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Monster Power PowerCenter PRO 3500 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 22 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Carson McClain

    For this price, buy two. When you need a power conditioner you can trust, and I mean really trust to deliver perfect power to your computer, your keyboard rig, or your entire home studio, this is it. For the price and value, it is unbeatable.

  • from North Bend, WA January 21, 2014

    Monster PowerCenter PRO 3500

    The Monster PRO 3500 power center is a very nice piece of kit, to say the least, i just paid an electrician $280 to do a complete diagnostic in my home and studio to check for ground or voltage issues, and I'll be damned if so much of what he did isn't covered by the PRO 3500.

    I was surprised at just how thorough this power conditioner is.
    1. it gives real time voltage current in a bright red display so you know exactly how much current is coming through your socket.
    2. it tells you if there are any ground issues at that socket.
    3. it tells you if there is any wiring fault at the socket as in the wiring being reversed, (just in case you've been doing your own tinkering).
    4. it has numerous stages of power filtering for various types of gear, which really comes in handy with all the mixing and matching of digital and analogue effects going on these days.
    5. it appears to be built like a tank, 20lbs of steel and wire, if my dog dosn't stop an intruder from coming in, Im gonna throw this thing at him.
    6. I wanted to buy other gear, but I knew I really needed to protect my expensive gear from dodgy power sources, and though I could have skimped on cheaper models, I knew the minute I had it setup and working that I had made a smart choice.
    If your serious about your gear you owe it to yourself to power it up with this bad boy.

  • from USA October 29, 2013Music Background:
    Composer, Musician, Recording and Mixing Engineer

    Does The Trick

    So... I'm not sure why people think power conditioning is a religious thing (ie, you have to believe it to hear it)?

    Unless you are working in a building where the power is already conditioned, it's great to be aware that what is coming out of the wall is a pretty untamed flow, full of impurities and irregularities.

    While this unit is not a voltage regulator, it is a high performance piece.

    I'm sure the Furman stuff is great as well, but the last Furman unit I had was the Merit series, which is similar to a power strip you would buy at your everyday electronics store. I would describe that as a bike, and this Monster 3500 is a car.

  • from Mitchell, NE September 4, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician

    Clean POWER

    Works perfectly for what I need. Plenty of inputs to run both my studio and live sound. It makes noisy guitar amps quiet as a mouse. I no longer hear any buzz or 60 cycle hum in my monitors and speakers. I'm happy to know my investments are protected in case of a surge. I love the readout telling me how many volts I'm getting out of any particular outlet. Overall I HIGHLY recommend this product!

  • from Meridian, ID USA August 2, 2013Music Background:
    Sound tech

    super easy to use in our rack

    Great protection for the price, and easy to use with the plugs in the rear, keeps is nice and clean. The light is perfect for the rear or in the front. I am happy with it so far.

  • from July 5, 2013

    Great buy!

    Did everything I wanted it to do.

  • from Manassas, VA USA June 26, 2013Music Background:
    Studio Guitarist


    Way better than all those other conditioners.
    You can't skimp on power.

  • from United States March 18, 2013Music Background:

    monster power center 3500

    this product is excellent,you have safe all your devises,sound is excellent and the features are very clear,this price for this factory sealed product is the best i find on all the internet ,is from sweetwater store,thanks

  • from Fort Myers, FL March 15, 2013Music Background:
    recording engineer, broadcast engineer, semi pro musician

    Made my whole system sound better

    I knew noise filtering would help but was amazed at the drop in the noise floor in all the equipment. Guitar amps lost hums and buzzes. great investment that is well worth the money.

  • from Redding, Connecticut March 15, 2013Music Background:
    Musician and home theatre enthusiast

    Solid Product!

    Excellent product. Solidly built and well thought out. I love the XLR light outputs, font and back. Makes hooking up wiring a whole lot easier!

  • from Fort Myers February 21, 2013Music Background:
    little bit of this and that

    Wish I had bought sooner

    This cleaned up all kinds of noises and buzzs in amps.. got it on sale and now wish I had bought two... Just got it so can't speak to longevity but it does do what it claims to do.. I was amazed at the difference it made..

  • from United States November 15, 2012Music Background:

    Great Unit

    Works great. Looks even better in the rack. Monster products are usually good quality but overpriced; but this unit is worth every penny. Very solidly built.

    Remember, though, this excellent power conditioner/surge protector. It is NOT a voltage regulator !

  • from Bandera, TX USA September 28, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound / & Hobbyist

    As Advertised

    So far this unit has met all my expectations and everybody in our little impromptu studio is pleased with it's performance.

