Pedaltrain Voodoo Lab Power Supply Mounting Bracket for Pedaltrain Pedalboards

Voodoo Lab Power Supply Mounting Bracket for Pedaltrain Pedalboards
Pedaltrain Voodoo Lab Power Supply Mounting Bracket for Pedaltrain Pedalboards image 1
Pedaltrain Voodoo Lab Power Supply Mounting Bracket for Pedaltrain Pedalboards image 1
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Pedaltrain Voodoo Lab Power Supply Mounting Bracket for Pedaltrain Pedalboards
In Stock!

Pedaltrain Power Supply Mounting Bracket

The Pedaltrain PT-VDL-MK is a mounting bracket for your Voodoo Lab pedal power supply units and is designed to fit your Pedaltrain pedalboard. Pedals come and go but your power supply must remain - use the PT-VDL-MK to keep it in place while your pedalboard tone evolves. At Sweetwater we know that you put a lot of work into your pedalboard, so make building your tone a little easier with a Pedaltrain PT-VDL-MK bracket for your Voodoo Lab power supply.

Pedaltrain PT-VDL-MK Mounting Bracket Features:

  • Voodoo Lab power supply mounting bracket
  • Fits Pedaltrain 3 and Pedaltrain Pro pedalboards
Power up your Pedaltrain with the Pedaltrain PT-VDL-MK mounting bracket!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number PT-VDL-MK

Customer Reviews

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Check which bracket you need

I titled this review; "check which bracket you need" because I had ordered this particular mounting bracket while ordering a VLPP2 Plus power box. These brackets were depicted below the power box as an acessory which I did need to mount my second PP2 Plus. Upon arrival, I found out that these particular brackets were "TALLER" and when I went to mount the PP2 under my pedalboard, I found that the PP2 hung too long and made contact with the floor. I then compared the brackets (a bit late huh???) to the existing brackets on the other PP2 already mounted on my board and saw the problem, two different heights. I decided to write to Sweetwater MY MISTAKE (I didn't feel it write to blame them as I had ordered via the internet versus speaking to a Sales Rep who might have caught my error) to let them know the issue I found and to suggest they placed a Buyer Beware that the taller brackets are meant for the NEWER PedalTrain pedalboard (I have the older model which sets lower to the floor at the front end) to hopefully help other buyers and avoid my mistake. Leave it to the GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE of Sweetwater; I get a call from a Sale Rep teling me they got my Buyer Beware email and had already refunded me the cost of the front brackets. I didn't ask for or expect that response. While not a lot of money for Sweetwater to refund, it was the principle and the customer service I've come to realize is their motto! THANK YOU SWEETWATER!!!!

Perfect mount for the Pedal Power 4X4

I recently bought these mounts to secure a Pedal Power 4X4 to a Classic Jr. board. Be aware that the brackets DO NOT cover the vents on the side of the power supply. The 4X4 is taller than the bracket, so the vents on the side have full clearance to breath. You can't tell easily from the pictures, and I thought I would have to cut slots in the brackets, but with the 4X4 this is not a problem. Other VL power supplies might be different, so you might check the height of the power supply you intend to use to be sure. It is a bulletproof mount, for sure. Nothing is going anywhere. This is the best way to mount your power supply under a PedalTrain board.

Easy Peasy

Very easy to drill and mount my Voodoo Lab Powersupply with this design. Very happy with the outcome.
Music background: Hobbyist

Perfect for pedaltrains

Let's you hide the power supply for more space on board

For the new peadltrains

If you have a newer Pedaltrain (2015), and a voodoo lab power supply, then this is what you will need. I purchased the novo 18, and thought I could get away with just Velcro underneath but things did not line up. You have to drill 4 holes, and spend about 15 minutes and then your power supply is good to go.
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