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TASCAM PR-10 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 51 customer reviews
  • from Upstate, NY January 29, 2013Music Background:
    Church mixer guy

    Nice Recorder

    I use mine to record my mixes at church. Clamp it in a mic holder (similar to Hosa MHR-122 Adjustable Mic Clip) and on a stand next to the mixer. Just start it and leave it. Sounds great using good headphones and can split tracks before downloading to PC. Built-in mics sound great - a little bit of an emphasis on the low end. Yeah it does chomp the batteries but so what. I like it!

  • from Somewhere in the Midwest, USA December 6, 2012Music Background:
    Engineer, Musician, and Video Post

    Holy Cats!

    Got one of these because it was super cheap and I really needed a dedicated stereo recorder I could for field recording with my DSLR video rig. I got it for use with my RODE NT4 stereo mic, and it does the trick nicely. It's got a couple of minor drawbacks you should know about. The DAC is a little noisy, but let's be honest, if it sounded as good as an H2n or something, then it would ruin my faith in the audio industry altogether. Besides, it's a static hiss you can remove in post no problem with RX2 or anything even resembling it. I also with there was any way to mount it to... anything. This thing's so small, you can't really even jerry-rig something for it, without covering up the speaker... not that that's such a big deal for me.

    On the plus side, it takes 32GB cards like a champ and 24-bit/48kHz resolution is nothing to complain about. The biggest surprise for me was the quality of the onboard mics. They're a tad darker than my NT4, but for the price, you really can't complain. All-in-all, if you need something that can do stereo recording at a price that won't force you to have another one of *those* conversations with the wife, then this baby's for you.

  • from Memphis, TN December 5, 2012Music Background:
    advanced-amateur musician

    Big Things in Little Packages

    This little Tascam suprised me. I sat it about 3 feet from my Roland CM-200 monitor and recorded a piano sound from my Yamaha S90 ES. The playback (through my monitors) sounded like a cd. I bet if I run the synth through the line in, it will be even better. Well worth the money; however, be sure to get a 32 GB micro sd card or you can only record for about 3 minutes with the included card.

  • from Wisconsin December 4, 2012Music Background:
    Music Teacher

    Feels more like a Toy.

    Recording quality seems ok at first listen but the unit is so light it feels like a toy in your hand.

  • from December 3, 2012

    Great little recorder

    For the price, a great little portable recorder. If you want to have a handy recorder for song ideas or jams, its perfect...just click 'record', and start playing!
    I must note, in fairness, there are other functions too, which make the recorder a bit more versatile, but I've had no need to use them yet so I can't rate them.

  • from HOUSTON November 26, 2012

    TASCAM PR-10


  • from Phoenix, AZ November 21, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist Muso

    Diggin' It!

    Picked this up for $49 at Sweetwater. My recording experience is about 20 hours in pro studios, and a 4 track cassette recorder at home some years back.

    I picked the PR-10 up for an easy tool for jotting down song ideas, and to record backing tracks to solo to. I stick the recorder in front of the amp, or my acoustic. I then either plug my powered computer speakers directly into the recorder, or transfer the file to my laptop, and play it from there. I don't have any experience with other portable digital recorders to compare/contrast the audio quality, but the quality is more than adequate for my needs. It certainly blows away the 4 track cassette recorders that I used years ago.

    Although I am not a technophobe, I do not have a lot of experience outside of what I do on my laptop. This unit presents no operational challenges to me, which allows me to focus on the tunes. Eventually, I plan to step up to multi-tracking via my laptop, but this has been an excellent and easy to use tool for my current needs. I am very happy with the PR-10!

  • from SLC, Utah November 20, 2012Music Background:

    Good Recorder!

    Audio quality is good. Easy to use. Another good Tascam product!

  • from Detroit, Michigan, USA November 17, 2012Music Background:
    Accordion, professional/ambient recorder

    Built in Timer!!!...and clock/calendar... . ....

    Not to mention the obvious features/specifications, it's got a built-in clock/calendar and can be set to record at a specific day/time for a specific time!!! I've wanted/needed this feature for decades!!!

