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AKG Perception 220 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
  • Rocky
    from new york January 11, 2012Music Background:

    AKG Perception 220

    i love it soooooo much because i sound so professional singing in it!

  • Reggie
    from United States Bowling Green Ky. May 6, 2009Music Background:
    touring professional for 40 years, singer/songwriter/musician

    Sweetwater and the Perception 220

    I have been burned by so many online and physical music stores that I had given up on finding one I could trust. I have now found that one with Sweetwater. I purchased a Perception 220 mic with the help of Brad Every at Sweetwater. This mic has surpassed everything I had hoped it would be. It is truly amazing. If your thinking of buying one do it, you will not be disappointed. Brad at Sweetwater has gone above and beyond helping me with my purchase. I had a small issue (my fault) and he called me personally and got me straight. You will not find a better company to do business with, I guarantee that.

  • william clark
    from columbus ohio October 25, 2008Music Background:

    great condenser mic

    This is the best mic I've ever used.The sound quality is amazing.Its so good it can even pick up sounds from outside.With my digital recorder effects that I couldn't here on other mics,pick up fine with perception220.It's a great mic for the price and you can make professional recordings from home.

  • AP Leaf
    from St. Paul, MN February 15, 2009Music Background:
    Multimedia Artist

    Crisp and Responsive

    This mic will force you to take noise reduction seriously as it picks up everything. it's crystal clear and has tremendous low end if you lean in close. Good wind screen for the money.

  • xIsra
    from September 3, 2016Music Background:

    Geniuenly good for the price

    Enjoying working with it, has great options pre recording like the -20dB and the low shelff. Does the job it needs to.

  • AverageJoeStudioPro
    from Oklahoma City, OK USA May 10, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Home Studio Microphone

    The brand AKG alone should be a purchase reason. An outstanding intermediate level microphone perfect for home studios. We have two and use them as vocal microphones and Spaced Pair overhead microphones. This level of microphone is top of its class on affordability, performance, clear representation. The single downside is, it is bulky and heavy. Careful when handling.

  • Jon O.
    from Chicago, IL, USA July 18, 2009Music Background:
    Recordning Engineer, Studio Owner, Musician

    Great Mic, Great Price, a little bright

    this mic is excellent for the price. you get high quality sound at an affordable price. i use it mainly on vox and acoustic guitar and it works great. it is a little bright due to a bump at 10khz, but nothin a little d-essing and eq cant fix. the look and feel of the mic are great. its heavy and very durable. very clean and clear sound. It also has great proximity effect. but this mic if u are looking for a great affordable condensor for ur studio

  • Ben B
    from Colorado, USA June 4, 2014Music Background:
    Former touring musician, Recording engineer.

    Good to begin with.

    I've had this mic for about 2 years. When I got it, it was a definite step up from the knockoff dynamic I had been using before. I was impressed with its ability to pick up a lot of detail that had been missing from my old mic, and the weight of it made me feel like I was playing with a more "grown up" microphone.

    It is very bright, and its pattern is a pretty loose cardioid. You'll want to have as dead as possible of a space behind the source, especially male vocals. I notice that this mic tends to sound a bit harsh on my voice if I'm not hanging some heavy blankets behind it to absorb the room reflections. However, with even just a little help, it tends to sound a lot better.

    A while back I was recording a drum kit with a buddy of mine. We only had a 2 channel interface, and the room was very reflective. We put the AKG on the kick to capture the beater punch and put an NT-1a behind the drummer's head. With the right mic placement it provided a surprisingly good sound--very punchy, and with the rolloff switched to flat, it actually got a good, tight boom from the kick as well.

    If I had the expendable cash, I'd pick up a few warmer mics, as this one definitely has a shimmery character, but that's kind of what AKG is known for. I would still keep it in my locker, but it wouldn't be the go-to mic it is for me right now. That said (and especially considering the price point), with a little tweaking and caressing, it can get you some good results.

  • Pierre
    from Cary October 25, 2013Music Background:
    Esperienced musician, Hobbyist recording engineer.

    Great for low budget studio, very pleased.

    I use two of the these with recent Tascam Digital Porta Studio 8 and 24 tracks.
    That's a great match for this kind of application. Gives more detail than a low budget digital recorder can handle :)
    Works well with acoustic instrument including 6 and 12 strings guitars, tambourines, Jembe sheikers and so on.
    It captures well the shimering or hte 12 strings.
    Works well for vocals. Nice and clear.
    Handling electric instrument is more tricky and requires more experience but I got good results with electric guitar.
    Capturing low end is quite tricky and I need to experiment more to see if it can be a good Bass Guitar mic.
    There is no magic though, I took the time to look at professional tips on youtube before recording my acoustic guitar and I got great result because I took the time to learn how to position the mic for optimal results based on the frequency range I wanted to emphasis.
    My mini studio and these mics let me record stuff which I can post onlike without shame and people are impressed by the overal sound quality. Love to play Mr. Engineer with these.

  • john greene II
    from United States July 7, 2013Music Background:
    engineer,song writer

    akg perception 220

    cost effective...i is an excellent receiver for any vocal tone, dynamics

  • Dan
    from Modesto CA USA September 20, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Student, Musician

    It'll Get You Started

    I've been using this mic for 2 years now, it's overall a very well built and good sounding mic. But after hearing and working with the crisp clear sound from other higher end mics it's time for me to move on. Its biggest draw backs are It has a very muddy low end, especially with male singers. The mic also just doesn't seem to be able to cut through a mix as I've heard other mics just do so naturally well. However for the price you'll probably find no better. The sound is extremely detailed with a glistening high end. This mic is a great addition to any budget studio or as a back up mic for acoustic instruments. I fully recommend it!

  • Sebastian
    from Great Neck, NY, USA December 16, 2012Music Background:
    VO Talent, radiospeaker, announcer.

    Basic for VO

    I have been recording VO and commercials with this baby. It's fine but a Pro voice deserves more. The 220 sometimes has metallic sound and is noisy. Is very flat EQ that is ok. Is bright and has an structure very well done. My opinion: only for VO beginners. I never tried record a guitar but seems like this mic can do it good. What else? Is AKG, great brand.

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