  • from No,La July 19, 2012Music Background:
    Bassist, Aspiring Engineer

    Excellent Product

    I couldn't be happier with this unit. I had some nasty electical noise in my house. As soon as I would turn on my monitors, I would want to go start making the noose up. I bought over $600 worth of tubes for my SVT, and it was buzzing and making the same noise as the monitors. I picked up this unit, and the SVT is quiet as a mouse. Monitors couldnt be quieter. Does what it says, with style...

  • from Ohio March 13, 2012

    Should have had this a long time ago...

    I haven't had this unit long, but it has done all I ask of it. Protects my gear and I have noticed a much quieter signal from everything. I use some old Fender and Vox amps and some newer plus all my pedals etc. and it has performed perfectly and everything is not only quiet but safe. Thanks to my sales engineer (Greg Baum) for recommending this unit. So far, so good.

  • from Cleveland, Ohio USA February 24, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/Producer

    I Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was using my gear with no power conditioner and I heard hissing noise hums and it was just not right. Now I finally got everything hooked up and I notice an big difference. Everything sounds better.I can mix my songs the right way now. And the best thing is, I know my studio equipment is safe and protected. Shout out to my sells engineer TONY DAYTON for looking out for me on this one Thank you Tony. And thanks for the candy. But if you need clean power buy this power conditioner worth every penny.

  • from Ft. Wayne, IN February 21, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    An Insurance Policy with Rack Mount Ears

    Clean, safe, reliable power. 3 stage on and off. Peace of mind. Even comes with a goose neck lamp too.

  • from Memphis, TN September 5, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Drummer, DJ, Producer.

    The right choice.

    The right choice for anyone looking for clean power in their studio. Plenty of plugs in the back for digital, analog, and high current (amps, monitors, etc.) I use the 3500 for everything in my studio from my computer (digital) down to my analog preamps and summing amplifier (analog). I am about to get another for the studio I like them so much.

  • from Sarasota FL USA July 10, 2011Music Background:
    32 years. Pro Musician/Recording Engineer/Producer

    Complete Silince

    The Pro 3500 is just what is says it is, "Pro." I run a very expensive and complex recording studio with a lot of outboard vintage and new gear, and require 3 of these units to accomadate all my equipment. The difference between using the Pro 3500, and not using anything except a powerstrip is night and day. It is as good as there most expensive unit, but my need were best met by the stage 3 filtering, and other particular protections.
    I also have a Furman Power Conditioner that I use for my least important, and least used gear. It doesn't even come close to the Monster Pro 3500. Buy one, it will move your studio up a whole step into the big boys, as far as A/C protection, balance, filters, and surge.

  • from Iowa, Illinois February 18, 2011Music Background:
    musician recording hobbyist without tin ears.

    The Pro 3500 Works

    The only reason for the rating is that with a higher budget a consumer can buy a more expensive one, or with a lower budget a least expensive one. I found that I can plug everything that I need to into it, and still have some amperage left over. And it works with tri-filtering mode protection with clean power stage 3 on the most important digital equipment and studio equipment with lowering the noise floor level and dirty power for everything I consider important. It does make a difference and it works for my budget.

  • from Jackson MI January 13, 2008Music Background:
    Hobbyist/Intermediate Recording Engineer

    Clean Power

    Super clean power. Didnt realize how "noisy" my system was until I powered this unit up and heard nothing. No hiss, no hum. Just silence. Wouldnt use it for a live situation, but in studio, I wish I would have gotten one sooner. Plus, ya cant beat hitting one button then watching your hardware come to life piece by piece.

  • from Chciago, IL July 24, 2007Music Background:
    Home Studio & Live Sound Engineer

    Great for Studio Environment, Not good for Live Environment

    Seems to work good for a Studio Environment, but long power up times (sometimes doesn't turn on at all), makes it unreliable for a Live Performance Environment.

  • from Monterrey, NL MEXICO July 24, 2006Music Background:
    Independent Music Producer / Songwriter

    Helps reduce noise

    The cool thing about this unit is its three types of noise filter: high current (for amps, powered speakers, etc.), analog (mixers, preamps, etc.) and digital (for hardware samplers, workstations and synths).

    I achieved a noticeable noise reduction on my Fender guitar amp. Also, I used to hear a loud thump every time I powered down my studio monitors and my guitar amp. These noises are now gone. Another cool thing about the 3500 is the switched power on/off mechanism helps shut down your gear in the right order and protects your gear. It's also cool that you can read the voltage fed to you outlet, even if the unit is off.

    If you want to regulate the power and have constant voltage this is NOT what you're looking for. You'll need a line regulator for that. Equitech makes great balanced power products but is very pricey. Furman IT series would be another option.

    I recommend you wire your studio with the star grounding method to minimize ground loop related hum. That said, Monster Power 3500 is a great option for surge protection and taming different kinds of noise in your rig.

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