  • from Orlando, FL USA November 8, 2012Music Background:

    Good things come in small packages

    For the price you get a lot of bang for your buck. Loaded with some awesome features I'll be using this for ministry purposes and even when I upgrade to a ZOOM H2n I'll still use this baby when size matters!

  • from United States November 2, 2012

    Better than my home studio.

    Picked this up and have no complaints. I can take it anywhere when writing and working on songs. Quit using my condensor powered mics in my home studio and just use this. A few tweaks with my audio mixing software and I am done.

  • from tucson, az October 17, 2012Music Background:
    metal lead guitar player...


    I don't usually do reviews but i was very impressed with the service of sweetwater i mean how many people are going to call you to make sure your getting what you need , secondly they follow up on your order to make sure your satisfied with your order,i orderd the tascam pr-10 for it's price and reviews, it's a great tool for on the spot recordings, as a guitar player many idea's just come out of nowhere so you want to keep the recording going at all times and listen back to what is played the day after, this tool works great and sounds great when hooked up to external speakers, also has a sd card to drag and save to computer , i think every guitar player should have one of these, you won't be dissapointed, great price and great sounding, all digital in stereo,

  • from Nashville TN USA October 7, 2012Music Background:
    Live sound engineer

    An ongoing impression

    The Tascam PR-10 Recorder has proven to not only be a great value but a great tool in helping me with my studies.

  • from all over the USA October 6, 2012Music Background:
    been trying to play for 30 years but i,m still learnin

    tascam pr-10

    I drive semi for a living I have my Gibson aj-18 with me and my fender acoustic 30 it,s older and i was using my cell or a tape recorder .So I stopped at sweet water and thy hooked me up with a great deal on my pr-10 the play back is awesome it,s perfect for my needs thanks sweet water and thanks tascam .

  • from Winter Park, Fl. USA September 27, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician/songwriter

    Amazing little pocket model

    A wonderfully thought out portable and a perfect companion to my DP-24.
    The simplicity allows seemingly endless possibilities for capturing any combination of sounds I wish to try. Art made easier.

  • from Chicago area September 11, 2012Music Background:

    High Quality Recorder

    The PR-10 records in high quality wave format and hooks up to a mixer for almost unlimited recording with memory cards. It includes 2 microphones which are good, but they also record background noises. The lower quality MP3 mode isn't very good for me however. Overall it is a great recorder at a great price.

  • from Boulder, CO September 11, 2012Music Background:
    Gigging musician/journalist


    Great recorder in some aspects... The adjustable playback speed is why i bought this, but there are a boatload of other features that I really, really enjoy.

    But there are two major problems that prevent me from giving this anything more than 2 stars. One, the external speaker isn't loud at all (it's pretty much worthless), which means you have to use headphones to transcribe an interview (which is what I use it for). Two, this thing DEVOURS batteries. My player seems to have less than two hours of recording life before it dies. Totally not worth the price of batteries alone. I'd skip this if I had a chance to do it over.

  • from United States September 10, 2012Music Background:
    lead vocalist, home studio engineer

    Does what it should

    Great. Don't hesitate to purchase it. I use it to record our rehearsals. it does what it's supposed to do.

  • from Gas City, IN September 6, 2012Music Background:
    Musical Hobbyist

    TasCam PR-10

    Does a fine job recording both instruments and vocals. Fairly easy to navigate the menus and fairly easy to transfer files to a PC. It is somewhat difficult to hear using the on-board speaker, but this may have been due to inadequate recording levels. The recorder is compact, which is good, but its compactness also necessitates a very small screen that is not so easy to read. All in all it was a great purchase for $49.99 and I'm very happy with it.

  • from Herman, NE September 4, 2012Music Background:
    Little better than a beginner guitarist.


    I can tell you that this is a great sounding recorder with a lot of space and options to it. The recordings I've done so far sound great. With a 8gig SD card it can record 24 hours of 128 depth mp3's. The only reason I don't give it a 5 star rating is that you can't run an ac adapter to it. Use GOOD batteries and you'll get about 10hrs of recording time. Beyond being a battery hog it is an excellent recorder to try new riffs and store them and record entire practice sessions with it. For what it does and how many options it has you can't go wrong with this so just get it before the price ever goes up. For 49 bucks, it's a steal dispite the battery issue.

