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PRS SE Angelus Standard - Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 19 customer reviews
  • from Virginia March 13, 2015

    My PRS SE Angelus Review

    I purchased mine from Sweetwater last August (2014). Sweetwater customer service was excellent as usual. I have several accoustics along with a Martin and a dreadnought that was custom made by a luthier in Greer SC. The PRS has a sound all of it's own. It doesn't sound like any of my other guitars, which is why I bought it. It is really balanced across all 6 strings and sounds really sweet plugged in with the distinct tonal balance design that PRS has achieved with the bracing. I use it on stage in our praise band weekly and almost exclusively now because it sounds so darn good plugged in and is able to cut through the mix. At this price range, it is an extremely good value trust me. I did have to sand the bone bridge down to get the action down where I prefer it, but other than that the playability, looks, quality are all there. It's a PRS!

  • from March 7, 2015Music Background:
    Musician and couch potato

    Very excellent customer service

    I just ordered the PRS SE Angelus Standard-Natural. Was extremely pleased with the customer service that helped me through the process of ordering it. Would highly recommend sweet water. As for the guitar, well you can't go wrong with a PRS in my book. So BUY BUY BUY!!!!

  • from San Diego, CA, USA March 6, 2015Music Background:
    35+ years: live, pro, recording, hobby...fun!

    Great Odin's Raven!!!

    To be completely honest, I was really concerned about all the stellar reviews. Not having the chance to play before buying, I thought what if it can't live up to the hype? Mine arrived yesterday, and I'm glad to say I'm well over those concerns. I've played mostly Taylor over the past few years (they are indeed great guitars) and would easily put this up against something in the 614 range, but it still wouldn't have the electronics package, DSP, bindings, inlays, nut, saddle, etc. Is this a subjective judgment? Yes it is but at a value proposition of roughly 4:1, it's a comparison I'm willing to stand by. I've seen other reviewers compare the neck to what you might expect on an electric, and I'd agree with that. I have large hands and find the large neck profile (think LP or SG) with the low/uniform action to be very playable for me. I'm a pick player, but I would imagine finger-stylists would find this an asset as well. The sound is exactly what I wanted: a clear bell-like high end and tight thick bass with a nice balance across the EQ spectrum. One other comment on the sound, this thing really projects, I can't recall playing anything with this much potential for sheer volume short of a Gibson Jumbo. I don't recall anyone mentioning the battery compartment (and photos don't show it), but it is integrated with the 1/4" jack beneath the strap post, and is very easy to open and replace the battery. The only thing I might consider an issue is the neck/body balance. It's nowhere near like playing an SG, but if you're used to LP and Strat, you might notice it. Just buy a wide strap and that will balance it out. I hear these are being discontinued and the window of opportunity is closing, my recommendation is get on board if you can. As always, Sweetwater is the best, thank you Brian VanDeKeer, you’re awesome!

  • from Portage, IN March 3, 2015Music Background:
    Active musician

    Sa - weet !!

    Just received mine last Friday & this is one fantastic guitar. Right out of the box it was in tune & set up perfectly. The playability is trademark PRS & the tone is amazing. The neck profile is very similar the pattern regular neck shape on their electrics, a little beefier, but not overpowering. I have small hands for a guitarist and this neck fits me very comfortably. I've played them all, martin, gibson, taylor, ibanez, ovation, seagull. Thie Angelus far surpasses them all. And if this guitar had the moniker 'Taylor' on it, the price would be $1500 - $1700 Easily !! I've owned lots of acoustics over the past ten years and can honestly say this is 'THE ONE' . I've played PRS electrics for years and this Angelus has that same trusted playability !! I purchased this guitar without ever having played one 'cause nobody close to me carries them & I ordered it without hesitation 'cause I trust my sales rep. Robby THAT much. This is one sweet acoustic !

  • from Pittsburgh, Pa. July 10, 2014Music Background:
    just a hobbyist now

    I just love it!

    This is just the sweetest guitar! I've had it for almost 1 year now and it just gets better. I haven't played since I was a kid, 45 years ago when we were all in bands. I'd decided to pick it up again so on New Years day 2013 I dragged an old friend to Guitar Center to help me check out a guitar I'd been reading great reviews about. Unfortunately they did not have the PRS Angelus SE Std. or Custom. So I settled for a Breedlove Passport. It was a nice guitar and got me going again, but I kept thinking about the PRS. Then one day I decided to pull the trigger with help from Charlie Davis at Sweetwater and I never looked back. As far as what is best about it, read the other reviews. Yeah! What they said! In spades! I haven't played a lot of high end guitars but I wouldn't be afraid to put this guitar up against anything. The beauty of the woods, the ringing sound, the balance, and the incredible sustain just blow me away for a guitar in this price range. The electronics are great and the tuner is spot on. I take it out of the case and it's always in tune! Harmonics are spot on! And the case! Forget about it! You're not likely to find much better. Prs hit one out of the park as far as I'm concerned. The only criticism is the glue smell when you open the case. I emailed Prs and a tech got right back to me. He suggested fabric softener sheets in the case and the odor was mostly gone in a couple days. Now there is just the pleasant smell of the guitar itself. If you're thinking about it, stop! Just buy it, now!!! Thaks Prs!

