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AKG Perception 170 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 22 customer reviews
  • from Monterrey, N.L. August 19, 2014Music Background:

    Low Price not necessary means Low Quality.

    To be honest i really don't expect so mucho for this mic.
    This mic can punch you in the face for that.
    Itīs my "all in one" mic.
    I used a lot to record ac guitar,amp cabinet,and so on.
    And i get a very natural sounding.
    Using xy technique,solo mic sometimes i experiment with positions a little bit.

    And in all the cases this mic give me very good results.

  • from Wilmington, NC June 4, 2014Music Background:
    Audio Engineer, Producer, Vocal Artist


    Totally a steal for the price and the quality. I paired this with a UA 4-710 as well as an STT-1 Millennia and wow. The clarity and detail blew me away for the price. You really can't lose having these babies in your mic cabinet. Totally worth the purchase.

  • from United States February 28, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician-Recording Engineer-Student Of Life for 40 Years

    Amazing little mic

    I recently purchased a pair of very inexpensive mics for drum overheads...AKG Perception 170's...These cheap little suckers are amazing! I've used them on Dobro, Acoustic Guitar and even did a scratch vocal with one the other night...Clean and true to the source sound. Two thumbs up from your truly!

  • from Texas December 22, 2013Music Background:

    Amazing on Drums and Guitar

    I love this mic so much! I got a pair of them for my birthday and they sound great on just about anything. I have used two of them for drum overheads and they completely capture the kit. I am limited to four inputs on my interface, so I used the two overheads plus a kick and snare mic and got a KILLER sound! What was most surprising was how the toms sounded. I had no close tom mics, just the overheads to capture the tom sounds, and boy did they do it right! The Perception 170s made our Toms sound super punchy and well balanced in comparison to other elements of the kit. Cymbals and Snare sounded great in the overheads too!
    I have also used a pair of 170s for guitar recording. They are great for a wide stereo image and everything sounds crisp and clean.
    My 170s are also great for room mics. I have used one as a drum room mic while I use the other as a mono overhead, and I got a huge roomy drum sound.
    These mics sound great on just about anything. I have used them on glockenspiel, drums, cajon, djembe, guitar, roomy vocals, claps, and snaps.
    Thanks AKG and Sweetwater, I love the 170s.

  • from Eagle Rock, CA December 17, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording engineer/producer

    Can't believe how good these are

    I was going to buy a pair of Rode NT5, just because they're classics for the recording of overhead drum and other acoustic instruments.
    I was a little tight on budget and settled for these.
    So I bought a pair, thinking that even if they weren't what I exactly wanted, I could always return them or something.
    Turns out, I won't have to return them, because they're simply amazing.
    Very warm sounding, but still has enough presence to really make your cymbals pop. I also tried to record acoustic guitars with them, I was astonished at the result.

    I mean seriously, for $80, I'm blown away.

  • from November 8, 2013

    Good and Cheap

    For the price it cant be beat

  • from Minnesota August 19, 2013Music Background:
    35 years playing Acoustic, Blues and R&R.

    All you need for overheads

    For the price(and I bought 2) these are among the finer Snare/Cymbal mics I have ever used and I would NOT give them back.

  • from Colombia October 18, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician.

    the "SM57" from condensers mics

    excellent quality for only 100$. totally recommend!!!

  • from Richmond, VA June 15, 2012Music Background:
    I write music and record it; however im only 16

    Good Product

    My first small diaphragm mic. It really surprised me how much cleaner and better sounding it was than the other mics i was using to record instruments (large diaphragm condensers, dynanimcs). Ive used it to record guitar, mandolin, violin, cello, and drums all with success.

  • from MA, USA December 15, 2011Music Background:
    Recording engineer

    Excellent for live recording

    I bought two of theses for live concert recording. I'm really impressed with how clear and clean the sound is, and how wide and accurate the frequency response is.

  • from Meridian,Mississippi "Land 'O Peavey" May 20, 2009Music Background:
    48years old in love with making music for 38 years........................


    I Use this Little mic for micking acoustic instruments like guitars etc. After Consulting with my sales engineer "Joel Gragg" I decided on this mic for uncompromised sound quality at a price that won't put you in the "PoorHouse".........Thank's again Guy's @ Sweetwater........Ya'll done it again!

  • from August 14, 2014Music Background:

    Magic Mic

    The first time I used this mic I was amazed with it's sensibility, reason why you have to use it carefully and read instructions. Also, is so light and small it inmediately lets you know how fragile it is, but at the same time so elegant, and works really good. Great mic.

  • from Dunnellon, FL February 17, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer


    I have used these for years. Love the new lower price.

  • from Monterey, TN August 11, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Vocalist

    Not a 451 B BUT.........

