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Mackie PPM1008 Reviews

2.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
  • Walter Clark
    from Japan February 25, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Clean Clear Sound

    This thing cranks!! Just plug it in and you can be set up and ready to go in minutes. Okay, so you can't pan tracks. I didn't buy it for that. I bought it for the raw power, the light weight, and the Mackie design and durability and it doesn't disappoint in any of these areas. Its solid. Been spraining my back lugging equipment around for 30 years. Those days are over now! Sold all my rack-mounted amps, EQ's and effects to help pay for this baby and guess what?? I don't miss them at all. Feel like I just came out of the dark ages and into a whole new day. Pricey, but you get what you pay for.

  • Walter Clark
    from Japan November 14, 2010Music Background:
    Pro musician. Pianist singer one man band.

    On second thought...

    After using this thing for several months now, I have to agree that Mackie missed the mark with this one. The sound is really subpar. I'm running it through some great JBL speakers too, but the low end is just not there. I've been fiddling with the EQ in every way possible but there's no way around it. Its got a very tinny sound to it. Maybe this is due to the pre-amps. The effects are nothing special either. I've got an old 800watt Behringer mixer that sounds way better than this one. Pass on it!

  • Tdawg
    from Norwalk, CT February 12, 2010Music Background:
    semi pro musician


    This thing is lightweight , powerful and has pretty good effects built in. That being said there is no ability to pan channels. plus mine has a tic that i can't seem to get rid of....

  • Jerry Carpenter
    from Whittier, CA December 13, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    The Little Clipper

    Mackie cut a lot of weight out of this product. They also cut a lot of quality. I'm glad I keep my older Mackie 808S because the new PPM1008 is just a toy practice PA suitable for a bedroom. This thing starts to clip at low levels. I tried using it live only once. Great idea, but it just doesn't have any clean power.

  • Jerry C.
    from Hartford city Indiana December 11, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician live sound engineer

    Mackie ppm 1008 blew two sets of speakers

    I purchased a Mackie PPM 1008 powered mixer a few years back. As a one man band with drum machine I don't require high volumes playing for weddings and private parties with a JBL 15 and horn per side. First time problem at a wedding, the speakers were cutting out and eventually failed completely requiring me to fix the horns. $200+ later and sometime after the exact same problem occurred playing for a private party. So much for the speaker protection circuitry in this mixer. Sweetwater currently has the unit and is taking a look at it and hopefully I will have some good news for a change.

  • Jeanine Leder
    from California May 21, 2011Music Background:

    Do not recommend

    I have had problems with this product from the get go.

    I play in an acoustic setting. Am having distortion and crackling problems with the volume on the second notch. I have followed the owners manual to the T. I have spent hours on end troubleshooting and after having replaced all of my cables, and even speaker cabinets, microphones, etc. I have determined that it's the PA head afterall.

    I would not recommend this mixer.

  • Eric
    from Ottawa, Canada January 14, 2011Music Background:
    Musician, Open mic host, Recording engineer and more!

    Cuts out too early!

    It has all the features I need...except it cuts out well before hitting the rated ceiling of 800w. There is no way this thing can pump 800w into 4 ohms.

    I run an open mic. Acoustic guitars and vocals, that's it. No drums, bass, guitars etc. I wanted the parametric EQs and compression.

    I plugged it in, dialed things to unity or below and first of all noticed a significant hiss that was never present from my Behringer PMP 1280s. Maybe I can live with it...

    But wait! Through the night, 4 times it cut out and reset. Never had this with my PMP1280s placed in the same spot with good ventilation. I was running 2 Wharefdale Titan 12s which have always sounded great with the PMP1280 and never once came close to clipping, distortion etc. with drums through it once time as well!

    If Mackie doesn't acknowledge the problem and fix it, their reputation will drop dramatically and they will lose their customer base. Don't cut corners to save $. Especially when priced 2x higher than a Behringer PMP1680s!!! I'm not the only one mentioning this online so it's not just a 'one off'.

    I emailed Mackie support for feedback. 3 days and still no answer. I have a couple of Mackie studio monitors that do great, to bad they messed this up.

  • Jason Ward
    from Greensboro, NC USA August 19, 2010Music Background:
    Recording engineer and pro musician.

    Do not waste your time with this mixer

    In short, noisy, unclear, not enough power Mackie missed on this one. May be adequate for a coffee shop but not much more.

    Where do I start? The first one shipped too me had an issue with the effects processor. No matter which preset I selected the setting would actually click a few times and reset to preset # one. Sweetwater replaced it no questions asked.

    Here is my set up so you understand more about what I will describe. I run 2 vocal mic ( 57 and a 58) a kick drum mic (d112) nord 2x synth stereo, Roland Handsonic stereo and a Roland SPDS mono. 4 ea 15" speakers rated at 8 ohms ea.

    I could not set the gain for kick drum where it would not clip on the channel clip light. Low gain or high gain button it always clipped.

    The whole unit has a speaker protection built in. This kicks in at a volume that is way too low for me. I am only competing with a bass rig. When I played the Handsonic and the Nord at the same time the protection would kick on and off so for a split second I would lose sound. Ironically enough the channel meters for the two instruments were never clipping nor was the master meter in the red. It think the unit gets confused.

    This unit is noisy, at half gain with instruments at half volume and main at half volume the unit produces a hiss like no other. With the main at 3/4 volume. The his is just unacceptable.

    The preamps simply are not very good. Vocals sound muffled and instruments sound muffled.

    This unit is not for bands playing in live situations. If you play in quiet atmospheres. ie, coffee shops, book stores, small churches this my work. I would suggest vocals only. It doesn't seem to handle direct instruments very well. This product is a stinker. The price is way too high for what you get!

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