  • from Jacksonville, FL May 18, 2014Music Background:

    Great guitar

    This guitar sounds, plays, and looks fantastic. Its sound is balanced and beautiful. Overall, a wonderful instrument. The hardshell case it comes with is top-notch, too. The onboard electronics work very well and sounds great plugged in for direct recording or amped. I can't believe they are able to sell a guitar of this quality for the price. I've never ordered a new guitar online before, and was a bit apprehensive. But with Sweetwater's 55 point inspection, free 2 year warranty, and unmatched customer service, I was willing to give it a try. My sales engineer Ray Leach called me personally after I placed the order, arrived in 4 days with free shipping, and was VERY securely packaged. Out of the box, the guitar was set up and played perfectly. I know where I will be buying my instruments from now on, thanks Sweetwater!

  • from Northern Virginia May 1, 2014Music Background:
    Part time Musician

    Fantastic Acoustic guitar - Great Price

    The PRS SE Angelus was a very pleasant surprise. I read all of the reviews at Sweetwater that stated how good this guitar was. They were all true.
    I am really blown away. The guitar plays great and sounds amazing. It is very loud.
    The pickup system is also excellent and sounds excellent when amplified.
    An amazing value and for Korean import, the fit, finish, and workmanship is outstanding. I can not find anything to complain about with this guitar. It is a pleasure to play.
    I have several high end acoustic guitars that cost much more than this guitar, but is has become one of my main acoustics.

  • from Minneapolis, MN April 22, 2014Music Background:
    Lifelong student of music .

    Fantastic. At any price.

    I thought I was going to have to drop $1,000 to $1,500 on a Martin or Taylor to find what it was that I was looking for. Try out the Angelus SE and put that notion to rest! A beautiful, balanced sound that has a lot of potency for the size and shape of the guitar, playability that I enjoy for hours on end, and PRS quality. It might be a "budget" guitar by some peoples' standards, but it's clearly built to last, built to play, built to enjoy. I could go on, but I'll just say that once you buy one, you'll know where you money went!

  • from Sterling Heights, MI April 18, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Gospel, Jazz< R &B , POP…Recording Engineer, Arranger, Producer

    More than what I expected…A Steal!!!

    I'm a long time player who needed an Electric Acoustic for recording and live work. Didn't have the budget for at 2 & 3K guitar..So, I did some research and stumbled on the PRS SE Angelus . Called my long time Sweetwater Rep ( Paul Lea) to ask him about it..He told me it was a steal of a buy. And that I would not be disappointed.. Well, as per usual, he was right.. The Instrument came out off the box PERFECT!!! Low action, no fretting out, no buzz…Perfect..The tone sound like a 3k Acoustic Electric ( Rainsong) ..Very balanced!! The bass end is beyond balanced.. Folks , you have to pay BIG! bucks to get this balance across 6 strings..

    The neck..Wow.. I'm an electric player, and this neck and frets makes me feel right at home.. Plugged in, another WOW! BALANCED… Sweet , non brittle, Quacky, Piezo sound.. This baby sounds like you've plugged into Neve or API pre amp…The higher are smooth..The miss are there , but transparent. And, the lows and just right..Not boomy , but tight.. :)
    ME..Very Happy

  • from Los Angeles, CA March 4, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Pro musician, 40+years of playing

    WOW, this thing rings forever!

    Just got my SE Angeles Standard via Fed Ex from Sweetwater. WOW! This is one beautiful guitar! I spent a few minutes just looking it over and I have to say the quality is just amazing - even if it were 4 times the price. Then I grabbed a pick and hit a few chords and riffs and that's when I was really blown away. It has a chimey quality that seems to go on forever. Intonation seems spot-on and the action is just right. I'm sure it will continue to amaze the more I get into it. Trust me, I've played just about everything in 40+ years of playing and this rivals my D-28 in all areas except maybe the deep, booming bass. Being born and raised on the acoustic guitar and then transitioning to banjo, pedal steel and electric, I think this will be a great inspiration in getting back to my acoustic self. Thanks to Mike Harris at Sweetwater for taking the time to discuss this beforehand and help me make my decision. Another satisfied customer...

