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D'Addario Planet Waves PW-GPKIT-10 Pedalboard Cable Kit Reviews

4.5 stars based on 26 customer reviews
Questions about the D'Addario Planet Waves PW-GPKIT-10 Pedalboard Cable Kit?

Questions about the D'Addario Planet Waves PW-GPKIT-10 Pedalboard Cable Kit?

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  • from Sandusky, Ohio February 10, 2016Music Background:
    Professional musician & sound engineer

    Just a wonderful product

    My pedal board just seems to grow & grow so I decided to try this package. I'm glad I did. So easy to use & the connectors look great, are small & tight, just great for my pedalboard & the ends are very nice looking too. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a cable kit. I forgot to mention the cables are extremely quiet with no signal loss.

  • from Chicago April 9, 2015Music Background:
    Electric guitar player

    Padalboard cable kit

    This great for those who have a lot of pedals and run them into pedal switcher. Love this item. Made it so much easier.

  • from Spokane, WA August 24, 2014Music Background:
    Lifelong musician

    Easy to use

    I'm not a wiring expert so I usually don't have good luck with things like this. But Planet Waves makes it so easy to use. If you're looking for 100% control over size and placement of your patch cords...this is it. And a bonus....the gold connectors look great and cut out most of your unwanted pedal noise. Outstanding!

  • from New Hampshire May 27, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist for 35 years

    Great product

    Worked really good and cleaned up my pedalboard perfectly.
    Seems to be a high quality cable and was super easy to use, I had my whole board done in about 30 minutes. Seems like alot of money for the kit but once I finished my cables I thought it was a good investment and was happy that I had purchased it.

  • from Nashville, TN April 9, 2014Music Background:
    Professional session/touring musician

    Works great and easy to install!

    Just built a new pedalboard with this kit and love it. So easy to install and every cable worked the first time, unlike other solderless cable kits. I thought the size of the ends would be a factor, but I'm able to get every pedal I have/need onto my travel board with no issues. Solid, sounds great! I'll only use this for any future wiring needs.

  • from NorCal April 2, 2014Music Background:
    P&W Musician

    The Best Solution to Cheap Patch Cords

    I used to use cheap patch cords to daisy chain the few pedals I had. As my assortment of pedals grew, so did my collection of patch cords. Eventually I purchased a nice pedalboard to mount all my pedals.

    That’s when I took a hard look at the cords I was using.
    Rather than go with another well- known brand, I chose Planet Wave’s. Yes they were a little cheaper than the other brand but Planet Waves looked a little more solid to me: The wiring sheath and the plugs.

    Needless to say my entire pedalboard is daisy chained with Planet Waves’s cable kit. If you’re looking for good value and a solid solution to your patch cord needs, try these. You won’t be disappointed.

  • from NJ November 25, 2013Music Background:
    Semi Pro.

    Planet waves Pedal board cable kit

    Awsome. Easy to use. Another great product from sweet water.

  • from Oxnard, CA November 14, 2013Music Background:

    Planet Waves Pedalboard Cable Kit

    I have built two boards with these kits and I really like this stuff. So easy to use cutter for wire is included, cut to size stick wire end into the ends that are provided tighten them up and you are ready to go. If you want a simple and fast way to wire up a pedalboard you can't go wrong buying one of these kits from Planet Waves.

  • from Virginia, MN April 1, 2012Music Background:

    Kicks ***

    I couldn't believe the change in my tone after redoing my rack with this kit!

  • from Tyler, TX February 29, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician and Live Sound Engineer

    This was EXACTLY what I needed!!!

    Needed some good cables for my pedal board that would be the proper lengths and with as little noise as possible. I was setup to be okay with a little noise, but when I plugged these in after the VERY simple setup and had ZERO noise coming from the cables!!! I put them on a high output amps against some of my $100-200 cables and they were BETTER!!!
    Planet Waves, you have blown me away and I like it!!!

  • from Salt Lake City, UT January 16, 2012Music Background:

    Super easy

    I loaded a PedalTrain PT3 with several pedals and connected them using the Planet Waves Cable Kit. This is my first pedal board and I am not terribly "handy", but the results are superb.

    Using the supplied cutter, make a clean end. Push the end into the connector, make sure it's seated well and tighten the little keeper-screw. Done!

  • from USA January 1, 2017Music Background:
    Played guitar for 20 years

    No major complaints

    I have purchased two of these and have no issues with the cables. The ability to cut the cable to length is great for saving space on my pedalboard. The only reason I didn't rate this as a 5 star product is because other similar products have smaller 1/8th jacks that allow you to save even more space on a pedalboard. Full disclousre I've never used the George L, or Lava cable kits but from what I can tell you don't have to buy the more expensive kits unless you just really need to save more pedalboard space with the smaller jacks.

  • from Warren County NJ March 22, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Artist / Guitarist / Songwriter

    Clean up your act !

    This is a really nice kit that will help clean up your pedal board and improve your signal. The cable cutter works really well, and the components are top quality. If you bought this kit and are having trouble, here are some suggestions that make this super easy and quick. First, remove the screws from the plugs you are about to use, don't just loosen them. Then, inserting the cables is a snap to get the exact lengths you need by simply pushing the cables into the end of the plugs and trimming as required. Once the cables are cut to proper length, re-install the screws in the plugs with the cables pushed all the way into the both plug ends, and tighten the screws down until you can't go any further. You're done. I didn't need a cable tester and made a solid connection every time !! As always, Sweetwater service and delivery are second to none.

