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Line 6 POD HD400 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Matt McKible

    Line 6 is truly making strides toward perfect amp modeling. All of their models have been redone from the ground up and sound amazing! They defy the accepted standard and feel, behave, and interact like never before. The POD HD400 features 90+ M-class effects to craft your sound. These give you a wide sonic palette to create and customize your own sound, with the ability to use up to four effects at once. On top of all this, the POD HD400 is built like a tank!

  • from Sydney, Australia November 1, 2012Music Background:

    Very impressed

    I don't like running too many effects pedals with my tube amp as it sucks too much tone from my main tone.
    I purchased this with the idea it would fill the need of a wet rig without having to haul another amp into pub/club sized venues.

    The tonal options available are really easy to edit on my Mac and PC.

    Currently my rig looks like this:
    PRS SingleCut -> Morley Tripler
    Output 1 -> Maxon OD808 -> ISP Noise Decimator -> Bogner Uberschall
    Output 2 - > Line 6 HD400 -> Mixing Desk

  • from Iowa, USA March 28, 2012Music Background:

    Quality gear

    Haven't had time to put this through all the paces but I'm very pleased with what I've used so far. Great build quality and it delivers terrific tone. Some of the presets could have been omitted (can't imagine a practical use) but some are very tasty. Terrific variety of amp models and FX. The assortment of jacks on the back of the unit fit nearly every possible need and the looper is a very nice add-on. So far I'm a very satisfied customer.

  • from sioux falls, sd May 10, 2011Music Background:
    20 years playing guitar

    HD amp modeling is great

    Was never much of a Line6 fan until i bought the PodHD400. The podHD400 changed my mind immediately. Found my tone very quickly and it sounded great through a marshall half stack. Great distortion tones, especially the tube screamer, and great clean tones. Sounds even better through my new line6 DT50 amp. Integration is awesome. Also, a boss ge-7 eq pedal sounds REALLY good paired with this.

  • from Folsom, CA October 16, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Awesome Unit

    I've only had it for about 3 weeks. And just recently I've been able to plug this into my live set up as the difference between what you hear w/headphones vs live speakers is significant. I was initially worried a little bit that I wouldn't be able to get a nice thick Eric Johnson tone - but that went away quickly. The unit is easy to work with especially with edit software. However, 1 software glitch (not huge) is that if you're doing this on a laptop, the interface will not change its resolution to allow you to see the entire field to navigate some of the pull down menus. I'm working around this as best I can and use my larger monitors most often. One other complaint for the designers is that the board itself should be wider to accommodate the bank shifting buttons. When you're playing live and you are switching patches, it's quite easy to hit the amp/rec/efx button instead because it's right under it. They should move those buttons elswhere to avoid that. Other than that I am completely stoked and no buyers remorse here. Now if someone could send me their best Larry Carlton patch...I'd be a happy man.

  • from Omaha June 1, 2012

    Good Unit

    Everything sounds great. After looking at the manual it was much easier to use. I use this as an efx board in a live cover band. Just don't like the fact that the verb is on a knob and not on a foot switch.

  • from TX USA March 20, 2011Music Background:
    50 years playing multiple instruments, currently primarily playing guitar in a P&W setting

    Powerful and Convincing

    An amazing number of good to great quality amp/cab models, effects, and other tweaks (pre/post switch, model in-out, different cab-mike emulations, etc.) give this an infinite number of possibilities, and with the editing software, it's relatively easy to configure a couple of banks of patches that will give you a tremendous range of tones without complex or lengthy pedal button antics.

    The ability to switch 3 effects in/out, within any patch, makes it suitable for many live situations, and reduce the number of patches you need to create.

    I also use it for practice, and the patch editing software is very helpful. Not the best UI in the world, but it gets the job done. Trying to manually fiddle with all the settings is not as precise, and with the software it's easy to make minor changes and switch back and forth to fine tune the sound. Then, you can rearrange for easiest switching during performance.

    The manual (PDF download) could be better.

    Tech specs are totally absent. Very disappointing. Also, be aware that Line 6 does not support any headphones lower than 150 ohms. Some people have reported problems "normal" impedance phones. (I use an old set of Sony MDR V6's and they are a bit loud, but good quality, IMO.) If you plan to use this for practice, and have typical (~32Ohm) headphones that turn out to not sound good plugged into your POD HD, you will get NO help from Line 6, so be prepared to throw $200+ at phones they recommend.

  • from Chicago, IL November 9, 2010Music Background:
    F/T Pro Musician

    Great HD Tones

    Great amp models (16), FX (mods-delays-verbs) with many "tweakable" parameters. Made like a tank, laid out intelligently, and with every back-panel feature you would want for live/studio use. Maybe it was in an effort to be "green" or eco-friendly, but it only comes with a "Pilot's Guide" to understand the basic features. Buyers are invited to print their own 121-page Advanced User's Guide when a decent bound version could have been included in this package. That's the only drawback to this cost-effective alternative to Axe-FX and other rack units.

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