  • from bergenfield, NJ March 2, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar Enthusiast

    Beautiful sound

    Beautiful sound out of the Box. Build quality is exceptional . kudos to PRS. I have the guitar for 2 weeks now sound gets better everyday. Everytime I come home from a busy work, this guitar plays like an ANGEL truly. This is a keeper.

  • from Waynesville, NC July 14, 2013Music Background:
    35 year veteran guitar player and former professional recording engineer.

    PRS SE Angelus Standard (Acoustic-Electric) WOW!!!

    please allow me to say that I have never purchased a guitar without having played it-especially an acoustic guitar. With that said, I have played, owned or recorded just about every guitar one could imagine. Personally, I have owned Gibson J-45, Martin HD-28, Taylor 514 ce, 914 ce, and Guild DCE 3 just to name a few. This guitar is quite possibly one of the most balanced guitars I have ever had the pleasure to play. Honestly. I had read numerous reviews of this guitar and, for the most part they have been quite favorable. There are also quite a few nay-sayers as well. At the end of the day what really matters is whether or not one is happy with the instrument. Yes?
    I have matured enough in my musical journey to understand that in the final analysis it really does not matter where the instrument was made. How does it sound? How does it play? How does it feel? Does it inspire?
    Could one spend 5-10x as much and get an ALL American version of this guitar? Absolutely. The question one should be asking is whether or not there is difference worthy of the expenditure? The answer is no. That is not to say that the ALL American version are not quality instruments. They are PRS guitars after all.
    I have had the Angelus for about five days now and it just keeps sounding better (bare in mind that the worst any instrument will sound is the day you purchase it). Unplugged the tone is very beautiful and balanced. Miced with an AKG 414 off axis at the sound hole, the tonality is still beautiful and balanced. Plugged in, the on board electronics really allow this guitar to reach another level.
    The quality of this guitar simply must be seen and heard to be believed.
    I have been dealing with Sweetwater for about 17 years and I have never been led astray. This purchase was no exception.
    I have a friend that recently spent over 5K on a custom made acoustic (of very notable repute). He played my Angelus this weekend. At the end of the day he simply shook his head in disbelief and remarked at just how beautiful The Angelus sounded in comparison to his recent expenditure.
    It should be noted that regardless of where the instrument is made it is still a PRS and PRS is known for quality.
    For the folks that think PRS has no business in the acoustic realm, I beg you to think again. These guitars are beautiful to see and hear.

  • from April 9, 2013

    First PRS - won't be the last

    At this price point, I can't believe there is a better guitar - sound or finish. Everything was just right - action, tone, and electronics. Absolutely love it and will now be looking at PRS for my next electric.

  • from Rohnert Park CA May 18, 2014Music Background:

    Musician's Tool of the Trade

    I took this guitar out for my first live solo performance and it was perfect. Getting a great sound out of the guitar was made easy for the sound man thanks to the PRS electronics. Bought this guitar to record as well as play out live and the PRS Angelus SE Standard ihas proven to be capable of both giving me a great sound. This guitar had turned out to be a champ for me.

  • from NYC April 30, 2014Music Background:
    Broadcast Exec


    I play a Taylor acoustic. Was looking to replace an Ovation (which sounds dead compared the PRS). Looked at a few in this price range and higher - tried the PRS and ordered it that same day. Out of the box the action was great (comes with heavy gauge exp's). Nice highs and lows and a real strong mid-range - banging chords or finger picking - through an amp or on it's own . It rings! Awesome tone. Looks cool. A great guitar.

  • from March 11, 2014

    Clarity and great sustain

    Great guitar for a beginner or an intermediate player. I've been playing for 20 plus years, and while I may not be at an expert level, I know when I hear a good sound. This guitar is no exception.

    Great sound from the get go. Changed the strings to Elixirs and the edginess of the EXP strings were subdued a bit. Now, I hear this clear, briliant, and refined sound through a sub-1000 guitar. Can't ask for more.