  • from United States March 6, 2015Music Background:

    Custom length cables in about a minute

    I was hesitant when I was purchasing this product but that all went away when I finally used it. The tools are all provided and the process is so simple. The connection seems to be solid, I haven't had any issues. Great for on the go emergencies and for setting up a pedalboard.

  • from Heath, MA USA July 25, 2014Music Background:

    Easy to use cable kit

    Simple to use, straightforward. Got the kit and within ten minutes I had three patch cables, all of which are working fine. Highly recommended.

  • from Orlando, FL February 6, 2014Music Background:
    45 years professional

    Great money saver - high quality

    love the idea of an easy way to customize your cables to the lengths you need, BUT, I wish it came with more that 10 feed of cable. 20 -30 feet of cable would be ideal, but as far as making your own cables - it works beautifully and very quick. You can make your own cables in less than 5 minutes!!

  • from Pacific Grove, CA July 31, 2012Music Background:

    Easy & Awesome Pedalboard Solution

    Bought this kit after a little research and I'm extremely happy. It couldn't be easier to make custom cables and it's allowed me to really clean up my pedalboard - much better than the previous patch cables I'd been using. The angled heads are really compact and allow me to get pedals closer together to conserve space - just awesome!

  • from Dallas, TX March 12, 2012Music Background:

    So easy, even a klutz can do it.

    I have poor tweezer dexterity and am not very good with tools or fixing things. However, I was able to make 5 pedal cables in about 10 minutes just by following the directions (only 3 steps). The cable cutter, while made of plastic, made adequately clean cuts. The plugs are very sturdy and look great. My signal, which had been subject to intermittent cut-outs and crackling with my store-bought pre-made pedal cables was crystal clear with these cables.

    My only complaint was that there were only 10 plugs included (enough to make only 5 cables). It would have been helpful to have had another 6,8, or 10 to work with as there's easily enough cable left over to make that many. But after this, I'll never settle for cheap pedal cables ever again. Excellent kit.

  • from Urbana IL. November 5, 2013Music Background:

    Cable Kit

    Does exactly what I needed it to do. Good quality, easy to use. Buy with confidence!

  • from Warwick, RI May 25, 2013Music Background:
    Gear Addict

    Couldn't be easier

    I was skeptical of this kit because I'm generally skeptical of the quality of products from gigantic companies like planet waves. I'm glad I took the bait though. These cables sound great and were super easy to build. They were a little cheaper than some of the other brands but I wired up all 5 cables in about 15 minutes and finished an entire pedalboard build from scratch in well under an hour. The only reason that this kit didn't get 5 stars is that the cable ends themselves are rather big. They stick out farther than I'd like from the pedals and they have that long "arm" section on them whereas some of the other brands have a stubby, shorter end that allows for more positional flexibility on the board. Luckily, for my purposes, the size of these ends worked okay on my board and up and running and really happy.

  • from Fort Wayne, Indiana June 8, 2012Music Background:

    Very Pleased

    Would buy it again! It's quite, and makes a clean setup, since you are able to cut it to the exact length you need. Easy to cut and assemble.

  • from United States July 30, 2013Music Background:


    The product is good. The cable kit was easy to use and understand. I don't like how large the cable is, but that is neither here or there. Does the Planet Waves Kit function as advertised? YES!

    I'm not sure I would buy it again, only because I like a neat pedalboard and find the cable and plugs to be too oversized.

  • from nj December 11, 2012Music Background:
    ??? Blues ???

    slice and dice

    Not a bad kit, i felt it could have came with more tips. Sometimes when you put the cabels together they didnt work until you yried again. Overall sound was good, but i still have about 5' of cable left over.

  • from March 20, 2017Music Background:
    home ambient noisemaker

    Issues with Cables

    I needed 4 cables for a custom pedalboard, and went with this kit. The first 3 cables came together perfectly in a matter of minutes, but I was unable to complete the 4th cable - No matter what I did, the final cable was always bad - My Ebtech cable tester showed that each attempted cable had a short at the tip. Mixing and matching the connectors had no effect, and after 4 attempts I gave up and went with a short cable in my cable bag. A shame, because the others work fine, sound good, and lend a custom appearance to the pedal board.

  • from Mooresville, NC July 3, 2016Music Background:

    Easy to Use, But Poor Sheilding

    I bought these cables to wire my pedalboard of 11 pedals. They are the easiest solderless cable I've used to put together, but your garden hose is more flexible than these cables. Also, I have noticed the shielding on these cables is not impressive: I recently moved near a radio station, and now I am picking up the local broadcast through these cables into my amplifier. When I wire these cables above my 1SPOT Pro power supply, they make a ton of noise as well. I've tried re-wiring and re-seating each cable head, but it doesn't help the issue. Overall, if you want a nice solderless cable system, I would say your money is better spent on George L or Lava Cables.

  • from Phoenix, az April 20, 2015

    Cable kit

    I've bought this cable kit before and it was great!!! Now they went cheap on the cable and ask more money.... Disappointing ... I will go back to regular good patch cables...

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