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Voodoo Lab Pedal Power ISO-5 Isolated Power Supply Reviews

5.0 stars based on 35 customer reviews
Questions about the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power ISO-5 Isolated Power Supply?

Questions about the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power ISO-5 Isolated Power Supply?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Johnstown, PA May 31, 2017Music Background:
    Performance Musician/Strings

    Works great

    I'm currently using it to power a DigiTech Drop, Maxon OD808, MXR Custom Comp and an ISP Decimator 2. It works fantastic. Isolated power is definitely the way to go for your pedal board.

  • from Massachusetts March 12, 2017


    I had been dealing with ambient noise issues for months and it was driving me crazy. Went through all my pedal cables and guitar cables and replaced them with Mogami cables,.... still had noise! Finally broke down and bought the Voodoo Lab Power ISO-5 to replace the CHEAP Gator power supply that came with my Gator pedal board. INSTANT SILENCE!!!! Was totally blown away! Will never buy anything but Voodoo Lab from now on.

  • from Plant City,Fl December 16, 2016Music Background:
    Garage band gearhead


    Does exactly what it claims to do. Isolation quieted my rig down. Now I can run 2 ODs without a noisegate. Very compact too. The 18v output came in handy with pigtronics class A boost. This thing really delivers what is says it will. Enough said. Get one and you won't be disappointed.

  • from duvall wa November 16, 2016Music Background:


    Got the big brother to this also...this is such a slam dunk $...cant lose on this piece of gear...

  • from East Jordan, Mi May 24, 2016Music Background:
    Giging Hardrock Band

    Best Power

    I have 2 pedal boards, each is powered by Pedal Power units. These are the only power supply I will use . all others fall short. buy this one.

  • from Mission Viejo, California March 10, 2016Music Background:

    Very Nice

    It does exactly what I expected. It is quiet, stays cool and runs up to five pedals noise free. I recommend this to anyone looking for a real isolated regulated five output power supply for their effects. I've even used it with an old wah which generates some noise from the pedal itself. I now can hear what my pedals really sound like and which of them generate electrical noises. I wish I would have gotten it sooner.

  • from New Jersey November 27, 2015

    Voodoo labs is always reliable

    This is my second pedal power, also have the mondo. Great products, durable, top notch

  • from November 23, 2015

    Isolated pedal power

    Functioning just as I had hoped. Seems durable too.

  • from Greenville, Indiana September 10, 2015Music Background:
    Playing since 1979

    Quiet power supply

    This is an excellent, quiet power supply you'll love. I've been somewhat of an effects minimalist for years, relying only on an amp for reverb, distortion and maybe some chorus. I'd had an MXR Phase 90 for solos, since the late 80's, like any respectable Eddie Van Halen wannabe, but here I am, 47, and wanting to beef-up my sound.

    I had used the Phase 90 and a 9 volt battery, never seemed to run out before I got tired of it. So when I got an MXR Carbon Copy analog delay and an MXR Analog Chorus (also on Eddie Van Valen's current pedalboard, btw), I was a little dismayed when I started eating a 9 volt each per day. These were Energizers, no less. I was planning on getting an MXR EVH flanger, which takes two 9 volt batteries, and I could already see myself buying three packs of batteries a week. Buying a power supply and not buying batteries was a no brainer. And removing and screwing back in 4 screws from the back of each MXR pedal to replace a battery, every day, is a drag.

    You look at the prices of a power supply like this and say to yourself, "a little pricey. Why can't they be as cheap as a power strip at Walmart?" Do some research like I did. Unlike a power strip, these magic boxes isolate the current, for each pedal, so you don't get unwanted crossover noise. And on this ISO 5, you get different voltage levels for the mere mortal 9 volt pedals, and the larger ones, like my 18 volt flanger.

    So look at your pedal lineup and see if this unit has enough lines. I only run one 18-volt and three 9-volt pedals, so this is perfect for me. It's quiet, like it should be. I could have bought a larger power supply, but figure I can always just add another ISO 5 and place it on the board if I need it.

