Avid Pro Tools | HDX2 + HD I/O 8x8x8

Complete Pro Tools|HDX2 System with Pro Tools HD DAW Software, 2 x Avid HDX DSP-acceleration Cards, 1 x HD I/O (8 x 8 x 8) Interface
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Avid Pro Tools | HDX2 + HD I/O 8x8x8 image 1
Avid Pro Tools | HDX2 + HD I/O 8x8x8 image 1

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When it comes to Pro Tools, Sweetwater offers you decades of expertise and the guidance of your own Pro Tools expert to help you design and configure the ideal Pro Tools system for your needs. As Avid's largest single Pro Tools dealer, Sweetwater offers you an unparalleled level of service that you can't find anywhere else.

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Avid Pro Tools | HDX2 + HD I/O 8x8x8
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Upgrade to a Complete Pro Tools|HDX System!

Avid Pro Tools|HDX is, by far, the most powerful, versatile, and professional DAW system to ever hit the recording world. Each Pro Tools|HDX system includes Avid's unrivaled Pro Tools HD software, unparalleled HDX DSP-acceleration hardware, and a top-of-the-line HD series audio interface. The result: a system that can do more and sound better than any other audio recording and production platform ever. If you're looking for the very best of the best when it comes to music and audio production, you need Avid Pro Tools|HDX!

Avid Pro Tools|HDX2 Complete Production System at a Glance:
  • Pro Tools HD DAW software: the most advanced DAW recording software on the market
  • Avid HDX DSP-acceleration gives you massive processing power
  • HD I/O (8 x 8 x 8) Avid HD series recording interface
Pro Tools HD DAW software: the most advanced DAW recording software on the market

Avid Pro Tools HD is the most comprehensive audio and music production environment to date. Powerful new AAX plug-ins, ultra-fast workflows, and over 50 more exciting new features give you more flexibility than ever before. Whether you run a recording facility, editing suite, or post-production house, Avid Pro Tools HD is going to rock your world!

Disk Caching lets you load your entire sessions into RAM, giving you instant response and incredible real-time editing capabilities. Pro Tools HD also gives you advanced Mida Composer integration and network storage compatibility - must haves for post work. There's a ton to know about Avid Pro Tools HD, so be sure to call your Sales Engineer with any questions you may have.

Avid HDX DSP-acceleration gives you massive processing power

Each Avid HDX card is like having about the equivalent of an HD3 or HD4 system on a single card. To put it mildly, that's a ton of DSP power for your DAW! What's more, there's a separate FPGA processor for your mix bus, so all of your HDX card's DSP power is dedicated to running plug-ins. Each HDX card gives you 256 voices, a full four times the routing capacity of an Accel card. That means you can freely use Avid's new AAX plug-ins, without worrying about running out of voices.

Here's where it gets even cooler. HDX cards and AAX plug-ins are ready for a 64-bit world. Although Pro Tools HD is still in transition from 32-bit to 64-bit, you still get the advantages of onboard 64-bit architecture. For one thing, the HDX summing bus is true 64-bit, giving you amazing headroom to mix with. Speaking of headroom, Pro Tools|HDX also gives you 32-bit floating-point processing between plug-ins, increasing your mix bus's dynamic range to over 1,000dB. That makes clipping and dither buildup things of the past.

HD I/O (8 x 8 x 8) Avid HD series recording interface

The HD I/O from Avid offers unrivaled fidelity and lower latency than any HD series interface to date. To make tracking with the HD I/O easier than ever, Avid gave it their fantastic soft-knee analog limiter. This dynamics processor, named Curv, catches fast transients, letting you track hotter without clipping. What's more, the Curv won't unnecessarily color your sound, so you get top-quality completely headache free. This version of the HD I/O is equipped with eight channels of analog I/O and eight channels of digital I/O.

