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Pedaltrain Powertrain 1250 Pedalboard Multi-Power Supply Reviews

4.5 stars based on 4 customer reviews
  • from Wallingford, CT June 20, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-pro Guitarist

    Powertrain Mounting Screws

    I am not rating the Powertrain at this point because I have not used it yet. But I wanted to rush out a handy tip. If the screws that hold the rubber feet on, that are to be re-used to mount the Powertrain to the Pedaltrain seem too short, Pedaltrain said that they are updating the screw to a longer "M3 6mm" metric screw. The solution is to go to a hardware store and buy 4 of the correct screws (I put flat washers on as well) and it will mount perfectly. Powertrain will send you the screws as well. You need to do this in order to eliminate the risk of stripping threads which would be problematic. At this point I am assuming that the Powertrain is awesome!

  • from columbia sc April 1, 2014Music Background:
    pickin and a grinnin, string pluckin guitar twanger

    Pedaltrain Powertrain 1250

    this thing is great!.. it ways a ton, so it must be good.. all full of squirrels on treadmills creating clean power to get my pedals glowin.. comes with all kinds of power cords for all over the world.. just in case you're touring (highly doubtful) or evading the IRS (more believable).. im a huge fan of CreationAudioLabs and own a few things from them and I can honestly say, everything they touch turns to gold and is top notch quality.. power is completely silent, and reliable.. awesome product!!.. get one.. or two because you can chain these together as well if you have,like, 50 freakin pedals tryin to make you sound good.. lol.. but really.. get one, no disappointment.. awesome product.. oh!.. and buy from sweetwater.. these guys ship fast, well packed, and with candy.. I think the candy is there for you to give to your woman.. it's to distract her of all your purchases.. lol

  • from United States October 15, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Hobbyist

    Quality Construction

    I'm using this unit with my Pedal Train 2 to power 6-7 bass pedals, including an Aguilar Tone Hammer feeding off the switchable voltage port at 18V. Everything works perfectly, and you get a very real sense the unit and all of the cables included are very high quality. I'm not using any of the LDV ports under 100% so I can't comment on that. Here's the breakdown:

    Pros: Well built, provided cables are high quality, versatile (input voltage selector, international plugs included), everything works as advertised. Nice fit under Pedal Train boards.

    Cons: Pretty heavy, mounting to Pedal Train was not entirely simple (requires drill/proper bits and some elbow grease).

  • from Louisville March 1, 2015Music Background:
    Worship pastor, recording, band leader

    Rugged and Totally Silent

    I've had this for about 6-7 months, playing and practicing regularly and it's never failed or been anything other than consistent and quiet. The only thing is that I wished it was a bit easier to mount. The screws just don't fit - too short. And I am pretty decent with a drill, yet the paper template is not the best, and I ended up drilling over and again trying to get it lined up. I expected a bit more given it was so much more than the PP2.

    One big disappointment is that it does not have the auxiliary plug (200w) that the PP2 does. That is really really handy.

    BUT - once mounted it has been flawless. I esp love the switchable voltage on one of the outputs, since Fulltone pedals all can run at 18v for more headroom. Quite a cool feature, and wish it were on two of the 8 outputs and not just 1.

    Interesting - my Strymon pedals say they need at least 250mAh, but the 210 outputs here are perfect for them. No noise or anything.

    For the money, I would like a second adjustable output, a drilling template that wasn't just a piece of paper, longer mounting screws (this almost caused me to throw it through the wall), and 200w additional outlet like the PP2.

    I give it 4 stars because it still does its job so so well - once you overcome some issues.

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