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JBL PRX715XLF - 15" Subwoofer Reviews

4.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • Len
    from Winston Salem NC September 18, 2015Music Background:

    The Real De3al

    Been thinking about & wanting to add a sub to my 3 piece R&R band for years. Finally took the plunge and bought this one to go with our JBL PRX715 Fronts. Don't have room to transport two so I was a little apprehensive about having just one, but believe me, it adds so much o our sound. Yes, two would be great, but I am so pleased and happy I bought this one. I talked to some sound people that know a lot more than me, and they said buying one of the $500 cheaper ones is a waste of money. One of these babies is all you need if you play restaurants/clubs, country clubs, sports bars, even outside venues. We run our volume at about 75% capacity, and the added bottom end makes us all sound better.
    Well worth the money. You won't be sorry.
    Rock on !

  • Customer
    from March 5, 2015

    Great Subs

    These Subs sound great. Contrary to the other reviews, I haven't noticed any fan noise. Small and lightweight, with a nice tight low end.

  • Tim
    from Detroit, MI. May 30, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Efficient and Effective

    Nice addition to the 515XT - may upgrade everything to PRX

  • Kevin
    from Seattle WA October 9, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer


    Nice powerful well built. the only thing that I don't like is: too much noise on the coolant fans. needs to redesigns.

  • Trent
    from Flyway / Fox Pomona May 17, 2015Music Background:
    Production manager

    Where's the gain?

    I would recommend this to my DJ friends who are going house to house with their own speakers. I would not recommend these for large spaces or any outdoor space bigger than 30'x30'. If you were to use an iPod, a laptop, or a midi DJ controller setup you MUST have a form of external gain like a post gain out on your main speakers, a small 4ch board or a DJ mixer or you'll never be able to use these. I wouldn't buy again since there are better alternatives priced closely. Also, don't buy speakers based on Watts. Look at SPL in the specs.

    -Super light, doesn't require the arm-span of a pterodactyl to carry it solo unlike the QSCKW181 18" I'm used to.

    -Sound is clean, tight and has some resonance. Great "bump bump" tight bass, and good "woom wub goom" resonance.

    -Slender but taller. This is great for transportation and packing something like a 4 door sedan or even a Mazda Miata passenger seat.

    -No Gain. I can't get any good volume out of these without some external gain structure. I have two turned up all the way and I can't hear them. Needs an external mixer (DJ Mixer works) with gain capabilities or they're pretty useless. My structure: iPod into DI box (proAV2) via RCA. Out DI box into JBL EON612 via XLR. Out of JBL EON612 using THRU output via XLR into PRX715LF. Seriously I can barely hear my pair of them and I'm 7' away. Not a polarity issue, tested.

    -Little pricey for what it is, who it's for and what the alternative purchases could be.

    -Plastic buttons on the backs feel cheap and aren't obvious whether they're pushed in or out.

  • Bob Harvey
    from Central VA November 17, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound

    Excessive Fan Noise

    I heard these subs recently and agree with Kevin about the excessive fan noise.

    The sound is typical of a 15" sub ... nice and tight with no boom. A pair of these would be ideal for a small to mid size room.

    For those whose motto is to not buy anything that takes two people to carry, this sub is ideal. At 56 lbs., its quite easy to carry.

    Back to the fan noise. it resonates around 350 Hz and can readily be heard over the program material.

    I've never heard the fans on any of the QSC K or KW series. Pity that JBL could not do that on this otherwise nice sub.

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