Avid VENUE PQ Rack

12 x 16 Matrix for VENUE Personal Monitor Mixers
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Avid VENUE PQ Rack image 1
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Avid VENUE PQ Rack
Special Order

Performers Take Control of Their Monitor Mix with VENUE

VENUE's optional Personal Q (PQ) monitoring system enables performers to directly participate in the control of their monitor mixes. Using wired remote Personal Q Controllers, performers are able to fine-tune the mix created by the monitor engineer, allowing true control of their own instrument and 11 submixes representing the rest of the ensemble. Apart from reducing the adjustment demands placed on the monitor engineer, the Personal Q system allows more ambitious combination FOH and monitor mixing scenarios.

In operation, the monitor engineer uses the groups or aux busses to create mono or stereo submixes. These submixes, in addition to the mains and an individually selectable user signal, are assigned to a Personal Q mix, placing relative balance directly in the hands of the performer.The control signals from the Personal Q Controller are routed back to D-Show's mix engine, allowing the monitor engineer to see adjustments in real time and assist where necessary. Each stereo mix is passed through a high-quality limiter before being routed from the Stage Rack outputs to a monitor wedge amplifier or personal monitor transmitter. Up to eight simultaneous stereo monitor mixes are possible, each with its individual PQ Controller. While performers adjust their mixes to their liking, D-Show operators retain equal control of monitoring mixes. During a performance, simultaneous control of the mix is possible from both the console and the controller. A dedicated screen in the D-Show control software provides an overview of the Personal Q mixes. Operators can manage limiter controls, engage hardware inserts or plug-ins, solo or mute the feed, or even assign Personal Qs to VCA groups.

Extensive configuration of the source signals is possible, allowing operators to take PQ feeds from the group or aux busses, pre- or post-fader. This means that when PQ functionality is not required, the PQ mixer provides an additional 12 x 16 matrix mixer.

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