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Avid Pro Tools 11 (boxed) Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
  • from Utah February 5, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, singer-songwriter, Guitarist

    The One!

    I love Pro Tools!!! I started off recording using sonar x1 and really liked it. However, after interning at a recording studio where they used pro tools religiously I soon feel in love with it and had to buy it for my own studio. I have to be honest, there are other DAWS out there that might prove easier to use as far as editing beats or midi with, but for raw recorded instruments this software is the one. All the stock plugins it comes with are amazing, so you can start editing and mixing right off the bat. As far as learning the software, there is quite a bit of a learning curve. Unlike Logic, It's not a software that you can just buy and after an hour know how to navigate through it if you are new to recording. However, if you are planning on making recording part of your life forever and want a software that will aid you even after you get good then I would absolutely recommend this one.

  • from Los Angeles, CA USA October 25, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Song Writer, Producer, Synthesizer/Guitar/Drum Player

    Pro Tools for my First Pro Track

    I have been a synthesizer player for 30 years. I also play a little guitar and drums. My daughter is a techno synth pop singer - no not a wanna be - but a really good one who has take years of piano, dance, acting, and classical vocal lessons. After she danced some hip hop moves for a music video in LA , the producers told us they wanted to make a music video with her since they also found out she could sing. I said I wanted to use a track I would write. I had used the Roland VS digital recorders many years ago but quit recording to do live music and have three babies with my wife. Now our daughter is old enough to sing. I was afraid to dive into the world of DAWs because I thought the computer would have latency issues. I do not like Mac computers so mine is on a Dell Inspiron that I bought from Best Buy for only $400. I back up my tracks on a My PassPort external drive. The PC recommended by ProTools cost about $1500+ - well over my budget, so I used the Dell Inspiron because many of the ProTools PC recommendations were Dell computers (only they are the high end expensive ones). Focusrite did NOT work with ProTools 11 on my PC. I had to return it and get the AudioBox interface which works VERY WELL with ProTools 11. Anyway, it took me a good 2 months to really get used to ProTools because I have a day job as a physician. It is everything I had hoped it would be. I have very good control of everything to make a good track. I chose ProTools because I read it was the standard in most recording studios, and I knew I eventually would have to turn over my tracks to a professional mixdown/mastering studio prior to the music video production. I sync MIDI out from ProTools to my Roland MC-50 sequencer. There are some latency issues that are not a big deal because I just drag the MIDI recorded tracks to correct their timing in the Edit window. I am mainly a keyboard player used to quantizing some tracks with the sequencer, so I was very happy to know that my rhythm guitar tracks could have their timing improved using the onboard Elastic Audio. I also LOVE how you can automate volume sends, and pan on all your tracks. It took about 6 months to write, record, and mixdown the song. I recorded my daughters vocals completely dry using a BlueBird mic (perfect for pop female vocals). We plugged the condenser mic direct into channel 1 of the AudioBox since it has a preamp and phantom power. I kept it dry to give the recording engineer maximum flexibility. When I submitted the ProTools files in DropBox to the mastering studio (RipShore Studios), I had some problems. You cannot simply save the files to DropBox. You have to highlight all the recorded tracks in the Edit window, then consolidate. Avid can help if you get to this step. After that, you zip the file up and put into a shared folder in DropBox. You share it with the recording studio. The Ripshore Studio engineer had the song final mixed and mastered in 1 day. We made final adjustments and a few days later I got the final WAV. and mp3 files that we are going to use for the music video production. The ProTools effects are nice, but I sometimes like hardware effects. This was no problem with the send feature. It is very intuitive and easy to edit your wave forms, drag them, double tracks, etc. One thing that helped me more than YouTube videos: reading the ProTools 11 user's manual about 2 or 3 times. I write very complex synthesizer parts using arpeggiators, multi delays, synced to MIDI clock, etc. ProTools 11 let's me do that easily. I am used to Roland Jupiter 6, Yamaha Motifs, etc. In other words, I always use the top pro equipment and ProTools 11 is to the recording musician what the Roland Jupiter 8 or SCI Prophet 5 is to synthesizer players - it is an industry standard.

  • from Boston, Ma. September 16, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Protools !0

    I upgraded to this full blown version of Protools and the new features and efficiency are a joy to work with.

  • from Vienna, VA November 5, 2013Music Background:

    Great Program

    First off, I am very new to recording, so for anyone looking for a legitimately helpful review this might not be it. Either way, I absolutely love this program. I'm running a really simple setup with a 2013 iMac 16GB RAM, 1TB Hard drive, Intel core i7 processor, a Scarlett 2i2 interface, Akai MPK25 MIDI Controller, pair of M-Audio BX5 monitors, a Bluespark $200 Condenser Mic, SM57 mic, Line-6 amp, Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-III, and Hofner 6-String Acoustic guitar. Obviously, not a very proffesional setup. Personally, i like making electronic music mixed with acoustic instruments. Take Avicci's music for example. That's basically what im aiming for. The base plug-ins and setup for this program are really great for all that. It's extremely simple to use, and the help center is very helpful in any aid and can answer any question that you could possibly have, even if it is very unusual or obscure. The only connotation that I find is that it is not yet configured for the 10.8.5 software (Mac users only), so there's no guarantee that everything will work perfectly, but for me, i've explored this program quite deeply and everything works fine for me. So, really, not really a complaint. And they are planning to configure Pro Tools 11 for this software by the winter holidays this year so once again, not a big deal. Overall, i think this program is fantastic for beginners and professionals alike (not that i'd know what a professional needs) and i would definitely suggest buying from sweetwater, as they have the best customer service over other big market names.

