Voodoo Lab MONDO

Pedalboard Power Supply for High-current Digital and 9V Pedals with 12 Isolated Output Sections
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Voodoo Lab MONDO image 1
Voodoo Lab MONDO image 1

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Voodoo Lab MONDO
In Stock!

Serious Power for the Hardcore Pedalboard Geek!

Pedal Power MONDO is a serious power supply for your high-current digital pedals and 9-volt battery classics. Packing all the features of Pedal Power's Digital and Pedal Power 2+ into one convenient chassis, MONDO will power a ginormous pedalboard all by itself. It has 12 totally isolated, filtered, and regulated output sections that will keep your pedals free from the high-frequency noise you get with digital switching power supplies. Ground loops and hum will be history. If you're at the helm of a monster pedalboard, Sweetwater's got your power supply: the Pedal Power MONDO.

Pedal Power MONDO Pedalboard Power Supply Features at a Glance:
  • 12 isolated output sections eliminate ground loops and hum
  • All outputs are compatible with 9V battery operated pedals
  • 6 outputs are high-current capable for modern digital effects
  • Powers Strymon, Eventide, Line 6, BOSS Twin, TC Nova, and more
  • 2 outputs with Sag simulate low battery
  • Toroidal transformers and linear regulation for lowest possible noise
  • Includes cables and detachable AC line cord
  • Courtesy AC outlet
  • Engineered and handmade in the USA
  • 5-year warranty
Your serious pedalboard need a serious power supply: the Pedal Power MONDO!

Pedal Power MONDO Pedalboard Power Supply Includes::

  • 8 x PPBAR-R (Two 5.5 x 2.1mm right angled barrel connectors, center negative, 18")
  • 2 x PPBAR-R24 (Two 5.5 x 2.1mm right angled barrel connectors, center negative, 24")
  • 2 x PPBAR-RS24 (Two 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel connectors, one straight and one right angled, center negative, 24")
  • 5 x PPL6-R (One 5.5 x 2.1mm and one 5.5 x 2.5mm barrel connector, right angled, center positive, 18")
  • 1 x PPMIN-R (One 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel connector, one 3.5mm mini plug, right angled, tip positive, 18")
  • 1 x PPBAT-R (One 5.5 x 2.1mm right angled barrel connector and one battery snap, 18")

Tech Specs

Outputs 10 x 9V, 2 x 9V/12V
Height 1.8"
Width 10.7"
Depth 3.4"
Weight 2.8 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number PPM

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Power Supply

Mounts perfectly under my board and has plenty of 12v and 9v access, also comes with plenty of power supply cords in various configurations.
Music background: 59 years in music

This is the king of the power blocks... hail el Mondo!!!

This brick has turned my scattered and varied and spread out and overpopulated pedal board into a smoothly functioning machine! All the pedals on my main board are now lit up and I STILL have room for some more - I'm going to need a longer leg and a narrower foot - the pedals I've got! I've been a fan of Voodoo labs for some time... I've owned their "plus" brick for a while and it has given me no down time and zero trouble (hence paying the money for this big guy!). Nice job Voodoo Labs... nice job! Oh - and hats off to Sweetwater also - thanks Patrick and the team for making shopping a pleasure!
Music background: Senseless guitar player - pedals making up for zero talent.

Problem solved!

This brick solved all of my power needs. This unit does it all - powers a Digitech JamMan Stereo, Shure GLX-D16, TC Helicon Mic Mechanic, Tonebone PZ Pre, Boss DD-3 and Hotone Uplift boost with room for more! The biggest problem was finding a unit that would power the 15VDC 400mA PZ Pre. The courtesy AC outlet solved that issue. This box is dead quiet and the power is so clean it makes everything sound 'fuller'. The peeps at Sweetwater know their stuff!
Music background: Hack

The Beast!!!!

have always loved voodoo labs.....but the beast is in a league of its own....10 pedals on my board?.....no problem.....enough connectors to handle anything I throw at it?....no problem.....is it big?....heck yeah...but then again what beast isnt?.....and I still have room for any pedal I could add.....whats not to like!!!


$300 for a stomp box power supply? Are you kidding me? When I first looked at this product I was shocked by the price. I struggled along with my Pedal Power Plus and augmented it's short-falls with additional wall warts, never with pristine results though and usually a significant amount of hum if I added very many pedals to the set up. MONDO fixes all that. Finally I have a lot of isolated outputs and some with enough current to drive hungry effects pedals by Line6 and Eventide. The net result of MONDO coming to my pedal board has been blissful silence and freedom from hum. $300? Yep, it's worth it if you appreciate good tone. My pedals sound the best they ever have with this supply driving them. It's a premium power supply and it's handmade in California which is one of THE most expensive states to have a business, 2x-4x the cost of doing business anywhere else in the USA. MONDO is a beefy chunk of gear, everything feels good and solid about its construction. The convenience outlet is a nice addition. I wish I'd gone for this sooner, pedals are like paints to me, I use them to color my guitar sound. I rarely turn a pedal on except for a brief burst of color at certain points in a song, it is great not having level differences or hum or noise burst out with the color I'm expecting. Incidentally before I bought MONDO I did a test with three different 1-Spot wall wart supplies and whenever one of these was introduced into the set up additional hum and noise were introduced. I also tested other supplies by Boss, EHX and some generic units, every one of them caused noise and hum at some level, the Boss was really bad. My amp set up is a pair of Mesa Boogie 1x12 class A amplifiers, the high gain of these amps makes them very susceptible to ground loops. With MONDO there is NO HUM. Finally peace comes to my pedal board. $300 for MONDO? WORTH IT! Good luck and good music to all.
Music background: Professional Musician and engineer
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