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Pedaltrain Voodoo Lab Power Supply Mounting Bracket for Pedaltrain Pedalboards Reviews

3.5 stars based on 16 customer reviews
Questions about the Pedaltrain Voodoo Lab Power Supply Mounting Bracket for Pedaltrain Pedalboards?

Questions about the Pedaltrain Voodoo Lab Power Supply Mounting Bracket for Pedaltrain Pedalboards?

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  • Art Martinez
    from California March 30, 2017

    Check which bracket you need

    I titled this review; "check which bracket you need" because I had ordered this particular mounting bracket while ordering a VLPP2 Plus power box. These brackets were depicted below the power box as an acessory which I did need to mount my second PP2 Plus. Upon arrival, I found out that these particular brackets were "TALLER" and when I went to mount the PP2 under my pedalboard, I found that the PP2 hung too long and made contact with the floor.

    I then compared the brackets (a bit late huh???) to the existing brackets on the other PP2 already mounted on my board and saw the problem, two different heights.

    I decided to write to Sweetwater MY MISTAKE (I didn't feel it write to blame them as I had ordered via the internet versus speaking to a Sales Rep who might have caught my error) to let them know the issue I found and to suggest they placed a Buyer Beware that the taller brackets are meant for the NEWER PedalTrain pedalboard (I have the older model which sets lower to the floor at the front end) to hopefully help other buyers and avoid my mistake.

    Leave it to the GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE of Sweetwater; I get a call from a Sale Rep teling me they got my Buyer Beware email and had already refunded me the cost of the front brackets. I didn't ask for or expect that response. While not a lot of money for Sweetwater to refund, it was the principle and the customer service I've come to realize is their motto! THANK YOU SWEETWATER!!!!

  • Khromo
    from May 17, 2016

    Perfect mount for the Pedal Power 4X4

    I recently bought these mounts to secure a Pedal Power 4X4 to a Classic Jr. board. Be aware that the brackets DO NOT cover the vents on the side of the power supply. The 4X4 is taller than the bracket, so the vents on the side have full clearance to breath.

    You can't tell easily from the pictures, and I thought I would have to cut slots in the brackets, but with the 4X4 this is not a problem. Other VL power supplies might be different, so you might check the height of the power supply you intend to use to be sure.

    It is a bulletproof mount, for sure. Nothing is going anywhere. This is the best way to mount your power supply under a PedalTrain board.

  • Ed Caldwell
    from Canton, GA January 19, 2016Music Background:

    Easy Peasy

    Very easy to drill and mount my Voodoo Lab Powersupply with this design. Very happy with the outcome.

  • Derek
    from New Jersey November 27, 2015

    Perfect for pedaltrains

    Let's you hide the power supply for more space on board

  • Lyle
    from Milwaukee, WI September 26, 2015

    For the new peadltrains

    If you have a newer Pedaltrain (2015), and a voodoo lab power supply, then this is what you will need. I purchased the novo 18, and thought I could get away with just Velcro underneath but things did not line up. You have to drill 4 holes, and spend about 15 minutes and then your power supply is good to go.

  • Dan E.
    from Springfield, MA July 22, 2015

    The Bracket You Need for Voodoo Lab and New Pedaltrain Boards

    I gave this 5 stars to counter those of Messrs. "Duct-Tape and Velcro" and "Not-Its-Intended-Use" -- it just seemed rather troll-esque to give a poor review to a product you either aren't interested in or don't have the appropriate components for. Nonetheless, if you are looking to mount (using BRACKETS) your Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus (or other approved power supply) to one of the new Novo or Classic Pedaltrain pedalboard models, this bracket will do the job very well. This bracket is the same as the BRKT2 model sold for the old boards, and installation is very similar. It requires a Phillips screwdriver, drill & 1/8" bit, and careful measuring. The only difference between the old/new install is the absence of a solid back and cord holes in the rear of the board -- now there are just 2 rails. This makes lining up the mounting points with the smaller rail a tad more difficult as it's rather close to the edge -- but very do-able. I found it easiest to assemble with the board sitting up on its back rails -- perpendicular to my work surface -- if that makes sense. Anyhow, my Pedal Power 2 Plus is now securely mounted to my Novo 18 board (the brackets are NOT too short since the unit sits between the underside of the rails) and it looks great!!

  • Fishbonius Records
    from Santa Barbara, CA USA February 14, 2017

    Mount it Baby!!

    Does everything I needed it for. Wayne Davis in sale is my guy for the info and he's always there to answer my questions.

