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Avid Pro Tools 10 - Upgrade from LE - Download Reviews

4.5 stars based on 26 customer reviews
  • from Tucson March 26, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician, and Producer

    Protools 10 Upgrade

    Little tough because I had to download from the site with a slow internet connection. I had a little bit of a learning curve to re-associate my plug-in libraries and sound interface function. Avid offered assistance but I figured it out before they could assist. The New Protools 10 is awesome I was not fond of software recording because you could not get the dynamics from computer recording without other third party mastering software. Now with the built in channel strips for EQ and other features I am achieving the same stereo punch, dynamics and can now do mastered mixing and mastering without as much effort with Protools 10.

  • from Gadsden, Al March 15, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-pro; Praise and Worship Sound Manager

    Avid Pro Tools 10

    Wonderful Software Program. A bit intimadating at first glance, but the learning curve gets steeper as the hours of practice grow. It's going to take you a LONG TIME to get into all aspects of this program.
    Now don't get confused about what it does, it's forte is post production editing and mixing. Yes, you can record and you can sequence, but sequencing is not what it's really about. If you want simple "sequence recording to multiple channels with great ease" then go with something like StudioOne-2.5. Very easy and quite impressive. Then if you need to, pull your tracks over to Pro Tools 10 and edit away . . . forever and forever . . . to whatever degree your ability allows . . . it's endless. Abit pricey, but very COMPLETE as far as mixing and editing goes. It is the bench mark in this regard.
    Money well spent, if you are really going to get into heavy post production and mixing.

  • from Marion, IL USA March 12, 2013Music Background:
    Minister of music


    Man, what can I say that has not been said. Anyone that has pro tools 9MP and wants to upgrade, go ahead and do it. At some point you will anyway. This upgrade is very stable. So glad I did. Now I can really go to work!!
    You guys at Sweetwater are fantastic!! Keep up the great work doing what you do. Thank you Avid also.

  • from Texas February 20, 2013Music Background:

    Huge Upgrade from LE8

    Delay Compensation


    Enough said.

  • from Jerome, MI. January 24, 2013Music Background:

    Pro Tools 10

    Dealing with Sweetwater was a great experiance. They are extremely helpful and I never expected such great follow ups. THEY are the ones callin me about if and what problems I might be having. So far, none and I know they are going to be there IF any develope. Best experiance I've ever had with any company.

  • from Cincinnati, Ohio January 17, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Engineer and Producer

    Superb Upgrade for Pro Tools

    After talking with colleagues and hearing reviews of Pro Tools 10, I decided to upgrade my PT9 set-up (I'm usually not one to "chase" software upgrades). And while I'm happy with all the new features so far, the Channel Strip is, by itself, worth the price of admission. It has taken hours off my time by simply selecting this amazing plug-in. It sounds absolutely incredible and will give you the results you need for your projects. Simply amazing!!

  • from Greer, SC January 2, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Aspiring Recording Engineer, Live Sound

    Another Great Discovery - 32 bit Floating

    Don't mean to babble on, but I just salvaged an old sesssion recorded in another DAW a couple of years back that was tracked way too hot (my ignorance at the time) - brought it into PT 10, coverted to 32 bit and the headroom I needed was there. Session will now be going on a CD. It could not have used before.

  • from Greer, SC December 22, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, Live Sound, Aspiring recording engineer

    Upgrade from Protools LE8 to Protools 10

    I held off doing this for a year. I wish I hadn't. I completed a project in the fall that I now wish I had version 10 to complete. Once your are in the flow of 10 (which takes no time if you've used PT before), the edit and mix processes are just so much quicker. The channel strip plug-in is excellent and I love the new clip gain and real time fades. Everything is just - well - faster and cleaner. And I really liked version 8.

    My Sales Engineer is Brandon Eden and he never steers me wrong. It was all he said it would be. I did need some new drivers for my 003+, but one call to Sweetcare took care of that and I was up, running, recording and mixing the same day I gave Brandon the go ahead. Sweetwater is the best CS company I've ever dealt with!