    Again, the Voodoo Labs ISO 5 power supply is great, you won't regret buying it. And you certainly won't regret getting it at Sweetwater as they have incredibly fast shipping.

  • from Duvall, WA May 6, 2015

    Great little power supply

    I love this power supply! It is nice. Not the sexiest thing in the world, but again its just a power supply. I'm not a pro, but I can tell you I really enjoy it and am very happy with it. It works for all my pedals. Still trying to figure out what I want for that 18v spot...maybe a carbon copy. As usual Sweetwater's service is amazing.

  • from Wisconsin's East Coast August 3, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar Guy

    Cleaned up the noise.

    I was getting all kinds of nasty noise from my pedals when using the built in power supply on my pedal board. A friend highly recommended using a VooDoo lab power supply. I bought the ISO 5 to power my tuner, Boss DS1, a Digitech Delay and a Digitech Chorus. Now I have nothing but pure quiet signal.

  • from New York City July 25, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician, retired recording engineer

    100% perfect

    What can I say? A 100% improvement for my pedals. Remarkable difference. A simply perfect product and Sweetwater service and support is immaculate

  • from Tempe, AZ May 28, 2014Music Background:
    former professional now part-time player

    Voodo Lab Pedal Power

    The pedal power unit works great! It eliminates a mess of power sources and chords. It makes for a neat, functional pedal board.

  • from United States May 27, 2014Music Background:

    Good Device

    This power supply is running fine, no hum problem. It is necessary to understand that there is a total of 4 9v outlets and that if you are running one effect using the 12v outlet then you are down to 3 9v outlets since one outlet is either/or 9v/12v. This unit did not solve a ground loop problem that was causing serious trouble in my setup, but that problem was resolved when I powered my BOSS TU-1 Floor Tuner directly from a wall outlet via a 9v adapter instead of powering it from the Power Supply.

  • from Kalona, Iowa USA February 3, 2014Music Background:
    Semi pro bass player

    Voodoo Lab pedal power ISO 5 (fantastic)

    I was looking for a high quality unit to supply clean power to my effect pedals and the ISO 5 was the perfect choice. It takes up minimal space on top or even under a slanted pedalboard. Simply fantastic!

  • from Scottsdale, AZ January 16, 2014Music Background:
    Cover bands, hard rock, clubs and bars.

    Why did I wait?

    Why did I wait so long to buy this? I have tried using daisy chains for my pedals, mostly Boss, but have had bad luck with lot's of noise. I was getting really tired of changing 9 volt batteries all the time, so I decided to try one of these Voodoo Labs Power Supplies. Thing works great! No noise, easy to set up, and takes up hardly any room on my pedal board.

  • from Muscle Shoals, AL USA October 30, 2013Music Background:
    Bassist, Producer

    ISO clean!!!!

    Wow!! My deals sound like they're supposed to now!! And...I can use all of them!! I thought there was something wrong with my Aguilar Tone Hammer but the 18v plug on the ISO-5 showed me the light(s)!! Kudos to Voodoo Lab!!! And kudos to Sweetwater for being awesome!!!

  • from Jonesboro, AR October 16, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist but frequent performer


    Impressed with the solid construction. Fairly small foot print so doesn't take up alot of space on the pedal board. Happy with the purchase.

  • from MS, USA September 25, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Guitarist, producer/engineer

    voodoo lab ISO-5

    Gets the job done, powers my 18 volt OCD, no more batteries, saves space on my little pedal board. totally cool !

  • from Plymouth, NH August 23, 2013Music Background:
    working musician

    Great power supply

    Have two of these. One for my bass pedal board and one for my acoustic guitar pedal board. Quite, solid, reliable power. Only suggestion would be to have the 18v spot also double as 9v.

  • from Tucson, AZ USA June 19, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Worth Every Penny

    No noise, no noise, no noise. I play just about every night in some no so stable power conditions and this has helped with any cross talk or noise issues.

