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Midas PRO2-TP and DL251 Bundle Reviews

4.5 stars based on 2 customer reviews
  • from Oregon December 18, 2016

    Best Bang for the Buc$

    I'm in my fifth decade of owning a regional sound company. Bands have been hauling their own gear for generations for a multitude of reasons. Things like cost and space were low considerations when gear was big, heavy and expensive. Today small, light and technologically leading edge is all I see from touring acts.

    The PRO2 is a Midas. If you don't know about Midas they have been leading the pack since the industry began. The PRO2 is the number two requested desk (console, board) on every rider I've seen in six months. That tells me if you are a working audio engineer you better know how to run a PRO2.

    If you are looking to purchase a console that meets riders AND is technologically ahead of the pack at a price point that can't be beat, look no further than the PRO2. Last point. A 'Tour Pack' includes a flight case, second power supply and the remote stage box with 48 in and 16 out. Recognize this is a stand alone console that can be split, control surface at front of house and the stage box, head amps and much of the processing on stage. Or you can simply put the DL251 under the console at foh and run a house analog snake. There is only one other similar option I know of and it costs considerably more and is still 48K sample rate whereas the Midas PRO2 has a 96K clock. I know I can hear the difference.

    I didn't give it a 5 because nothing is perfect. I have yet to witness live competition to the PRO2 Tour Pack.

  • from NE November 17, 2012Music Background:
    live sound engineer, musician

    great console with minor flaws

    I had the opportunity to work with this particular board over the summer for an audio company out of New England. We utilized the hell out of this board and many of it's functions are fantastic. Overall the board operates very well, and once you learn how to navigate through the interface this board is incredibly easy to operate. The POP group function makes mixing a live band incredibly easy. Everything is quite literally a press away from being in front of you. Also the ethernet snake is much easier to tote around than your average snake that weighs a ton is a hassle to coil at the end of your gig.
    Some down sides...
    1. It's not a touch screen, which wouldn't be a big deal but unfortunately the track ball mouse is very stiff and can often be a pain.
    2. Often when being transported back and forth between gigs and the workshop, the power supply from the board will actually shift and will keep the board from turning out. Not a major problem, but you'd think it's something that they wouldve made sure didn't happen with a $20k+ console.
    3. The lamp input is designed to utilize a 90 degree lamp, but the upper lip of the board does not allow you to use one. So it's almost impossible to get a lamp on to see the board. (The gooseneck lamp just barely gets over the top of the board to give some light)

    With the exception of these very minor issues, this is a great board. Once you learn to navigate it, it's a fantastic console for just about any event.

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