  • from Indiana September 3, 2012

    TASCAM PR-10

    This is a very simple tool that does exactly what it is supposed to. It is great for capturing song ideas and it is easily small enough to fit in a guitar case.

  • from Memphis, TN August 31, 2012Music Background:
    Former pro musician

    My Tascam PR-10

    The PR-10 makes good quality recordings, but we weren't able to listen to to our recordings with ear phones.....the only way to hear play-back was running it through my computer. I would have to say it wasn't all that convenient for us to use, but you still can't beat it for the price!

  • from Pittsburgh, PA August 30, 2012Music Background:

    TASCAM PR-10 Battery Muncher

    I've owned the Sony PCM-D50 for a good while. This TASCAM PR-10 in no way replaces it, but does sub for the PCM adequately when I need a convenient pocket recorder with excellent quality and ease of use, but don't need the sensitivity and robust features of the PCM. I can hold the TASCAM in my hand or in my breast pocket while recording, and the TASCAM won't get any of the sounds of the hand or shirt rubbing against the casing, like the PCM does.

    Its a short learning curve for getting started, with more advanced features available with a little bit of reading. I'm enjoying the PR-10 quite a bit. But...I need to carry some extra AAAs with me, as this TASCAM chews through batteries like rats through a plastic garbage bag. Going through up to eight AAAs a day when doing extended recording in 24-bit *.wav format. That's not really horrible, though. The PCM-D50 can easily run through four AAs in 12-hours or less.

    File transfer to the PC is easy. Other features are easy to access. If you can catch a good sale on this PR-10, don't hesitate to buy it, if you need a solid little digital pocket recorder.

  • from August 29, 2012

    Great product

    Very good recorder in a small package with a low price.

  • from new mexico August 29, 2012Music Background:
    pro musician

    tascam pr10

    recorder is excellent. play back speaker has no volume what sounds good with headphones. worth the money!

  • from August 18, 2012Music Background:
    Masters in Broadcast engineering/Science arts & Acoustical Engineering, Professional FOH, Mastering and Tracking Engineer ...part time musician of 30 plus years.


    I currently own three different Zoom handheld recorders, one Olympus and while they record decent, I hate each of them because they are somewhat difficult to maneuver around in and they take FOREVER & EVER to load at start up. Songwriters definitely need something that can record ideas quickly when inspiration strikes and this TASACAM piece is it, it's truly incredible! It powers up quickly and is ready to record within seconds, not minutes like the others. I had almost given up on the handheld devices until I saw this one for only 49.00, so I figured with it being so inexpensive i would give it a try and I'm glad I did. I'm now thinking about buying another one to carry around with me so I never lose another great song idea again. There's nothing especially magical about the piece but it certainly does what it's designed to do, record high quality takes when the artist is ready, not when the piece is. Seriously, buy this piece before they're gone! ...just wait until I get one more first! lol

  • from Murrieta, CA August 14, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Ok for the money

    So far I've just used it for some live gig recordings using the line input and 128 kb MP3 setting for maximum recording time. Recordings have been very clean and I've heard what I needed to hear. I've only used the built-in mics to test it, and they sounded pretty good. Built-in speaker is fairly useless for playback, unless you hold it right up to your ear--probably best for spoken word ie-class notes. However, playback through small Sony powered computer speakers was great.
    I was glad to get this on sale at Sweetwater for $49.95. Would not want to pay more than that for this unit. BTW, battery life is fairly low, about 5-6 hr on a pair of alkaline AAA's. Small size is pretty convenient--we'll see how it holds up.

  • from Bishopville, SC August 10, 2012Music Background:
    Retired HS Band Director

    Good for the price.

    The recordings are very clear and is what I expected from a Tascam. However, there should be a pause button to use while recording. Lastly, the battery life is not good at all.

  • from Ogden, Utah August 10, 2012Music Background:
    Just for fun, possible more then soon

    So small, but works well

    I had to trial and error with it to get the sound right. Putting a towel over it to record a three piece metal band has made it possible to get an over all even sound> Really love it, simple easy to use, and affordable:)

  • from Orlando, Fl. U.S.A. August 9, 2012Music Background:
    Have been a musician (guitarist) for 50 yrs.


    So easy to use.Everyone at my church wanted one.