  • from Corpus Christi, TX USA November 24, 2012

    Pro Tools 10

    I upgraded from pro-tools LE 8 and all I can say is, pro tools 10 is all I expected and more! Considerably faster, more flexablity and I enjoy the fact I can break out my favorite audio interfaces. If you have ever worked with Pro Tools, this is the best so far, well worth the money!

  • from September 19, 2012

    Pro Tools 10 (MUST BUY)

    I have just recently purchased Avids Pro Tools 10, must buy. The features on this new program are great! Our waves Gold Plug-ins work great with this program. Anyone looking for the best upgrade for their music experience needs to purchase this program. Thanks to Sweetwater i got it fast as well as all the help i needed to get these programs to work.

  • from Stow, OH August 3, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Chrysologist

    Best version of PT for Windows!

    Pro-Tools 10 pretty much nailed it. If you have Windows and a 002, DO NOT switch your firewire drivers to legacy; use the TI Driver you already have! PT10 is still easy to use, but they seemed to fix a lot of the bugs associated with previous versions. This version has been the best working version for Windows I've EVER owned (been a customer since v.5).

  • from Rochester NY May 6, 2012Music Background:
    Singer Song writer

    Pro Tools 10

    Awsome. Love it ! makes my editing go much faster, My favorite thing about it so far is the clip gain. I can make adjustments on the fly and blend punched in edits that sound as smooth as the original track. Very Glad I bought it from Sweetwater because the technical servise is priceless. Thanks Sweet Water

  • from New Delhi, India. April 27, 2012Music Background:
    Electronic Music Producer | Sound Engineer

    Still The Best For Me

    Have been working with Protools since version 6, later on upgraded to Protools 7 with my Mbox 2 Pro and now after so many years upgraded to Protools 10, what to say it just gets better "no other daw for me". And the best part, it works with any audio interface and more over for which i was worried that will i work with my old ilok and guess what "Yes" it did flawlessly.
    Just one thing Avid needs to give us, is a little more track count.

  • from CLeveland, Ohio USA April 25, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Producer

    The best pro tools I've used.

    I was using pro tools 8 for a long time now and the update to 10 is crazy. I've used pro tools 9 HD in another studio it was nice but pro tools 10 from 8 in my home studio is the best. And Im happy this time I went through sweetwater to get it because of the support they have and the 30-day pass to groov3 website,thats nice.But the overall software is a lot better on the cpu than 8 great job avid. I love the aax plugins they put more on there when I update it to 10.1.2 I love it. But long story short best upgrade for the money,Plus i will make that money back today in the studio thats the good part.GET THIS UPGRADE!!!! As always thanks to my sales engineer TONY DAYTON You the best.

  • from Zion Canyon,UT February 16, 2012Music Background:
    Singer/Songwriter, Engineer

    Awesome upgrades

    PT 10 has some amazing upgrades and can support many more active plugins than previous versions. With 32 bit float sessions you have more headroom and the ilok adaptation allows you to do basic mixing of PT sessions on the move without your digi hardware

  • from Trinidad. W. I. December 26, 2011Music Background:
    Sound engineer/producer

    Best update to date

    I like a lot of the new features In PT10. It has made my workflow even faster. Plus the efficiency of CPU usage is a welcomed plus.

  • from Whitewater, WI December 10, 2011Music Background:
    Engineer, producer, bassist and vocalist.

    Best Pro Tools yet

    Better workflow, better sound, clip volume feature saves a ton of time. I upgraded from PT 8, so it's a real improvement for me, especially the delay compensation feature. Truly great.

  • from Atlanta, GA December 9, 2012Music Background:
    Engineer, producer, songwriter, performer, pro musician


    I really like PT 10. I had 7 for years (& even started on 5). The mix engine with delay compensation actually SOUNDS better than previous versions. And the new features like clip gain, Auto Delay Compensation, multi-track quantize, etc. are great.

