll came through for me one more time!

  • from pgh pa usa August 5, 2011Music Background:

    Great mic

    This is a great mic, it will stand up to the best in its class, it is realyl built well i have been recording with it since i got it, not 1 problem. if you expect a 5,000 neuman it's not but for the price you can't do better, i am ordering another. comes with nice case and shock mount. Thanks Danielle for the advice.

  • from Sherrill, AR February 25, 2010Music Background:
    singer, songwriter, and composer

    Cool As a Breeze!!

    Hey, I bought this mic over a year ago and yesterday I decided to give it it's first run. I tried testing it out on a gospel song in which at times I sung very high soprano. When I first hooked the mic up to my preamp I was a little nervous because it doesn't cost all that much. But when I got to the bridge of my song my vocals broke through like ice. This is one of the best low cost mics out there and I sound really good. The mid range is great with just a tad of high range. The features are good as well if you know anything about mics you know that a multi-pattern can really drive up the price. But, with the 420 it is affordable to most home studio owners. AKG really out did themselves on the quality, sound, features, and price of the mic. I recommend this mic to anyone who is looking for a go to mic.

  • from BHAM,AL April 8, 2010Music Background:
    Engineer, Musician

    I Like it

    I have owned it for about a week now,I first tried it at home with an old dbx preamp that was idle. I was somewhat impressed. I ran out to a local store and bought a presonus preamp for about $130. I am extremely impressed with this sound. I have recorded on a C12 Microphone, and this thing is similar, at has a Professional sound that you would find in a high dollar studio.

  • from October 28, 2013Music Background:
    Studio Owner - Producer/Engineer

    Pretty Solid with a Dash of Sizzle

    Its a good mic. Not a knockout...but solid. There is a bit of sizzle that will help coax out some highs for some singers who don't excel in the 3-10 K range. It really excels on rock guitar leads. The folks at AKG say its superb on brass and woodwinds, but I haven't been able to try it out on those elements yet. Price point was excellent and at that price you can't expect Neumann quality. But all in all this mic is good. Nothing wrong with it. And new folks into recording who don't have a studio mic can't go wrong with this as a first pick up.


  • Stephen Gallagher

    My first experience with the Perception series microphones was with the 200 model. I was so impressed with its performance on a live recording that I decided I needed to get one for my own use. Of course, I decided with my purchase, to upgrade to the 420 model with multiple patterns and a -20dB pad.

    Upon receiving my new mic, I was working in an audio post facility at the time, specializing in radio and TV commercial spots. As it was a particularly busy week, we were limited on microphones with each session requiring 3 in each booth. I also was to be working on a session requiring 3 voice actors and only had 2 mics available at the time. What a perfect time to put my new Perception to the test! I ran the 420 alongside and AT4050 and an sE5500, and it sounded great! The crispness and clarity were right up there with the microphones costing twice the price. Test #1 was definitely a success, such that I used the mic in sessions for the rest of the week, using it to complete ten spots.

    The next venture was to try it out at the home studio. I'm a vocalist and write on guitar and various other instruments as well, so I purchased this mic to get a great print on whatever I could throw at it. Again, this microphone did not disappoint! I've gotten pristine vocals, glowing guitar tracks, and even sharp percussion. This is a truly is a versatile mic for a great price.

    I have also done a fair share of experimenting with the various pickup patterns, and again the 420 shined through. While helping my brother-in-law print some percussion tracks, I used the figure-8 pattern to record tambourine with the mic placed three feet away to pic up the natural reverb. We also used the same pattern for hand claps so a group of us could gather round the mic and get a more defined sound.

    I have worked with this microphone for over three years, and it brings fantastic results every time I use it. To top off the impressive results, the Perception 420 also includes a sturdy shockmount, and comes in a protective case. It's the perfect solution for the engineer looking for "big budget" sound in an economical package.

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