  • from Hindman, KY August 7, 2012Music Background:
    educator, pro musician

    Handheld recorder

    So far it does what I expected.

  • from United States August 6, 2012Music Background:

    Amazing Device!

    Quick shipping - maybe 4 days. I have had this for a few days, and have done over 15 solid recordings, let alone ones I ended up deleting -- All on the same battery! I would imagine a 2hr-8hr session requiring 4 extra batteries. Make sure to get a windscreen which helps a lot even in low breeze.

    The recording quality is very good, I was picking up the highway ambiance and birds very precisely. Also captured many beautiful water recordings by a creek. I really like the ease of everything on this device, very easy to use in the first minutes of arrival. Also it is very lightweight so you can maneuver it in tree's or tight spots. I would create a custom case...even if it looks silly, you will drop this at least once.

    What people forget to mention is *post-processing*. I personally already know how to mix/master; but w/ this Tascam, you get your money's worth when you clean up the recording w/ some audio tools. The recordings may come with noise, but just think of this device as any other budget microphone --You wouldn't record and throw it straight to iTunes.

    I plan on getting some external microphones and maybe another PR-10!

  • from Spokane, WA USA August 4, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist who records family music.

    A Great Value!

    Great recording quality and it has a lot of options. If I had paid $199 for it I would mention the anemic speaker, the short battery life and the fragile case. But since I paid $49 for this gem I will not say a word.

  • from Nashville, TN August 3, 2012Music Background:
    Audio Engineer/Tech/Musician

    Great Little Recorder

    In a quiet room I can easily make a recording of an acoustic guitar that sounds good enough to use for production. For a recorder of this size that is pretty remarkable.

  • from Cascade, MT. August 2, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, steel guitar

    Item as advertized

    super service

  • from Jersey August 2, 2012Music Background:
    musician, engineer, producer


    This little recorder totally blew me away with the quality of a live recording I made with it. Will probably get a few more!!!

  • from Richmond, IN USA July 31, 2012Music Background:
    I played in a band for 21 years and have performed as a solo guitarist/vocalist for the last 12 years.

    Tascam PR-10 is great tool for working out songs

    My main reason for getting a Tascam PR-10 was so I could get instant feedback when i am working out new songs.

    The sound reproduction is great. Although it has a built-in speaker you will want to play it back through another speaker system. I use a small docking station for an MP-3 player.

    A handy feature is that in the playback mode you can speed it up or slow it down without changing the pitch so you can decide if the song would sound better at a different tempo.

    The PR-10 is user friendly and since it is smaller than a TV remote control it is easy to take anywhere.

    I am very pleased with the Tascam PR-10.

  • from Dallas TX July 31, 2012Music Background:
    DJ, Producer

    I love this little guy!!

    I can't believe this thing is so affordable!! I use it to record live DJ sets. The auto gain is awesome. Even using it on the notoriously "hot" record outputs on pioneer dj mixers it gathers high quality audio. If you want a great way to record live sets without having to lug your computer around (yes, some people still like to dj without laptops :P) get this thing. The condenser mics are high quality too! And I don't mean high quality for a pocket recorder, just high quality in general. The only thing that could make this better would be a long life lithium ion rechargeable battery, as it will eat a couple of AAA's in a couple hours. But other than that, best purchase I've made in ages.

  • from Ashland N.H. July 30, 2012

    Tascam PR-10

    I was really impressed with the quality of sound.

  • from Saint Johns AZ July 29, 2012Music Background:
    Musician andand Wildlife researcher

    Almost everything I expected

    PR-10 is easy to use and makes a clean recording, however I am a little disappointed with the sensitivity of the recording levels, and very disappointed with the internal playback sound level. Other than those two items I'm happy overall.

  • from Gregory MI USA July 28, 2012Music Background:

    Great......... except for built-in speaker

    Great little sound recorder for a recording novice. Can't get sound from built-in speaker but get excellent sound when hooked to my stereo system. Love that I can power it from laptop instead of using batteries.