  • from TX April 5, 2012Music Background:
    Beat Maker, Producer, Hobbyist

    Its Great1

    I upgraded from Pro Tools 8 LE, and i must say, this is better than i expected. Love the new features, and its a little easier to use compared to the LE version. Plus the upgrade process was super easy! Im Practically recording everyday now!

  • from Katy, TX January 17, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Hobbyist Recording/Mixing Engineer

    Pro Tools 10 Upgrade

    I had to work out the few minor kinks that always appear when you do an upgrade (like updating my iLok driver), but it was nothing like the troubles I experienced in previous upgrades. I am very pleased with the overall stability and performance of PT10 product. The increased stability and performance in itself made the upgrade worth the effort and expense.

  • from St. Charles, MO USA October 10, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Engineer, Writer, Studio builder

    Pro Tools 10 "upgrading if only for a time'

    This was a crossgrade from PT 8 to PT 10. Those of you that are thinking of upgrading from any version other than 9 need to slow down and do your research. Avid has accelerated the pace at which things are no longer going to be supported. My 003 support will end when PT 11 comes out next year. Two factors influenced my decision to stay with Avid. 1, I've been using PT since 2002 and it's in almost every major studio in the world. 2 Sweetwater has qualified people that are accessible for questions, and to help making these decisions. Visit the Avid website regularly, scour the forums and compatibility grids. Things are changing rapidly at Avid. To stay current is costly. To become current after long time costs even more. Thank you Sweetwater for softening the blow and being there with my decision making process. Five stars for Sweetwater, 4 for Avid.

  • from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil April 27, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, producer.

    Great change !!!

    Excellent combination with my Prism Sound Orpheus interface.
    Easy working, more tracks and plug-ins. Low latency.
    Great tool for the home studio owners.

  • from santa fe, NM USA April 21, 2012Music Background:
    pro composer / producer / guitarist

    great (mostly)

    Everything about this version is a major step up from LE 8 which was the last version I had before this.

    ADC, more flexible bussing (and more busses too), easier import / export, possibility to record / mix using 32 floating bit engine etc. There are many reviews which have all crowed about this, and its true it all works.

    Using this with a RAMdisk application on the MAC makes it run a little faster too (as the native version here doesn't support ram caching like the new HD version)

    The only things that are still plaguing this release:

    really unstable core audio drivers, especially if you are using Digi's own 002 and 003 interfaces.

    still 32 bit - really looking forward to PT 11 which will be 64 bit, this will alleviate the other big issue - that ProTools has lots of CPU overruns once you get a few plugins going.

  • from Youngstown, Oh April 19, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    the prodigal

    I began using Pro Tools back around version 5. The dominance of Pro Tools was drilled in my head in school and at work and soon it became a staple in my workflow. Unfortunately I became jaded with it, and switched over to Logic for quite some time. My reasoning for Logic dealt with, open interface selection, auto-delay compensation, great virtual instruments...I was even convinced that Logic "sounded" better. I can no longer say those things. With version 10, Avid has just raised the bar. For people like me doing a lot of work on a native system, I believe version 10 is the way to go. I'm glad to be back with Pro Tools.

  • from NY, nY January 19, 2012Music Background:
    animator--use the software for voiceovers.

    great software

    Pro Tools was and remains a great piece of software. I previously used the LE version and upgraded to 10 when I upgraded my computer. So far, everything has been very smooth with the transition and everything works really well. 10 feels more solid and robust than LE did. The tech support at Sweetwater (as usual) is great and was helpful with the installation. My only issue (which has nothing to do with the software itself) is the cost. I bought my MBox2Pro in 2008 and it came with free Pro Tools LE software. It's not necessary for me to have all the bells & whistles that 10 has and I would've MUCH preferred a pared down version of the software that was less expensive. $500 is A LOT of money for an upgrade (I had no choice--I had 4 years worth of old audio that I needed to reuse that was already down in Pro Tools so couldn't switch to a cheaper software alternative.) Hope Avid is listening! ;-)

  • from Hatboro, PA April 9, 2012


    Not A big upgrade from my Pro Tools 8 considering the price!!! But some of the features save A lot of time for me. But will be A while before upgrading will pay for itself.

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