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Behringer Europower PMP4000 16-channel 1600W Powered Mixer Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer Europower PMP4000 16-channel 1600W Powered Mixer?

Questions about the Behringer Europower PMP4000 16-channel 1600W Powered Mixer?

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  • Curtis McConnell
    from Midlothian, TX September 6, 2016


    This review is more about my account man, Jeff Bohan. He always makes himself available to answer my questions, and knows his product. I live in Texas, and have 3 guitar centers in driving distance, and prefer Sweetwater over them all! Great prices, great product, and 5 star staff!

  • Travis K
    from Virginia August 26, 2016

    Best Ever

    I've been using this mixer for about 8 months now and i have to say i'm so happy with it, never once did it malfunction or mess up for some reason. They give perfect power to my Seismic Audio 15" PA DJ Speakers 700 Watts. I can push that volume up high and everything is amazing. I really recommend this mixer if you want to have a concert or just have fun party's like i do haha, but if you actually have a band i would recommend the pmp5000 it does have more channels which is great for bigger things. i will be upgrading to it soon but this mixer is just the best you could get for the money

  • S Johnson
    from CA August 26, 2015Music Background:
    Old Garrage Band

    Behringer PMP 4000

    The PMP 4000 gave us options we didn't know we even needed. Like the mic mute buttons, can't live without them now. Oh and the surround sound and all of the effects and on and on. Thanks

  • Andrew
    from Pineville, LA November 22, 2012Music Background:
    Kids pastor!

    Enjoy berheringer

    We have a 2000, 3000, 4000, & 5000 on our church campus - these boards are great bang for the buck / exceeds Mackie, Peavy, and gives great performance:
    There ate probably things that we could switch up to give it a WOW rating that we just are not tapping into because of our use environments, Gym, kids worship area, jr high band, and traveling board! Great for the price , exceeds expectations

  • Customer
    from NY October 13, 2015Music Background:
    Working musician and sound man

    Almost perfect

    I've been playing and doing live sound for years. I've been using some older box style mixers and have been very happy. I upgraded to this unit because I was tired of running out of inputs. I can tell you this, this is a huge upgrade. You go from being a guy who does the sound to an actual sound man. It's lightweight and easy to use. To give you a little more background. My old mixer blew a channel, so I was forced to run 2 speakers from one channel. That's no big deal, but I was now worried and had some high paying gigs coming up. I was thinking about just getting an unpowered mixer and then getting some powered speakers, like QSC's (which I may still get) And that's what sold me here. For just a little more money, you get yourself a powered mixer and later, if you want, you can expand. There really are no limits. If I had one complaint about this, it would be that it only has one EQ. So you're forced to choose between EQing the monitors or the mains. With most powered monitors, this isn't really a problem, as they usually have EQ's built in. But I have a couple that don't. And it's nice to control everything from the board. Just a little heads up to anyone moving up to this type of unit. Do yourself a favor and watch a video on how to properly setup a mixer. I read some reviews about how you have to max out the faders to get any sound. And if you're moving from the box style mixer to this, it may seem that way. But this is setup like what it is, a real mixing board. So yes, to get a proper mix, the faders should be in unity (almost all the way up). But trust me, this has power to spare. It also has more inputs than you'll need. I just did a wedding and this was my setup through the board. 5 mikes, keyboard, guitar, Sax, Kick drum, DJ sound (ipod) 2 mains (unpowered) and 2 monitors (powered). And I still had room for more. And we blew them away. I can't say enough good things about the PMP4000

  • Jane Scott
    from Yuma, AZ March 23, 2013Music Background:
    karaoke business for 22 years

    Love this mixer

    I have just bought my second one- I have been doing karaoke shows for 22 years-used Soundcraft Spirit board for many of those years- this board is almost as good, its lightweight...love that, easy to get good sound on all my venues...if you care about the sound at your karaoke shows- this is the board and I LOVE sliders!!...hate boards with just buttons.

  • Jaime
    from November 9, 2015


    Hi Jordan. Sound is cristal clear. Stereo output is excellent, but power output is not working like expected. Needed to buy a Behringer Ultra-DI Pro DI800 to add +20Db of power in orther to achive a better output.

  • Customer
    from Naples, Idaho May 26, 2013Music Background:
    Minister, Christian drama producer/performer


    I'm just learning how this machine works. The sound quality is good but
    if you are looking for a good "voice canceller" keep looking. Unless I have failed to use the product correctly all that I could get it to do is to muffel the vocals and music and boost the base.

  • Daniel
    from Davenport FL July 2, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar Player/ Singer

    It's a 50/50 deal.

    About the PMP4000 is do like the way it sound in my practice studio. The sound is crisp and clean. stireo separation is expectable and the effects are very good.
    The draw back for me at this point in that the volume is not there.
    I'm having to set the volume controls to almost 90% in my small studio to fill the room with sound.
    I do a lot of outdoors events and I am concerned that this unit will not cover the areas with sound.
    The Fender PA head I had before this was only rated at 900 watts and with that one I never had to go more then 40% to get the job done.

Questions about the Behringer Europower PMP4000 16-channel 1600W Powered Mixer?

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