Avid Pro Tools HD DAW Software Features:
  • Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software for Mac and PC
  • NEW: Support for Avid's HDX cards and AAX plug-in format
  • NEW: Disk Caching lets you cache your entire sessions into RAM, dramatically speeding up your workflow
  • NEW: read and record from flash drives, RAID systems, and server storage systems such as Avid's ISIS 5000.
  • NEW: increased Automatic Delay Compensation (up to 16,383 samples)
  • NEW: sessions can contain various audio file types and formats
  • NEW: Down Mixer sums sessions from up to 7.1 surround down to 5.1, 2.1, 2.0, and even mono mixes
  • NEW: 32-bit floating-point audio lets you store higher-quality audio
  • NEW: Clip Gain adds dynamic volume flexibility and increases integration with Media composer
  • NEW: upgraded AudioSuite processing includes handles, whole file processing, and reverse delay/reverb processing
  • NEW: Channel Strip plug-in format delivers the sound of the legendary System 5 console
  • NEW: advanced EUCON support adds over 500 controllable commands to your EUCON-equipped control surface plus EUCON support for XMON
  • NEW: Real-time fades eliminate the need for fade files and allow you to apply fades with the timeline running
  • NEW: rewritten Disc Scheduler is more forgiving for slower hard drives and allows use of netword access storage drives
  • NEW: handy visual indicators for mutes and solos
  • NEW: Bus Interrogation lets you track your signal flow
  • NEW: Export Selected Tracks as New Session command make collaboration easier
  • NEW: 24-hour timeline support for enhanced post-production compatibility
  • NEW: Export to iTunes and Export to SoundCloud
  • Works with any audio interface or standalone
  • Automatic Delay Compensation
  • Multitrack Beat Detective and Elastic Audio let you correct timing across all of your tracks
  • Up to 256 simultaneous audio tracks
  • Up to 192 inputs
  • OMF/AAF/MXF Interchange Support Built In
  • MP3 Export Option with built in
  • Full time code support with feet and frames rulers
  • Adjustable stereo pan depth feature
  • Over 70 plug-ins and virtual instruments for sound shaping
  • Score Editor and MIDI Editor windows for comprehensive composing
  • Create a flawless performance using track compositing features
  • Automation and controller lanes provide easy editing access
  • QuickTime HD support on Mac OS X-based systems
Avid HDX DSP-acceleration Card Features:
  • Incredible DSP power for Avid's AAX plug-in format
  • 3-7 times the power of an HD Accel system on a single PCIe card
  • FPGA mix processor frees up DSPs for powering plug-ins
  • Up to 256 voiceable tracks per card
  • Up to 64 channels of simultaneous I/O per card
  • Connect up to four HD series interfaces per card
  • 64-bit floating-point summing sounds amazing
  • 32-bit floating-point processing between plug-ins preserves quality and dramatically increases headroom
  • Expand your system by adding more HDX cards
  • 64-bit-ready architecture is ready for the future of Pro Tools HD
Avid HD I/O (8 x 8 x 8) Audio Interface Features:
  • High-performance AD/DA converters
  • Redesigned analog section with state-of-the-art filtering and design
  • Power supply improves noise performance and jitter
  • Lower latency
  • Updated digital card
  • 192kHz AES/EBU and S/PDIF single-wire
  • ADAT S/MUX II and S/MUX IV (enclosure and expansion card)
  • "Curv" analog limiting circuitry on input
  • 8 analog inputs (using DB-25)
  • 8 analog outputs (using DB-25)
  • 8 channels of AES/EBU I/O (supports 192kHz single-wire and dual-wire)
  • 8 channels of TDIF I/O
  • 8 channels of ADAT I/O (supports S/MUX II and IV)
  • Additional digital I/O: 2 channels of AES/EBU I/O (supports 192kHz single-wire), 2 channels of S/PDIF I/O, 8 channels of ADAT I/O (supports S/MUX II and IV)
  • One empty bay for I/O expansion
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