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1-channel 4W Tube Amp Head
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Bogner Panama Head image 1
Bogner Panama Head image 1

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Bogner Panama Head
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High Intensity from this High-gain, Low-wattage Tube Amp!

Reinhold Bogner designed the Panama tube amplifier head to let you get cranked-amp tones at apartment-friendly volumes. The four watt design means that you can coax incredibly high-gain tones at a low volume, perfect for both recording and practicing your guitar. While the Panama is a low-wattage amplifier, there's a ton of gain on tap - essential for getting a great sound at a low level. It's not a clean amp, but thanks to the versatile and innovative "Schizo" control that changes the gain and tone structures, you'll have access to everything from smoothly overdriven crunch tones through searing hot, modern high-gain sounds. So don't let the sparse control set fool you - volume, Schizo, and mode controls are all you need to command premium high-gain tones from the Bogner Panama tube amplifier head.

Bogner Panama Tube Amplifier Head at a Glance:
  • Schizo switch changes the amp's character
  • Mode switch gives you two distinct voices
  • Reinhold Bogner - the man behind the amps
Schizo switch changes the amp's character

While the Bogner Panama tube amp head doesn't give you the typical controls you may expect to find, the four-position Schizo switch actually changes the structure of the tone and gain stages. According to Bogner, the first position gives you "medium gain with a mellow tone." Position two serves up "increased gain with a bright open tone." The third position "delivers high gain with a open tone." Position four is the "highest gain setting with an aggressive, bright, open tone." You won't find any ultra-clean settings on the Panama, but it opens up a wide world of overdriven and distorted tones. It's equally suited to rhythm and lead roles, and you'll love the way the Panama responds to your guitar's on-board controls too.

Mode switch gives you two distinct voices

The Panama's mode switch affects the gain settings, effectively switching between one or two gain stages. Position one is the "normal" gain setting, while the second position kicks the Panama into high-gain mode. Not only do you get more gain, there's increased compression too. It's perfect for creating long sustain, but also necessary if you want extreme high-gain tones at an ultra-low volume.

Reinhold Bogner - the man behind the amps

Though Reinhold Bogner began designing and building amplifiers long before leaving Germany for the U.S. in 1989, his career really took off soon after arriving in Los Angeles. He quickly gained the trust of many influential guitar players, including Steve Stevens, Dan Huff, Allan Holdsworth, Mike Landau and Steve Vai, who sought out his skill at modifying and custom building their amps. Eddie Van Halen entrusted Reinhold to overhaul and revitalize his number one Marshall Plexi, with great results. Soon after, Bogner Amplification was born, and the rest, they say, is history.

Bogner Panama Tube Amplifier Head Features:
  • Low-wattage, high-gain amplifier for overdriven crunch to super-distorted tones
  • High-gain, low-wattage design lets you achieve cranked tones at low volumes - but it can get loud too!
  • Four-position Schizo switch re-structures the tone and gain stages, for four unique amp voicings
  • Mode switch toggles between one and two gain stages, with added compression in the second stage
  • Three-position StandBy switch - low setting has enhanced harmonics with a "softer feel", described as a "variac brown sound" by Bogner
  • 8 Ohm speaker output for extension speaker cabinet
  • Built to last, with an aluminum chassis and unique tolex covering
Maintain high intensity at low volumes with the Bogner Panama tube amplifier head!

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