  • from Northampton MA July 27, 2012Music Background:
    Country/Rock Musician

    Great unit

    I can't believe something so compact could have all the features along with great record and playback sound. Thanks for the great deal and speedy delivery. You guys rock THANKS

  • from July 27, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Audio

    Awesome Value recorder

    For $50, there isn't anything else like it. It's got a lot of features and sound great, particularly for voice recordings. Any complaints I have can be answered by "Well, it was only $50." In case you are curious, it's a little fragile in terms of the plastic casing, and it would have been awesome to have some better input gain control, but that's exactly what I would expect for a unit at this price point.

  • from Tucson, AZ July 27, 2012Music Background:
    Recording artist / engineer / songwriter

    nice unit... but battery life is less than expected

    Good unit for quick recording of ideas to be reviewed later, but when I let the unit run to record a band rehearsal it only lasted a little over an hour (this was with brand new Duracell batteries). Just wish it would have recorded for at least two hours.... plenty of space on the memory card....just a real battery drain.

  • from asheville, NC July 26, 2012Music Background:
    Obsessed with electronic parameters

    Best 49 bucks I ever spent

    This handy little recorder for a lousy 49$ is amazing.

    How fast innovation has plowed ahead (too bad not in cheap, available clean energy). I remember back a few years ago, this would have cost plenty more, just for this practical feature set. I especially like the filters on both the record side and the playback and the stealth mode..
    24/48 is plenty for me. I suppose at that sample rate the result is output a bit above human hearing ala Nyquist. Yes? No?
    This thing sounds great (esp out on the street, no real need for external miking, for myself).

    One drawback is the on/off switch takes a little practice but Tascam fer 49 dollars? I will and can live with this.

    Too bad it's not a a home fuel cell. If it were, it would run on sunshine and rainwater.

  • from Central Texas, USA July 21, 2012Music Background:
    more hobbyist now than anything else

    Great Little Recorder

    I really love this little recorder. It's very small, easy to use and gives me good sound quality at a variety of record settings. I find I can easily mount it on a mic stand using a clothespin-style mic clip, or just sit it on a table if that will get me a good position. It also fits inside an eyeglass case.

    Yesterday, I recorded for a band practice for 2 hours and still had 1 of 3 bars left on the batteries, which are still just the cheap alkalines that come with it.

  • from Findlay, OH July 17, 2012Music Background:
    active, gigging bassist, sound engineer, home recording

    Awesome device!!

    I just received this amazing little recorder from Sweetwater and have been experimenting with it. I LOVE IT! The micropones are much better than I expected and work great to capture live music and speech. I also recorded some audio directly into the unit (line in) and the quality is fantastic! I've recorded in 24bit and also 16bit modes and it far surpases my expectation, especially at this price point. The noise filter option makes this unit perfect for "live" concert recording and I will use it mostly to capture my bands performances. It was delivered to me "super fast" and it was nice to be able to deal with Sweetwater (again)! At this price-point everyone should really have one!

  • from O.C. CA July 16, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, keyboardist, home studio production 10+ years

    Fit My Needs Great

    Its easy to use (never read the manual) know it up and down. I use it to capture ambient, loop a section and hook it up to my pc and process it for backgrounds in my tracks. It has the right features to let me tweak things around. I like the .wav or mp3 options and the mics pick things up great as I only use the highest settings and it comes with a 2GB card. It does feel a little light, I drop my phone once in a while but its sturdy so you might want a case because it feels like a drop would end it.

  • from Syracuse, New York July 9, 2012Music Background:
    Recording, live streaming, broadcasting, live sound

    Great Purchase

    This is a very nice and compact product that have a nice audio quality and features. Easy to use and sounds great. Will recommend to anyone.

  • from United States July 2, 2012

    super nice for the price!

    i've only done a few recordings with it - all with default settings and it sounds fine - using the built in stereo mics. seemed a little "dull" sticking it up to studio reference monitors, but i have not done anything to make adjustments.

    user interface is easy enough. unit is very small and portable.

    so, so handy to have to capture a song idea.

    and honestly, one of the best parts is just plugging it into you computer and easily getting access to the recorded files.

  • from Ohio June 23, 2012Music Background:
    Broadcast announcer, musician

    Very decent recorder

    Once I changed the default settings to 24-bit 44.1kHz and low cut to 80 Hz, I was really impressed with the quality with which it recorded voice. It's a great deal. I really like this little pocket-size recorder.

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