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Sweetwater Gigging 18"x14.5" Pedalboard Kit - with Soft Case, Power & Cable Kit Reviews

4.5 stars based on 2 customer reviews
Questions about the Sweetwater Gigging 18"x14.5" Pedalboard Kit - with Soft Case, Power & Cable Kit?

Questions about the Sweetwater Gigging 18"x14.5" Pedalboard Kit - with Soft Case, Power & Cable Kit?

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  • from April 13, 2017

    Good Package, Good Value

    I finished assembling my kit yesterday, and decided I would write a review on it, since there is not currently a great deal of info or photos out there for these kits.

    Bottom-line: overall, it's a really good value. Most of the pre-built powered pedalboards are cheapo and kind of junky, and with this kit, you know you are getting high-quality components to build your own. If you purchased all of the pieces separately, it would be about $50 more, so the bargain is nice.

    Why did I dock half of a star? The installation of the power supply is... what's the word? Unpleasant, maybe. The instructions say that the brackets are fit specifically for the Pedaltrain board, but they do not fit cleanly at all. Another review mentioned bending them--you either have to do that, or just accept that they are not going to fit cleanly (see my photots in the link below). They also say you will not need to drill, that the screws will simply bore themselves in if you use an electric screwdriver, but I did not find that to be the case. I had to drill, and it was actually kind of tough. Drilling through metal is MUCH different than drilling wood or drywall.

    Anyway, check out the photos. You can see that the brackets are not really cleanly attached, but I don't think it's going to be a problem. It still feels pretty secure, and this is UNDER the pedalboard, so it's not like it is going to take a lot of abuse. Overall, I am happy with the kit, and it's not Sweetwater's fault that the mounting instructions suck--they were written by 1Spot.

    I also included a couple of photos of the final product, so you can see what it looks like put together. I don't have many pedals at the moment, but I think it will still give you a good idea of the overall size. (Keep in mind that I have a HUGE Vox footswitch taking up about 25% of the space--there is actually room for quite a few pedals if you don't have something huge like that.)


  • from Dallas December 21, 2016Music Background:
    Corporate music production, occasional weekend gigs.

    Good value

    This bundle changed a week after my purchase, swapping the standard cables for the better, DYI cable set and adding the Furman, which makes the bump in price reasonable. The bundle definitely costs less than the individual components.
    It would have been handy to include one or more boosters for the back group of pedals, but these are available separately from a couple of different vendors. The feet on the pedalboard are mounted straight-on rather than being at an angle to be flat on the floor, and they aren't particularly grippy, but the unit with pedals has enough weight to keep it from moving much during use. The case is well-made and of high quality, but I would have wished for a large pocket and a wedge of gray foam for the interior.
    The power supply requires drilling for installation: Attach the mounts to the power supply, bend the mount ears to provide the desired angle, mark, drill, then attach to the underneath of the deck.
    This is a good unit and a good overall value. If you are into pedals, you might run out of room fast, in which case you could buy a second board and velcro them together onstage for a continuous unit. Bundles with larger boards are available here but the 14.5" depth of the unit (the Classic Jr.) works well with the stage room available in small clubs. If you expect your herd of pedal to grow, you might want to consider the wider 24" Novo bundle.

Questions about the Sweetwater Gigging 18"x14.5" Pedalboard Kit - with Soft Case, Power & Cable Kit?

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