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Yamaha PSR-E433 61-key Portable Arranger Reviews

4.5 stars based on 5 customer reviews
  • from Canada November 14, 2012Music Background:

    Yamaha PSR-E433 Review

    For sure it is an affordable keyboard as an hybrid of e-piano and syn. The extra value is the ability of creating background harmony, DJ patterns, styles. to allow all level players to create/innovate their own kind of music for real or for fun. Its more like a great music educational tools for beginner. The manual is too simple, however, to test out more stuffs and their application.

  • from New Ulm, MN September 20, 2012Music Background:
    Professional musician (keyboards) since 1961.

    An absoluetly GREAT keyboard for the price!

    Yamaha did it again! I absolutely love the new PSR-E433. The new changes are awesome. The main new change on this price range PSR is the ability to remove parts of the style in REAL TIME as you play. This makes the keyboard much more usable onstage, and by taking parts out of the style you don't need you can save on the polyphony you use. They have taken the styles they 'kept' out of the older PSR's and greatly improved them and tightened them up. The new styles added (and there are many) are just great! The DJ-Pattern section is fun to use, too. For the price you simply cannot beat this keyboard. I'd recommend it to anyone. In this price range nobody can beat it! I still wish they would add a dedicated out for the amp instead of just using the headphone output...and I would like them to add a separate volume control for the styles so you can also adjust the style volume in real time. These are minor things...basically they hit a home run with this new E433!!!

  • from Sugarcreek,Ohio July 28, 2012Music Background:

    Nice Keyboard!

    My PSR E433 just came in yesterday and I was able to try it out for a while last night. Pretty nice layout of everything plus a nice appearance overall.
    Good sound's through the on board speaker's. If you are going to use batteries in this make sure you check the setting's to switch between regular or rechargeable ones.(It can effect the battery life according to the manual.) Like I said I just got it but am very happy with it so far. Sweetwater are great people to deal with.!!

  • from June 8, 2015

    Its great

    Its not complety perfect
    Yamaha PSR-E433
    Sounds -9/10 sounds are real good but if you played it in a default settings let me say 7/10 but you can costumize it so i'll say its almost completely perfect
    Keys - 61
    The keys are good i'll say 8/10
    Its has nice smooth plastic key
    Suitable for any songs but after a month many issues shown up in the web
    80% of them have key issues
    They say that when they played C or F or Bb or G it play abnormal volume or its not responding That will result 5/10
    But the only way to fix it is open up the keyboard with your own risk
    You must do it with at lease one person will help you to just clean the keys and all the thing inside it .
    Talking about price its 100% cheap than the other its the best for its price

  • from July 31, 2013Music Background:

    The wonderful exploration machine!

    There are unlimited possibilities in this machine! If you have played around its previous versions, E333, E413 or E423, you'd have realised the possibilities were fewer. But with E433, you can't go wrong. The depth and expression of voices stand this instrument apart.
    You have to select a voice randomly, and you instantly hear the difference. A powerful surge will grab you, literally taking your breath away. You get the same quality voices in this price range in E433 that are available in other brands for a four-fold price!
    And the styles are terrific! You can remove or add parts of styles to add drama in the musical expression.
    There are too many voices with that punch and clarity we missed in earlier psr models. There are a lot of modes and scopes of experiments in this sound machine. With filters and effects you can add new dimensions in sound in realtime. Guitars, Sopranos, Saxas, EPs, Flutes, Trumpets and Leads you find a creative canvas of infinite space and resolution! The richness and appeal of voices triggers your imagination to explore and create something new and beyond your musical perceptions as well.
    A must have instrument!

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