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Korg Pa500 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • Nikhil Mathews
    from India February 11, 2012Music Background:
    Music composer,Singer,Keyboard Programmer

    Its amazing!!! :)

    Am using Korg pa500 last 2 years.Still am so happy with the performance......

  • John
    from Puerto Rico September 12, 2011Music Background:
    Pro musician

    No Faults

    You have to get into the keyboard main tunning and adjust the
    tunning and save it to the memory
    I did and it solved the problem
    never say no my friend
    the only keyboard you cant program are digital pianos,that have only 9 sounds onboard,like yamaha p90,70 .

  • Edward
    from Buenos Aires, Argentina September 6, 2011Music Background:

    A Fantastic Keyboard

    I bought it on July 2010.- Since that time i experiment all of its feautures.- The manual is very well writen and everytime you need some help, its there right away.- Sound are fantastic, its a really syntezizer, you can no effort edit your on sound or modify the existing one.-
    The only one bugg y notice is its 61 keys.- I supply that using an m-audio 88 es as keyboard controller, via midi patchbay (Roland Edirol).-
    The sequencer section is extraordinary.- I use it to sequence rythm section only and control it remote by programable footswitch (instead of using expression pedal).- I use this keyboard in studio & live, and sounds trully great.- Both output (line & headphones) sounds powerfull; by the way you must have a decent mixer.-
    Somebody said PA500 pianos does not sound great as strings, brass, or layers.- That's not true.- The original piano sounds are standard, but, if you keep some time and effort, you can modify it and get a trully acoustic piano sound.- It's too usefull to experiment with the sound editor.- On the cd you cand get a *.pdf file that contains the Advance User Manual, which explains how you can modify any parameter of any sound.-
    Touch Screen is simply excelente.- It's easy to use and very legible in any condition.- Buttons are rubber style like tv remote controllers, and functions are precise.-
    Korg allways makes great machines (i've been using it since last 10 years, i've several Korg Sound Modules - Triton & N1R), and PA500 is one of that fantastic machines.- Good price for a good keyboard.-
    Another bugg was the power supply.- When i bought the keyboard the seller give me a generic power supply that insert some noise.- After i contact Korg service and they give me the original one and no noise for ever.-
    If you are looking for a good keyboard withouht expending much money, don't doub it, Korg PA500 is the right choice.-
    Finally, sorry to everibody about my really bad english, i live in south america.- Good luck.-

  • Dan James
    from Woodruff, SC USA August 24, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Enthusiast, Composer

    The Korg PA 500 - More Keyboard - Less price

    Great Keyboard! Great Deal!!
    It weighs 21 pounds so it's not exactly built like a tank. I would be afraid of dropping it, but that is true today of a lot of keyboards in this price range. Definately a LOT of features for what you pay..
    Tons of features for this price range. If you havent already read Sweetwater's description all the way through, you should.. Being able to edit sounds on an arranger keyboard, to the extent that KORG allows you to is awesome. Other features that I love are the over 320 different styles in it.. The best part is that you can download more styles at korgpa.com They're FREE too. Also being able to play 4 voices at the same time is fantastic. Everything else too. TOUCHSCREEN, EFFECTS, QUALITY OF SOUNDS, (thanks to the EDS engine) FADE IN & OUT!! You get the idea.
    Ease of Use:
    I've had my PA 500 for about 11 months now and like other reviews I had read said, You really need to read the manuals. I know it can be a pain sometimes, but they, in almost all cases can help you out. I only had to contact Korg themselves for a question that I had about the Songbook. They were very helpful. I'm still learning what this baby can do..
    The sounds in the PA 500 are amazing! The acoustic pianos are rich and the organs are awesome! Great synth sounds! The only drawback I have is the Fender Rhodes type sounds. I think I'll have to play around with them some more to get that Classic 70's sound. In addition, I also love the layered Brass & Sax sounds. Very Full. The speaker system is great on the keyboard. I had read, that in a live situation, that the output on the PA 500 does not have very much gain to it. I personally use the Headphone output and that helps immensely!! This cuts off the keyboard speakers, but if you play with a drummer or amplifier, you really can't hear them very well anyway.
    The action on this keyboard is a little light in my opinion. I know they had to cut corners on it considering the next step up, the PA 800 is $2800.00 (Way out of my price range). I play a little heavier due to playing piano as well but I just play the PA 500 a little more gingerly and it does fine. I like it for the organs. The action could be a little heavier though.
    I paid 975.00 for mine, which is a great deal hands down for what you get! I love the touchscreen. Very helpful.. You do have to read the manuals, or in my case, refer to sections a lot. The 4 effects that you can have at the same time as well as the RX technology, which is really great for guitars. When I first looked at this keyboard in May of 2010, it was still selling for $1499.99. I'm sure glad they lowered it. Again i have to say this is a great deal for the money.

  • Customer
    from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada June 22, 2011Music Background:

    Purchase of a Korg Pa 500

    Music being one of my hobbies and not a profession, I was looking for a keyboard that had a bit of everything, an arranger, good sound, lots of versatility and well written manual. The Korg Pa 500 was for me an excellent choice. It was worth traveling to Sweetwater Music for this this purchase, and it was the best price I find.

  • Alex
    from SC USA November 25, 2009Music Background:
    Beginner Recording Engineer

    Its pretty nice!

    It`s nice keyboard i had Korg i3 for a while and Korg PA500 is awesome such a big selection of Guitars, Drums, Bass, Piano, and so ect. i really would recommended to others!

  • goa
    from Goa,India April 14, 2008

    Worth It

    I don't specialise in any one type of style of music but basically cover up most of the them during my performance as most Goans do and are known for .I bought this keyboard by sheer urgency as pa2xpro was out of stock and would have to wait for 2 months more.i dont repent for buying the pa 500 as it serves me well.I like the sounds and drums are nice and tight.i used the Psr 3000 for about two years but the pa500 is a class apart even compared to Psr s900.the only problem is as some people say the usb,but i think the sd card is good enough.it did take about two weeks to get used to the beats but now i'm sitting really comfortable as i perform.bought it for 59000 indian rupees,and it's worth it.By the way i dont use much of the intro's and endings cause they scare me, some of them.wonder why they make them so fancy? I've used some of the sounds for my recordings,the sounds make a good amount of sense.buy it ,use it and I'm sure you'll like it.

  • Barrie
    from Liverpool UK October 25, 2010Music Background:
    Ex pro Keyboard player

    Has a serious fault

    I would give it a higher rating but mine has a load of faults with the tuning. If you buy one make sure you check it out because this keyboard can have faults

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