Graph Tech String Saver Originals for Strat & Tele - 2 1/16" spacing

String Saver Saddles for Strat- and Tele-style Electric Guitars
Graph Tech String Saver Originals for Strat & Tele - 2 1/16
Graph Tech String Saver Originals for Strat & Tele - 2 1/16
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Graph Tech String Saver Originals for Strat & Tele - 2 1/16" spacing
In Stock!

Superb Sustain and Dependability

The Graph Tech String Saver Saddles for Strat- and Tele-style electric guitars make for a big upgrade in tone and playability for a small price. Load the String Saver Saddles on your Strat or Tele, and you'll immediately notice a more balanced tone with improved sustain. String Saver Saddles are formulated with a combination of materials that improve tone and reduce broken strings at the same time. String Saver Saddles have a more balanced frequency response over traditional metal saddles, which ultimately gives you more power over how your final tone is actually shaped. Best of all, you can expect an increase in sustain up to 25% over brass saddles and 15% over steel saddles - that's a huge upgrade for a small price! Check out the Graph Tech String Saver Saddles to enhance your Strat or Tele's tone and playability.

Graph Tech PS-8000-00 String Saver Saddles Features at a Glance:

  • Special metallurgical recipe reduces broken strings

  • Noticeable increase in sustain over brass or steel saddles
  • More balanced frequency response than traditional metal saddles for more control over your tone
  • Self-lubricating design ensures peak performance and long-lasting durability
  • Corrosion resistant for long-term playability
The Graph Tech PS-8000-00 String Saver Saddles Are a Huge Guitar Upgrade at a Low Price!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number PS-8000-00

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Great Inexpensive Mod - FANTASTIC SADDLES!

Under the heading of teaching an "old dog - new tricks"... Bought a new American Std Strat from my long time Sweetwater Sales Rep, Chris McCown. He suggested some locking tuners and Graph Tech Saddles as an upgrade. To be honest I was a little skeptical... Locking tuners was an easy sale, but I NEVER ever really thought about my saddles? Played several gigs before I wrote this review. In short - these saddles are an amazing upgrade! How something so simple could make such a tonal difference is beyond me... My thoughts; these give a little more mid range - in a good way, and much better sustain. But here is the best part; I beat the heck out of this new guitar - actually trying to break a string on the last two gigs - nope, guitar stayed in tune, pulled strings all over the fret board, very little slippage; and no broken strings! Impressive! Best testimonial I can give; I am now placing these saddles in ALL of my upper end stage guitars for live performing. Thanks Chris / Sweetwater - keep the gear recommendations coming! - Guy
Music background: 40+ years and still gigging!

Was skeptical, now amazed

I play a highway one tele American, with a modded bridge to accommodate a bareknuckle humbucker. Bought the bridge on eBay. And after a year of playing the rust was getting bad and I was breaking strings almost every practice. Now with the graphite saddles.... Sustain increased, strings felt slinkier, bending is effortless. And didn't notice a loss in tone at all. It really turns any guitar into a professional level and allows strings to resonate to its full potential.
Music background: Classical piano, metal, hardcore, blues, indie rock, surf rock, folk, pop, R&b

New saddles for my ibanez

Bought these to replace my stripped out saddles on my Ibanez RG. I was looking just repair 2 saddles never had in mind that these would take my low end RG to another level. Sustain and intonation as well as action all took a leap forward for $39 bucks. The guitar plays and sounds totally different in a great way. Graphite saddles are wonderful I highly recommend them. Hard tail RG guitars 2 1/16 worked perfect.

String saver

Often overlooked item but critical for guitar feel and tone. Theses saddles are great. No more broken strings!!!

great aftermarket saddles!

Replaced the stock saddles on an Ibanez RG321 hard tail and am extremely happy with how it turned out. guitar's tone is improved, and saddles were very easy to install. would definitely consider these in the future on other guitars.
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