    It is an extremely serviceable pencil-type condenser mic. For the price, there is no way you can beat it, and that is why I gave it 4.5 stars. My age-old measuring stick, the "price-to-performance ratio" test was passed with flying colors, as this mic easily blows away any other competition at this price point. I personally would not use mine in the studio, as I much prefer the 451 B in that environment. However, on the road or in any live environment, you simply cannot get a better overhead mic for a drum kit without spending a lot more $$. The only drawback to this mic (and the reason I knocked 1/2 star off its rating) is that it is a feedback monster. However, any seasoned sound engineer can remedy that problem pretty easily; I know I was able to once I pinpointed this (these) mic(s) as the source of the feedback. I just wanted to let anyone considering this mic for use on a live stage know that if you are using stage monitors close to this thing (most drummers have a cabinet facing right at them) or at loud volumes (most are, right?), make sure you either have a good feedback suppressor (Sabine FBX2410 is what I use), one heck of an EQ on your monitor, or buy a reflexion filter to place around the mic. Once you do that, these guys sound like pure gold on drum overheads. Again -- for the price I paid for them, the small amount of engineering work that was needed to use them live was nothing. Once that feedback thing was tackled, they sounded wonderfully crisp, bright, and clean just like you would expect a drum kit to sound in the studio. You really can't go wrong picking up a pair of these for what they cost. Whether you are a total newbie picking up your first condenser or a seasoned sound engineer like I am, there is definitely a place for this mic in your mic case!

  • from Los Angeles, CA June 2, 2008Music Background:
    pro musician, guitarist, teacher

    A great affordable option

    I purchased this mic as an option to have for recording acoustic guitars. I have used the MXL 603s for the past 4 years now, and this mic sounds so much warmer. It seems the MXL 603 is a bit harsher, and this had a darker sound - it is a bit colored, but thats just what im looking for when using my inexpensive MAudio mobile pre into my computer. I like having the -20db pad for louder sources, and for $150 its a great deal. While Im sure Ill eventually upgrade to some KM84s I know Ill always have a place for a mic like this. I give it 4.5 cause it didn't come with a case - 'cmon AKG! we need to take our gear out on the road every now and then! haha.

  • from north of Nashville May 23, 2008Music Background:

    A good choice for capturing acoustic guitar

    On the advice of the folks at Sweetwater, I purchased this mike as a versatile small diaphragm
    condenser. It has significantly improved the quality of recordings I'm getting on acoustic guitar.
    You can just point the 170 down at the 12th fret
    and get some pretty sweet sounds.

    If something happened to this mike, I would definitely buy another one. It picks up the
    subtle differences between spruce top and cedar
    top acoustics..... It was a good investment for me..

  • from Central Illinois April 12, 2014Music Background:
    playing & recording for 50 years!

    Good enough to add a second

    An excellent SDC, especially when evaluating its cost vs. sound. I have more expensive SDCs, but I prefer the Perception 170 for most applications. I have a project in my DAW application that features all of the mics I own configured to record the same vocal and acoustic guitar phrase so I can toggle through them quickly for comparison. The Perception 170 is the closest second to my LDCs, but with a bit more top end sparkle. I liked my first well enough to pick up a second to use for stereo micing. Not a matched set, but I can't detect any differance between them.

  • from Chicago, IL USA February 10, 2014Music Background:

    Works well

    It's nothing mind blowing, just kicking that out there. However, It is the best quality pencil condenser you will get for the price. I bought one a little under a year ago and was so impressed I decided to buy another one recently so I would have a pair. I recommend it for anyone who is trying to fill out their tool box on the cheep, this'll do the job very well.

  • from Taos, NM USA August 23, 2013Music Background:
    Drummer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Score Composer

    Big Quality Little Cash

    After an arduous research mission I purchased a pair of these for overhead mic-ing of my drum kit. Going off of experience with my Perception 200 LDC I felt confident that these puppies could deliver the goods. They do. But what made the deal all the sweeter was the customer service from my man Joe. Thanks, Sweetwater!

  • from Collinsville, MS August 21, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician

    Great Budget Mic

    This mic really surprised me. I needed an inexpensive mic to put on a cello in a live environment. I was planning on getting another 57 or the Audix i5 but my sales engineer talked me into this being that a cello really deserves a condenser. I am SO glad he did. This mic reproduces the warm, rich, cello sounds wonderfully! Realize though that this is a $99 mic. No it will not sound like a $1,000 large diaphragm condenser. However, when placed correctly, it did not pick up the other instruments on stage (even right next to the drum kit) and it helped the cello sit very nicely in the mix. I'm glad I added this great tool to my mic locker.

  • from Beirut, Lebanon September 26, 2009Music Background:
    recording, mixing engineer, musician, composer and producer.

    Gr8 mics especially with such a price!!

    I own 3 of those mics, i recorded classic guitars with it and the result was no different from my neumann TL103, very nice and detailed (I used a profire 2626 m-audio). I also used them in the drum kit, 2 as overheads and 1 as hi hat mic, and with the pads moved to 0 dB, i got acceptable results in a dead room, not acoustically treated, but i think using those mics in an acoustically treated areas (for drums) will sound perfect, just like any 2000$ mic.

  • from Jacksonville, FL USA May 6, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    AKG Perception 170

    This was first purchase of condensor mics. using for overhead on my cymbals. I am very pleased with quality and design of the mics. I did a lot of research and spoke to several experts with condensers and they recommended the 170's for quality and price. I am glad that I listened have been very pleased and would certainly recommend and purchase again.

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