  • from Tioga Center, NY May 22, 2013Music Background:
    Serious Player

    Great Item / Great Company

    The ISO 5 is a great power supply, quiet and good value.
    I am blown away with the Sweetwater service in every way.

  • from February 12, 2013

    Great power supply

    Very quiet, just what I need to get rid of batteries!!

  • from USA January 4, 2013Music Background:
    More than just a hobby, but not professional. Bass Guitar

    Great product

    I've been using it to power multiple stomp boxes, including the 18V Mutron III+. No problems and a great alternative to a gaggle of wall warts. More expensive than the smaller Joyo, but it's fully isolated, and Voodoo Labs is high quality equipment.
    My first time buying from Sweetwater...truly fantastic customer service. I've never gotten better help for an online purchase.

  • from Oakland,CA July 22, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Guitarist

    What's so great?

    Q-U-I-E-T!!!! Wish I'd had this 20 years ago-not sure how the engineers did it, but this is a pedalboards' first mate. Reliable, and did I mention the lack of noise? If you are used to hearing static hash from your pedal power system, and mentally filing it away under "oh well..."-
    This is built for you. I don't know how they could've made this a better product-seems no details were spared. If you can't power super-suckers like Strymon or Eventide, Voodoo Lab makes a model that will suit your needs-try the Pedal Power Digital!

  • from St. Paul, Mn May 16, 2012Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    Excellent power supply

    I added this to my Pedaltrain 3 board as an add on to my Pedal Power 2 Plus. Nice, quiet, isolated power with no ground loops. Voodoo Labs is the ****!

  • from chicago, il March 28, 2012Music Background:

    Clean Power

    Great product! I run multiple pedals and have tried various power source options, this is the best. My sound is clean and free from addtitional noise...no more batteries...no more wallwarts....one box....cleaqn power...no worries. Worth the cost.

  • from May 23, 2017Music Background:
    Always learning intermediate old timer

    A Proper Power Supply

    Nicely executed product. Like the detachable power cord, and power light indicator. Overall quality and feel excellent.
    Not 5 stars because one of the supplied pedal cords did not work. (The one that is red for use on the 12 or 18 volt option port).
    I learned that some of the older Boss pedals (pre '95 I believe) will not work with the 9v port. So I used the 12v port. Thanks Voodoo for offering that option!
    Finally I enjoy knowing that any hum or buzz is NOT originating from my previously used daisy chain budget power supply. And my pedal board looks more professional.
    Sweetwater customer service is a definite 5 stars.

  • from Boston January 8, 2015Music Background:
    Recording and live music


    Does what it supposed to! Clean noise free power to my pedals. Very pleased with this purchase.

  • from Portland, ME USA December 10, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Musician

    Clean Power

    I mounted the ISO-5 to my Pedaltrain board. I run a Nova System and 4 other pedals. It's great to not have to worry about batteries or electrical noise/interference anymore. Way better than the wall wart style, daisy chain thingy I used to have. Move on up to the good stuff, you're worth it.

  • from Merrick, New York December 12, 2012Music Background:
    Serious non-professional muscian

    Voodo Labs Pedal Power ISO 5 Power Supply

    Compact, thoughtfully designed and extremely well constructed. Just right for those of us who do not require a large number of pedals.

  • from February 4, 2012


    great addition to my pedals when i don't want to use a full board! or batteries.

  • from Deset June 24, 2017Music Background:

    ISO-5 power supply

    Love the voodoo lab pedal power supplies. I have used them for years and never had any trouble with them. I needed a smaller one so I opted for this one. Perfect for my needs--small footprint and does its job. Would recommend to anyone.

  • from Louisville August 31, 2015Music Background:
    Weekender. Coffee shop and pub Guy.


    Does exactly what it's supposed to. I really wish it had an on/off switch.

  • from Baton Rouge, La February 19, 2015Music Background:
    singer, guitarist, hobbyist, and some gigging involved.

    Voodoo Lab Pedal Power ISO-5

    It works great.. No problems...I only have three pedals running from it now.. But so far so good...

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