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Tech 21 SansAmp Para Driver DI Reviews

5.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
  • from September 11, 2014Music Background:
    Weekend warrior

    A must have!

    Bass is my primary instrument. I bought the Para Driver over the Bass Driver since it has a sweep for the mid range and it was only a few $$ more. I'm able to dial up any tone with it and tweak with the active electronics and the amp head. I can go from metal to funk with no problem with some minor tweaking. I tweaked the SVT preset and I was able to get this awesome tube tone with some growl that sounded monstrous and I didn't have to spend thousands of dollars on an SVT head to get it. I finally have the tone that I've been searching for, for the last 20 years.

  • from July 4, 2013Music Background:


    I don't too much to say, but...
    I changed from a Sansamp Bass Driver DI to Para Driver and I absolutely don't regret. It was the perfect solution for my mid control.

    I really love it!

  • from Red Lodge,Mt April 24, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician, Recording engineer

    Must Have In The Studio

    I have several different pre amps in my studio however this is my go to for acoustic instruments as well as finding it very useful for electric guitar. I couldn't be happier, being able to shape the sound is very important for me and the SansAmp Para Driver DI does it extremely well.

  • from Skillman, NJ February 1, 2013

    So Clean, So Versitile

    I researched this quite a bit before I bought. Might be the best $200 I've spent on studio gear. Bass, Electric, Acoustic.. can be used in application for all of them. Great feature: Use parallel output to track one track with SansAmp'd bass and one track with clean bass for later processing. Another great feature: switchable to line or instrument out. 48v power'd is great idea to. This thing was designed with the player/mixer in mind. Good videos on youtube to give you an idea of sound quality and function. Great product.

  • from Chicago, IL September 11, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    The Best Pedal DI For Bass

    I had sold my old SansAmp Bass Driver DI in favor of this Para Driver DI. Reason? This thing has a mid-EQ and a mid-shift from 170hz-1khz allowing me to set the mid frequency to my liking. This is the pedal version of the rack mounted SansAmp RBI tube emulator. And the circuitry in this pedal comes with a "tube" compressor for a warm and gentle compression with room for dynamic sound - awesome! This eliminates my need to buy a separate compressor/limiter. I had placed this as the last piece in my effects chain and so far this one has silent output, thus, no need for me to buy a noise gate. The only thing I think was missing is the effects loop similar what the Radial BassBone had on its DI. Without the effects loop, I have to set the output levels "even" for all my pedals in the chain. But some pedals doesn't have output level pot which kinda bring some challenges when engaging multiple pedals. But still, when considering the Radial BassBone, I choose SansAmp Para Driver DI due to the fact that this is flexible enough to be used for various instruments based on the suggested settings - cello, acoustic guitar, violin, drums, piano, etc. - and it has a warm tube-like sound and a moderate compressor.
    By the way, Sweet Water is the best place to buy your accessories and instruments. They provide great customer service! They call you to verify your order and call you again when you receive your items and to check if you are satisfied. Now that's what I call a warm customer service - as warm as the tone of my bass coming from this pedal!

  • from Adams,NY March 27, 2012Music Background:
    Musician in small bars, resturants etc.

    SansAmp is everything as advertised!

    I have 2 Taylor guitars and I can set the sound exactly the way I feel comfortable and even my wife say's it sounds GREAT! Thanks

  • from VA November 2, 2011Music Background:
    semi professional musician. I have a day job and play on weekends.

    Review The Tech 21 Para Driver DI

    This is a wonderful product. I play an Eastman hollow body through a Henriksen jazz amp. I thought I was getting great tone but this little device takes it to a new level. Increased control of bass, treble, and mid. Wonderful, warm sound. Service and price from Sweetwater is unbeatable.

  • from Central PA May 25, 2006Music Background:
    Semi pro rock (fusion?) guitarist for decades. ... Home studio

    High Quality bass sounds!

    The Para Driver DI is a very impressive piece of gear. It's designed to use for multiple applications, but I added it to my recent Sweetwater order because Tech21 Sansamp products have a great reputation among bass players when it comes to getting great live and recorded bass sounds. I'm happy to say that Sweetwater delivered and so does the The Para Driver DI. I needed something to get great recorded bass sounds and this seemed to be everything other Sansamp products are AND it has the MID controls, which most others don't. I'm a guitarist with a home studio and decades of live and studio experience. I already have guitar gear expenses and studio expenses to keep my busy wallet busier. I have friends bring their big money basses and amps over and record a bass line on my songs, but often record my own bass parts on my recordings. I did a lot of research into finding the best and least expensive options for getting similar sounds to the impressive bass rigs. I didn't want to divert much money from the guitar and studio gear list to aquire the high quality bass sounds I wanted. I found a great solution with a wide variety of sound options. I often recommend The Para Driver DI to bass players and they usually already know about it and usually have great things to say about Sansamp.

  • from Michigan March 5, 2012Music Background:
    Self-taught Engineer and Converted Drummer

    Solid "make it better" box

    Just picked up this little bugger and was surprised by how great the EQ section changed my bass. The different tones that you can tweak out of the Sansamp make me not want to look at other pedals, except maybe a compressor. But honestly this guy adds so much sustain I think I can get by for a while.

  • from San Diego, CA. USA November 29, 2011Music Background:
    Touring and Recording Musician

    A very useful tool

    I was about to tour overseas in a brand new territory and was worried about the quality and consistency of my backline/stage sound. Sweetwater was the only place I could get an overnight delivery guaranteed to make it before my flight. It was worth every penny including what I paid for speedy delivery. Both myself and our soundguy were relieved to have a consistent sound every night at the amp and at the board. Having the preamp controls on a DI box really changed my approach to stage sound. Every night I got the sound I wanted for my electric vioin regardless of the local sound equipment. Since then I have recorded bass and synth direct with the ParaDI and I can dial in amazing tone across a wide spectrum. On stage or in studio the ParaDI is a very useful tool.

  • from Boston, MA October 10, 2012Music Background:
    Hard core hobbyist

    One nice pedal

    Just received the Tech 21 Para Driver DI, and what a difference in my bass tone! I have two amps that I have tried this with, and both sound great. One is an old school Sunn Model T (yeah, probably for guitar, but I love the tubes!), and an SWR Bass 350. The tones this puppy can achieve really stand out in a mix, and I don't need external compression (don't need it with this pedal). The REALLY great thing is, I can use it on my guitar as well and dial in great tone right to the mixer/recorder. Makes setup almost fun! Sweetwater is the best, free shipping, thoughtful follow-up, and great prices. Highly recommended.

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