  • Jeff Hill
    from Lincoln, IL October 14, 2016


    This is a great product. Easy installation. It does it's job, a lot of the reviews say that these block the vents and after a couple weeks of using them I've not had any issues. I will buy another one when I add another power supply to the pedal board. These brackets fit perfectly under the pedal train classic 2. The only reason I gave this a rating of 4.5 is because i am not "blown away" by it, it think it's great but not blown away.

    Sweetwater staff is amazing! I've ordered exclusively through them for about two years now. Super quick shipping, always have great answers to questions and they are my favorite company to order from!

  • John H.
    from Athens, GA April 5, 2016

    Works, but...

    These things do their intended job of holding my PP2+ securely in place under my Classic 2. Once installed, that power brick isn't budging. Like other reviewers, though, I'm also concerned about the brackets covering the ventilation holes. Maybe this won't be an issue. Time will tell, I guess. Also, the mounting holes on the bracket sit perilously close to the lower edge of the back rail on the pedalboard. I countered this by putting some washers under the screws on the horizontal rail, which raised the bracket up just a bit. Overall, a good product, but could benefit from a design upgrade.

  • jh
    from Iowa March 14, 2016

    Works but a bit of a hassle

    Once installed, these work great. The power supply isn't going anywhere, and it is nicely out of the way.

    The downside- The brackets come with no instructions, no markings, etc. Fortunately, pedaltrain has a video on youtube, which will walk you through it.

    Installation requires drilling your own holes in the board, and using self tapping screws. In the end, the whole thing was maybe a 15 minute project, but it does require an electric drill and such.

  • Jim H.
    from July 12, 2015

    Velcro it

    Really, the mechanically challenged folks like me just slap Velcro on the underside of the board, and on top of the power supply, and you're done. The Velcro that comes with the Pedaltrain board can be used to mount the power supply under the board and it won't come off, ever. Not into crafting mechanical things like brackets. Velcro is for the rest of us. :-)

  • E Perkins
    from Sacramento August 11, 2016

    E Perkins

    Unit Blocks vents in the voodoo power supply. Voodoo instructions warn not to block the vents. I had to drill vent holes. Should not have to be done if made properly for the power supply.

  • JR
    from Boulder, CO November 2, 2015

    The "Right" Bracket, BUT...

    I just recently upgraded to a Novo 24 and had to switch out the brackets on my previous Pedaltrain board. Pedaltrain recommended these brackets specifically, which is correct, however, the walls of the brackets block the ventilation holes on not only the Pedal Power 2 Plus, but also one side (NOT both) of the Pedal Power ISO 5. These power bricks get considerably hot during operation, especially when operating at full capacity; obstructing ventilation is not a good idea. Honestly, just a really disappointing fundamental flaw in design. I took the time to drill holes on 2 sets of brackets (which was not ideal), but was the only way I felt comfortable mounting these underneath my board. Needless to say, $14.95 turned into $14.95 with 1.5 hours of labor. Boo.

  • Mike Leake
    from Albuquerque, NM March 5, 2016Music Background:
    Former pro musician, current hobbyist

    Poor Design

    When I went to move my Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus from a Pedaltrain Jr. to a Pedaltrain Classic 2, I checked with Sweetwater and found that these brackets are recommended and would be a perfect fit. And, in fact, they do fit well. The problem is, the way they are designed, the ventilation holes in the power supply will be completely covered once mounted--no airflow whatsoever. Not at all well thought out on the part of Pedaltrain.

    They should have had a rectangular cutout on the bracket sides to accommodate the ventilation holes. I considered drilling a bunch of holes in the sides, but even that's kind of tricky in terms of getting them lined up properly. I decided instead to stick with my Pedaltrain Jr, which had mounting brackets that were well designed and do not obscure the ventilation holes. I can't see risking burning out a power supply with these mounting brackets.

  • Customer
    from July 25, 2015


    Mounting my Pedal Power 2 Plus, and very concerned that these brackets completely block the vent holes on the side of the power supply. I will drill holes to mod these and allow air to flow. Poor design in my opinion, a 13.00 bracket could cause you to overheat and damage a 160.00 power supply.

  • JD
    from July 16, 2015

    Sizing Issues

    Just received my brackets. The height on them are not the same as the height of the PP2 unit. Not sure what the deal is. I planned on mounting my PP2 under a generic pedal board, so possibly there is some magic way that these brackets can be 1/2 inch shorter than the PP2 unit and still mount into a Pedaltrain board. If you thought these would work on a generic board like me, be advised, they won't.

Questions about the Pedaltrain Voodoo Lab Power Supply Mounting Bracket for Pedaltrain Pedalboards?

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