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Yamaha PSR-S710 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 4 customer reviews
  • from des moines,iowa February 17, 2011Music Background:
    musician over 7 years


    first of all i buy psr s910 this keyboard is great and awesome i enjoy every moment of it.easy direct access and even cooler because you can plug it in your usb and great your own key to send to your friend on line.and now im gonna buy me a psr s710 too.trust me psr s710 and psr s910 are awesome key board.it give you sound you like and let you great your own beat easy.i talk to josh one of the sales man and he even help me walk thru explain every thing i wanna know about this product and thats why im gonna buy me the psr s710.

  • from Damascus, VA April 5, 2012Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    Worship Leader

    Amazing keyboard with realistic sounds and easy to use features. I have used PSR keyboards for many years and this one is the best! Thanks Sweetwater for providing excellent customer service!

  • from St. George, UT March 16, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    Jaw dropping samples

    I brought the S710 to the first band rehearsal and fired up the Sweet Tenor Sax. The drummer looked around and asked who brought the sax. Nice introduction to a great board.

    It is an awesome board. Replacing an MM6 that got damaged, the voices are sweet, the touch responsiveness is awesome, and the controls are very natural to learn.

    One incredible nice touch: On several of the organ sounds, you can speed up and slow down the "rotor" DSP effect. WHen I say speed up and slow down - thats exactly what I mean. You "hear the rotor" winding up or slowing between high and low speeds. Closest thing to a Leslie I've ever heard on a Yamaha board.

    User banks are nice. I can program a whole night of voices into two banks and not have to jump back and forth between categories to find voices.

    All in all a very worthy competitor. Only thing that knocked it down 1/2 star to me was the weight. Very heavy board and will not fit in my current 61 key cases.

  • from India December 26, 2011Music Background:

    Yamaha Psr S710 - Best Keyboard!!

    Experience taught me "Each worthy keyboard has its own soul" - and this Yamaha baby surely has a blissful one! First i list out all the good points -
    1. The quality of sounds - Let me rate them from 1 to 5 (5 being highest) as follows herewith -
    Piano - I rate at 4. My favorite - the Live! Warm Grand Piano. There are 10 of the piano sounds to be selected and all are extremely useful, and nice sounding.
    E-Piano – I rate at 3 My Favorite - the Cool! Electric Piano and the Clavi. Well if you are wondering why I rated 3, then the reason is that there are some sounds like the Tremelo, and the WahClavi that could have been better.
    Organs – Rating is 4.5 this is the best feature. There are around 15 to choose from (My favorite being the Rock Organ) and the sounds are very real.
    OrganFlutes – Rating is 4.5 - the bonanza! Very very realistic and there are lots to choose from.
    Sax andTrumpets - Well, let me put plain that I come from India and out here we rarely get to see or hear saxes / bagpipes. So cant comment and rate on something on which I have no exposure (sorry folks). But I do went thru the category and found that there are many varieties provided by Yamaha in these categories.
    Weak point - Synths and Pads – Rating is 2.5 – this is the weakest part of this keyboard.. Very few synth sounds – most of them are just bells and whistles.. Roland M -50 scores far better in this category. But again, it depends on which music you are into – if you into retros and use leads, then this keyboard fill fit the bill. However, if you are looking at those “pumping” jassy basslines, then this keyboard is a big let down in this category.
    2. Other features – USB recording I haven’t tried. The buttons are good, though the overall look is quite plastique. How I wish that Yamaha would have provided some knobs for voice control… Knobs are the thing… Well Well, I need to satisfy myself with buttons…. Also please do remind yourself that this is not a synthesizer; it’s an out and out WKstation Keyboard!.
    Overall rating – Would rate at 4.5, except for if someone into synth sounds then the rating is 3.

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