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Line 6 POD 2 Desktop Guitar Modeling and FX Processor Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
  • from SL,UT December 17, 2012Music Background:
    Lifetime hobbyist

    POD "Classic" with the 2.0 upgrade

    I bought mine when they first came out. It was great for recording and playing with headphones. It takes time to adjust for your ears with a live sound system. However, each amp/PA system setup will behave differently with the POD. I found that it works very well with a Marshall 2x12 Combo and requires the least amout of setup to get a good sound. You must play around with it. However, I also have a POD XT Live that I use for recording. I am biased for the POD 2 in live situations even though it has no pedal controls like the XT.

  • from Fairfax, Va. October 17, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    POD2 = Incredible

    This thing is the best heavy metal piece of gear period. It takes a little time to tweak it just right then it's incredible. Creamy sustain, heavy chunks of sound, nothing is better and I've tried them all. I don't even like the other Line6 products as much as this one. This is the original and IMO the best.

  • from Virginia May 9, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Pro musician, writer, engineer and producer

    Church Crunch

    I have a Line 6 Spider amp I use on the church stage and our sound tech runs a line out instead of miking to keep the stage volume low. That was kind of a bummer. I bought a Pocket Pod to use around the house or toss in the case and play somewhere. It has some good sounds but not the amount of the spider. Then, Behold, the POD 2 and WOW. The sounds of the Spider, the size more in line with the Pocket Pod and the computer effects are great. Plus it has a great selection of manual controls. I bought the floor pedal because I love it on the Spider. This thing sounds clean and will rock your socks off. And lest we forget if were playing on stage things will get knocked over and hit the floor, like mine did 2 days after having it, and the geniuses at Line 6 had the sense to make it out of metal so no damage. I have not had the opportunity to record with it yet but I have no doubt it will sing. If you're looking for some great, editable effects with manual controls (unlike so many amp modeling foot controls) this baby will not let you down. The Marshall stacks look great on stage but unless you have your own road crew then you get the pleasure of unloading and loading that beast. Ugh!

  • from Milford, CT June 11, 2013Music Background:


    I bought this product for recording, not live performing and although at first I was skeptical, it didn't take long for me to dismiss my doubts. The thing is, I haven't even scratched the surface yet of everything it can do. I was really amazed at the different sounds my guitar could generate with this. I am still experimenting with the various settings and discovering how to hopefully use it to its full potential.

    The only other thing to say is that it took just a few minutes to set up and worked right out of the box. I really can't recommend this product highly enough, especially if you want to play loud in an environment where you can't use an amplifier and are comfortable hearing what you are playing through headphones.

  • from Il May 22, 2009Music Background:
    studio owner

    I fell in love all over again

    OK so, I've had my pod2 for over six years now and it's worked flawlessly, except for the panic when my tap tempo button started "sticking" a couple weeks ago (as soon as I would tap it it would jump to the fastest delay). I took it apart tonight, sprayed some Caig on it and it's back to flawless. I lovingly polished it up while I had the knobs off. I use this thing all the time, every day. practically saved my marriage.

    And yes, I know I said "polished" and "knob" in the same sentence.

    Sweetwater rules!!

  • from Cincinnati, OH February 10, 2008Music Background:

    This Thing Does a Lot for the Price, and What it Does it Does Very Well

    I've had my POD 2.0 for a few weeks now and I don't know what I did without it. I know there are other PODs available with more effects and features, but you're getting a TON of effects (all of which sound great by the way) for a very reasonable price with the POD 2.0.

    The sounds in the POD are amazing. There are so many variables to adjust that you can really come up with pretty much anything you can imagine.

    Recording with this thing is very easy. I can hook it right up to my computer using a stereo cable from the L (mono) output ran into my soundcard.

    There are a ton of things this product can do that I've yet to get into, but that further illustrates my point. If you want a great effects box and don't want to spend a ton of money, this is it.

  • from Parkersburg, WV October 28, 2008Music Background:
    musician, recording engineer

    Great tone!

    I have been gigging along side of a fantastic guitar player for almost 10 years. He has been using his POD 2.0 the whole time and has never had any complaints about it. It sounds great and he gets quite a bit of compliments on his tone. I think they sound better through an amp than running direct, but thats just me. A lot of people run these direct and with some post processing get some really good tones from them. The only thing bad about a pod 2.0 is the floor board. It's a piece of junk. we have three of them and every once and a while they won't switch banks. You have to open them up and tighten everything. Stuff comes loose in there and it stops working. The newer FBV floor boards are great though, but don't work with this POD that I'm aware of. The fact that they still sell this POD 2.0 even after the POD XT and the POD X3 has come out is really saying something here. People still love the POD 2.0

  • from Des Moines, IA, USA July 10, 2006Music Background:

    Does the job

    If you can't have a room full of amps, this is the box to have. Plenty of nice clean tones, and some good dirty stuff. The effects are also very nice. I've compared some of the clean sounds to a Mesa Recording preamp, and they both had a trmendous amount of "sparkle." Pretty good for a modeling box that's a quarter of the price. It won't replace your Dumble, though. ;-)

  • from Milwaukee, WI March 23, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    POD PIlot

    First off, if you are looking to upgrade your gain channel please look elsewhere. The OD/DIS sound on this unit sounds very shrill and is hard to place in a mix. That being said, the A.I.R effect is amazing! Most of the time I have the amp sim set for a clean tone and then run my pedals into it; this works better than using the in house OD/DIS sounds. The multi-effects are nice sometimes, but the reverb can muddle chords even at low settings with some amp sims, and there aren't a whole lot of reverb options; just room and spring. Overall, I wish that there were more usable settings. Most of the time I am fighting to get a sound that doesn't only sound good on its own, but one that sounds good in a mix. The OD/DIS is...not good. DO NOT GET RID OF YOUR ANALOG PEDALS. Alas, I would like to experiment with this in a channel insert or aux send. Might make for interesting kick drum sounds, re-amping, and vocal effects in that setup.

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