Graph Tech Tusq XL Fender-style Slotted Nut - Fender Style Slotted

Tusq XL Slotted Nut for Fender-style Guitars
5/5 4 Write review Item ID: PQL-5000-00
Graph Tech Tusq XL Fender-style Slotted Nut - Fender Style Slotted image 1
Graph Tech Tusq XL Fender-style Slotted Nut - Fender Style Slotted image 1
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Graph Tech Tusq XL Fender-style Slotted Nut - Fender Style Slotted
In Stock!

Improve Your String Life, For Life!

The Graph Tech TUSQ XL Slotted Nut for Fender-style guitars can give you big benefits at a small price. Many nut materials can become brittle, and possibly bind your strings when tuning. This can lead to poor tuning or possibly even broken strings. Graph Tech's TUSQ XL slotted nut is made from a special recipe that includes PTFE, the third-slickest solid on earth. You can expect smooth and snag-free performance for the life of your guitar. The highly-resonant material also improves your tone by transferring more vibration from your strings to your guitar's body, enhancing tone and harmonics when open strings are played. The Graph Tech TUSQ XL Slotted Nut is a major enhancement for a very small price, so treat your guitar to one today!

Graph Tech PQL-5000-00 TUSQ XL Nut for Fender-style Guitars Features:
  • PTFE-infused material provides practically the slickest string slots possible
  • Virtually eliminates the possibility of string binding at the nut
  • Improves tuning performance
  • Self-lubricating design ensures peak performance and long-lasting durability
  • Highly-resonant material enhances your guitar's tone
The Graph Tech PQL-5000-00 Tusq XL Nut for Fender-style Guitars is a Huge Guitar Upgrade at a Low Price!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number PQL-5000-00

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Graph Tech Fender Nut

I've had this nut on my Fender American Special Stratocastor for about 2-3 months now. This nut is definitely better than the factory stock nut on my Fender American Special and is my go to from now on. Let me tell you why it's my go to now. It's preslotted for you. Just file down to your preferred gauge of string. The nut helps keep your guitar stay in tune and definitely changes your tone to a more clear and overall just better sound. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to change their tone or if your having intonation/tuning problems. Thank you, Graph Tech for making an amazing product. Thank you, to my sales engineer Rob Kramer and Sweetwater for helping me out with any questions I may have and getting my orders out to me as soon as possible.
Music background: Rhythm Guitarist

Great product

Great sound! I've always been a big fan of bone nuts and I think the sound is very close to bone, Tusq definitely has better open string harmonics, this stuff is very easy to work with and inexpensive, considering a tech would charge between 50 and $100 to install a bone nut. I installed mine in about 30 minutes, the nut slots worked out perfect for 10. gage strings.
Music background: Hard rock guitar player

Better Than Bone

There is just something about 'permanently lubricated nuts' that sounds too good to be true. But, these have really improved the sustain on my Strats and Tele.
Music background: Songwriter/Home Recording Hack

Tusq XL

If I had any electric guitar I would replace every nut on them with this. Awsom product! My Fender strat wouldn't stay in tune so I bought this on a recomendation from a friend and wow! IT WORKS!!!
Music background: Live Sound and hobby luthier
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