Avid Pro Tools HD 11 - Upgrade from Pro Tools HD 10 (download) No Longer Available

DAW Software with 64-bit Architecture, Faster-than-real time Bounce, Redesigned Workspace - Mac/PC AAX Native
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Avid Pro Tools HD 11 - Upgrade from Pro Tools HD 10 (download) image 1
Avid Pro Tools HD 11 - Upgrade from Pro Tools HD 10 (download) image 1

Sorry, the Avid Pro Tools HD 11 - Upgrade from Pro Tools HD 10 (download) is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Avid Pro Tools HD 11 - Upgrade from Pro Tools HD 10 (download)
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The New Standard for Audio Production!

Note: This is a special offer for registered owners of Pro Tools HD 10 to upgrade to Pro Tools HD 11 at a special reduced price. Proof of eligibility is required to qualify for this offer. This product also requires an iLok 2 for authorization. Please call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for more information.

With its 64-bit architecture, Avid Pro Tools 11 HD takes the industry-standard DAW to a whole new level. In addition to Pro Tools' straightforward interface and awesome production power, Pro Tools HD 11 comes with major workflow enhancements, ranging from total integration with Avid Media Composer via the all-new Unified Media Engine to redesigned meters that are 30 percent taller and provide 17 extremely useful metering modes. If you're ready to step up your game, talk to your Sweetwater Sales Engineer about upgrading to Avid Pro Tools 11 HD today

Avid Pro Tools 11 HD DAW Software at a Glance:
  • Faster-than-real-time bounce to disk saves you time and processing power
  • Redesigned Workspace Browser makes file navigation simple
  • Professional metering enhancements provide precision monitoring
  • Pro Tools 11 pushes the limits of broadcast and post-production
  • Satellite Link and Video Satellite LE now included FREE!
Faster-than-real-time bounce to disk saves you time and processing power

Another major advantage of Pro Tools HD 11's 64-bit architecture is its faster-than-real-time audio bouncing function. Capable of rendering fully processed audio and up to 150 times playback speed, you can bounce full mixes in a matter of seconds. What's more, you can even bounce down mixes that are far too big to play back on your machine. Whether you're bouncing down a track or stem to free up processing power or rendering a whole mix to hand off to a client, you'll love how much time Pro Tools HD 11's offline bounce feature will save you.

Redesigned Workspace Browser Makes File Navigation Simple

Taking full advantage of Pro Tools HD 11's 64-bit multithreading performance, the new Workspace Browser makes finding, indexing, and relinking files within your sessions incredibly fast and easy. A simple search in the Workspace Browser will let you turn up the files you need in real-time, without affecting your session's performance. Even better, the Project Browser is now integrated directly into the Workspace Browser, giving you the convenience of both functions, with zero window juggling.

Professional Metering Enhancements Provide Precision Monitoring

Meeting the demands of power users in every realm of the media-production world, Avid completely redesigned Pro Tools HD 11's metering section. Pro Tools HD 11 offers 30 percent larger channel meters along with 17 different metering styles/ballistics with customizable settings and in-line gain reduction metering. This lets you configure your on-screen meters to behave the same way as ones on your VENU or MC series console, or in a wide range of other popular metering modes. Pro Tools HD 11 also provides mini meters for each send to go with new send layout modes, and you also get mini gain-reduction meters for individual inserts.

Pro Tools 11 pushes the limits of broadcast and post-production

The power of Pro Tools HD 11 extends far beyond the realm of music production, making it a favorite for video post and broadcast professionals around the world. Integrating your Pro Tools 11 rig with Avid Media Composer is a snap, thanks to interchange options such as OMF/AAF/MXF interchange, Clip Gain metadata support, and a Unified Video Engine that can play most common HD video formats without the need for transcoding.

Satellite Link and Video Satellite LE Now Included FREE!

When it comes to large-scale Pro Tools|HD systems, Pro Tools 11 makes linking your machines easier than ever. Previously a paid option, Pro Tools HD 11 comes with Avid's incredible Satellite Link and Video Satellite LE expansions built right in. That means you can seamlessly synchronize up to 12 Pro Tools|HD systems together, all locked in near-sample accuracy. Video Satellite LE, on the other hand, lets you link a non-HD Pro Tools 11 rig and Pro Tools|HD 11 system together for video playback. Together, these included expansions offer any comprehensive media-production facility a ton of added flexibility.

Avid Pro Tools 11 HD DAW Software Top New Features:
  • Reengineered 64-bit architecture unlocks serious processing power and massive session handling
  • Upgraded audio engine provides superior memory management
  • Faster-than-real-time bounce to disk streamlines your workflow, frees up resources, and allows you to more easily collaborate with other production environments
  • Unified media engine natively supports multiple HD video formats for easier collaboration with Avid Media Composer and other media-production workflows
  • Redesigned Workspace Browser makes project navigation extremely fast and incredibly simple
  • 30 percent larger meters with 17 extremely useful metering modes provide broadcast-quality precision monitoring
  • Gain reduction metering on every channel lets you keep an eye on your dynamics processing
  • Mini dynamics metering and mini sends view allow you to see more in the mix window
  • Major UI improvements including Retina Display support
  • Simple keyboard commands let you quickly disable and enable sends and inserts
  • Capture automation while recording audio
  • Satellite Link/Video Satellite LE included
  • Co-install compatibility with Pro Tools 10 for legacy plug-in support (Pro Tools 10 license included!)
  • Packed with many additional workflow enhancements any long-time Pro Tools user will appreciate
Avid Pro Tools 11 DAW Software Main Features:
  • Industry-standard Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software for Mac and PC
  • Utilize up to 192 voiceable tracks and 160 channels of simultaneous I/O
  • Record and playback audio at up to 192kHz resolution
  • Take advantage of over 70 bundled 64-bit plug-in processors, effects, and virtual instruments
  • Disk Caching lets you eliminates the need for real-time audio streaming
  • Automatic delay compensation (up to 16,383 samples) provides tight mixing with minimal phase issues
  • Multitrack Beat Detective and Elastic Audio let you correct timing across all of your tracks
  • Score Editor and MIDI Editor provide comprehensive composing capabilities
  • Mix various audio file types and formats in a single session without format conversion
  • Create a flawless performances using simple track compositing functions
  • Clip Gain provides dynamic volume flexibility and increases integration with Media Composer
  • Visual indicators for mutes and solos and Bus Interrogation view lets you easily sort out your signal flow
  • Enjoy hands-on mixing with full support for Artist Series and other EUCON-equipped control surfaces
  • Low-latency monitoring with Core Audio and ASIO hardware delivers smoother tracking
  • Read and record from flash drives, RAID systems, network-attached drives, and server storage systems
  • Functions such as Export Selected Tracks as New Session make collaboration with other Pro Tools users easy
  • OMF/AAF/MXF interchange support plus export support for MP3 files, iTunes, and SoundCloud also included
  • Full time-code support with feet and frames rulers and 24-hour timeline support
Upgrade to Avid Pro Tools HD 11, the most powerful and flexible Pro Tools ever!

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