  • from fl usa October 17, 2013Music Background:
    producer,recording and mixing

    They did it this time

    I tried the 30 days free trial when they first launched protools 11 and it blew me away . I never wanted to upgrade because of the plugins manufacture was not moving fast enough for me to buy a daw with out any access to AAX plugins. Anyway I decided to make the purchase rite after wave announce the AAX shell and I was still blown anyway on how much of my resources protools actually uses. Don't get me wrong I have a i7 930 with 24 g ram with prottols 9 and 10 for 2 years now and I just was not impress at all, but now am happy.

  • from United States October 15, 2013Music Background:
    Mixing Engineer, Live Sound, Musician, Studio Owner/Operator

    It's PT11 !!!!

    Absolutely awesome DAW!!!!! Be sure it's compatible with your computer! This isn't power point or word. The native plug-ins sound amazing. Loving it!

  • from United States September 20, 2013Music Background:
    engineer , sound design , producer , artist


    DEF . DOPE FOR A CLEAN PRODUCTION ! Made simple and effective.

  • from Bath, ME USA September 11, 2013Music Background:
    Pretty much done it all...

    I am entirely new to Pro Tools

    Pro Tools 11 was obviously created by real recording engineers. It is exactly like a real mixer/console. The DAW I just left was written by computer geeks who had zero experience on a physical console. The learning curve nightmares about Pro Tools were simply false.

  • from Wayland, NY USA August 5, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician, home studio owner/operator...

    Substantial Performance Improvement...

    I purchased a crossgrade from 8 LE to 11 mostly because I wanted to be able to use a more versatile third party interface instead of being limited by my MBox2. I suspected going in that once installed I'd find my old PC to be inadequate as it barely meets the minimum requirements that Avid recommends for Pro Tools 11 (I have a 2.6Ghz processor and only 4GB RAM). After installation I ran Pro Tools for the first time and proceeded to start testing how my PC would handle it. With 8 LE and the MBox2 I'd start having issues with sluggishness or errors with about 15 audio tracks and lots of plugins running and typical mix routing. To test the upgrade I recorded 32 tracks of audio (8 tracks at a time with a new Fast Track Ultra 8R interface) then loaded all the tracks with plugins to simulate a heavy mixing workload as well as a few submixes and whatnot. It was at that point that it became obvious that the changes Avid made that they claim improve performance and processor/memory useage actually do just that. The old version I had would have gagged on that many plugins and tracks and at 32 tracks (which most likely excedes most project track counts I will run into in my home studio) Pro tools 11 just kept right on running nicely with no glitching or errors or anything. When the performance improvement is combined with what already feels like a more friendly and useable on screen user interface my initial experience has been great. It looks like I can delay a costly PC upgrade for quite a while yet and I have much more versatility and mixing power than I ever had before. Real world recording and mixing situations will tell the real story but so far I'm glad I stepped up to 11 and everything is all thumbs up...

  • from August 2, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Songwriter, Arranger

    Big step and really worth the money

    Just can say that itīs a big, cool next step and definitely worth the money IMO! Though we have to wait for a lot of plugs to be converted to AAX itīs worth the wait actually as it definitely works better, feels better and IMO sounds just better than version 10 (after having compared a number of identical projects, but thatīs only my personal impression ;-)-opinions vary on that of course) . I have never looked back so far (PT user since version 7).. A big thank you to Sweetwater too as the purchase worked perfectly. Thanks to Andy Miller too for his really kind, friendly, professional and accommodating support!

  • from ava mo USa July 12, 2013Music Background:
    Christian rapper


    This is the best software ever!!! Does everything I want and more great stuff!!!!

  • from Tampa, FL January 29, 2015Music Background:
    recording engineer, Pro musician, hobbyist

    PT 11

    Fantastic. But must say that plugins, etc. have been a small pain in the butt, considering that some of them are impossible to get ahold of while others are on the way. some are even impossible to get... Which makes us, your users have to pay out of pocket

  • from Chicago August 1, 2014Music Background:
    Professional Recording Engineer

    Pro-Tools is great iLok is awful

    I've been a pro tools user in a professional arena for 10 years. I love Pro-tools in terms of functionality, reliability as well as sound quality. It is unmatched in terms of those attributes. However, the iLok security key is a thorn in the side. When I bought my Pro-tools 11, iLoks license manager crashed for literally a month locking me out of the program I paid $700.00 for. My iLok has error-ed out and locked me out of this expensive program on at least 3 occasions. In addition to that, if I have my computer with me but my iLok is at home, I cannot use the software. Also, in terms of registration with Avid, they would not allow me to register the boxed version I bought on my online portal because I bought a full boxed unit rather than upgrading through the web. To summarize, I love Pro-tools but their security measures hurt their paying customers who use their software to make a living. Avid and iLok's customer service is the worst in the industry and they pass the buck between each other when you attempt to get a resolution.

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