  • from Rockford, IA January 14, 2014Music Background:
    Experienced Musician

    Money Well Spent

    I did a lot of research before deciding on the Angelus SE. The reasons that I chose this model were that it had so much solid wood in addition to real bone nut and saddle, hard case and other quality components that other instruments in this price range did not have. These coupled with good looks, good reviews and the PRS reputation for quality made me believe that this would be the best value of any guitar between $500 and $1000 dollars. I was planning to save up and buy one of these to replace an aging dreadnought but my wife surprised me and got this for my birthday because she knew I was drooling over it. Now that I have the guitar I believe that I/she made the right choice. It's even more impressive in person. I've always wanted a Taylor but I'm glad I got the PRS instead.
    She bought from Sweetwater because everyone knows that no one else gives the level of service that they do. They stand behind the products that they sell. That made buying from them a safe bet and we have no regrets. Not only that but they helped her keep it a secret until my birthday! Nice job Sweetwater. They also had the lowest price. What could be better?
    As soon as you see the case you know that this is a quality instrument. The case is beautiful, perfectly fitted and has the nicest handle I ever held onto. The plush interior is very nice and everything about the case is absolutely perfect. It has a useful "stuff pouch" as well.
    The guitar itself is gorgeous. The bird inlays and unique sound hole roset really make the instrument stand out. The woods are very nice and the urethane finish is flawless. It also appears to be very thin as you can see the ripple of the wood grain just like a nitrocellulose finish. Figured maple binding would look nicer than the white plastic but for this price, who's complaining?
    The sound of the guitar that I received is extremely nice. There is a very nice balance of low, mid and high frequencies due to the construction of the guitar. It has a beautiful tone and great sustain. I was surprised by how much it really does sound like the recording played by Dave Weiner on the Sweetwater website. It is also really loud. The electronics are excellent and reproduce the acoustic sound very well. The EQ is very good in my opinion. The built in tuner is a great feature. I didn't realize how much I would like this but it is so easy to use. I like the location of the battery access also. It's easy to get to. The guitar is very well balanced. It is as big as a dreadnought but feels smaller because of it's shape. My wife likes playing it also because it is so comfortable, sounds great and it's beautiful.
    The neck has a great feel to it. The string spacing is just right for me because I have thin fingers. It feels a little different than most acoustics but in a good way. The fret work is very nice and I love the bird inlays. They look great and sit flush with the fingerboard so you never feel them when playing. The headstock is pure PRS and the tuners couldn't be any better.
    Okay, nobody is perfect so now for the criticisms. As you would expect there is not the same level of fit and finish on a budget Korean made PRS as with a USA made guitar (that incidentally costs over 5 times as much). The things that I don't like are few but for the very picky guitarist these stand out. These are why I gave 4.5 stars instead of 5. First, the edge of the bridge saddle has not been rounded or smoothed at all so if you palm mute it feels a little uncomfortable. This will have to be filed and sanded so that it doesn't feel pokey. Secondly the nut protrudes past the edge of the neck just enough to be felt. You don't feel it when playing but you do when you grab the guitar to pick it up. Third, on mine there is a slightly rough area above the 20th fret where it looks like the final sanding din't take out all of the scratch marks from the initial sanding. This is a "looks only" thing because you can't fret a note here anyway. However, when a guitar looks this nice you tend to study it more so something like this doesn't look right with the rest of the instrument. Lastly the kerfing around a few of the back braces was cut a little rough so it doesn't fit tight to the braces. Structurally this means nothing but I'm a wood worker so I'm nit picky about joins and therefore I notice this when looking through the sound hole.
    In conclusion I honestly think that this is a great guitar (not just because I have one) and I would recommend it to anyone. I'd say it's money well spent.

  • from Philadelphia March 18, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar novice but improving daily!

    Amazing sound

    Great overall guitar. I bought this without having ever played it and was blown way by the volume and quality of sound.

    I'm relatively new to the guitar scene - about 1.5 years in - but I have a PRS 245 SE electric and really liked the quality of the SE guitars. Previously, I had a novice's beginner guitar. This was my step up to a better instrument and I couldn't have picked a better guitar.

    I do see where details could be improved on the actual parts and construction but that's not to take away from the guitar. I think that's what you pay for in the non-SE version which is like $6k. So, I'm more than happy paying $900 or so for this model!

    Very potent glue smell in the case (case is awesome too!) but I think that's because it's so new.

    Finally, this was my first purchase on Sweetwater. I was really blown away by the service and will continue buying from them.

  • from Evans City, PA May 14, 2013Music Background:
    Vocalist, guitarist - all styles for 40+ years (and still trying to get it right)

    Above average quality

    Bought the standard from Sweetwater a few weeks ago, and I must say that Sweetwater continues to set the standard for customer service. The overall looks of the guitar is outstanding. I couldn't find a flaw on mine (mahogany). The integrity of the guitar seems to be pretty good, although I think the tuners are slipping a little. This should be an easy adjustment. Action is good; could be a little higher at the low end as there is some buzzing and neck itself is a little thin and narrow for me (I have large hands). Unplugged, this guitar is average in my opinion. My Martin DRS2 has more girth with a broader tonality. The woods are different which may account for some of the difference. When this guitar is plugged in, it's absolutely amazing! PRS has found the "sweet" spot for the location of the pickup. It's simply crystal clear. Personally, I think it rivals the Aura, Elipse, and certainly the Expression System (which I've never been a fan of). The attention to detail, wood grades, structure and pluged-in sound make this a great buy for the price. If this axe was made in the US and tweeked a little, it would probably run between $2,000-$3,000. Thanks PRS! and double thanks to Sweetwater and Sales Engineer Paul Rowan for making this purchase painless!

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